Summerhill College, Sligo

Art by Rob Stears


Rundown Town

In the south of a country
A small rundown town
A young man lives
Constant with a frown

A house full of sorrow
Drug use and abuse
He woke up one morning
Dad in a noose

He rings for his aunty
Who lives in the city
She was aware
His life was a pity

The shock on her face
When she heard the news
The news of her brother
Found in a noose

She had it expected
Just not at this time
As the drug use had started
Before they were nine

She asks for the mother
But nowhere to be seen
All that was left was a note
And it reads:

“I’m sorry my son,
For what we have done.
It should’ve been better,
A life full of fun”

The Best I Can

From kip to high,
From heavy to light,

My life felt a disaster.
Listening and learning,

Getting told and doing,
Worked for a master.

Life gets hard sometimes
But we keep on going.

Days in and days out,
I’m always thinking in doubt.

Brings anxiety and panic,
My head feeling gigantic.

Leading me to tables
And doctors appointments.

While feeling all dark,
I decide to make my mark.

Got a car, got a job,
Able to have food on the hob.

Finally feeling myself,
Getting to the place I want

Have a girl and a plan
Trying to stay good

Squidgy Rogers

I come from
Costa del Cartron
Where we get
The squidgy Rodgers
And where ye get
The fresh bags