A Learning Experience
Like No Other.

A Dantesque journey into the inferno of language, these hilarious and inspiring workshops have been described by students as being among the best experiences they have ever had in school.

From the studious to the sporty to the delinquent, everybody engages and everybody raves about the experience.

Teachers describe students bouncing into class directly after taking part. The school hallways buzz with chatter.


  • From the introvert to the extrovert, this is where students of all abilities find their voices and are empowered to use them.
  • It is as much an SPHE workshop as it is literacy, covering topics such as identity, relationships, mental health, sexuality, gender and the issues that young people care about.
  • Workshops run between two and three hours, for class groups of up to 30. The ideal running time is two-and-a-half hours per group. Larger seminars are also available on certain days.


Man-Up to Misogyny

– For All Ages –

Empowering young men to change the narrative.

Born from the Poetry Slam workshops, here Stephen shares his stories of bearing witness to gender based violence, growing up in a women’s shelter, foster care and later a residential children’s home.

We examine the language used in the media that we engage with that normalises and glorifies violence against women.

This is not about toxic masculinity, it is about challenging young men to redefine masculinity in broader terms, in line with the virtues that they hold dear.

It is about asking ourselves whether it takes more strength and courage to degrade and humiliate others, than it does to stand up for one another and do the right thing.

It’s about raising awareness about the power of language and how we use it.

It’s about defending masculinity in all its forms from male supremacy.

It’s about changing the narrative.




– 2nd Year Workshops –

Short two-hour workshops aimed at providing a launchpad and giving a kickstart to second year students looking to produce work towards their collection of texts or oral presentations.


Online Workshops

– Switch on the Disco Lights –

All Inspireland Online Poetry and Creative Writing Workshops engage students by harnessing the media technology they already engage with to provide a learning experience that they will love.

Workshops are live and fully interactive. This is where disco meets lyricism, hip hop beats, memes and greenscreens, special effects, movie and sporting clips, interactive discussions, quizzes and games.

Online workshops can accommodate large groups.




  • I am constantly amazed at the engagement and quality that emerges, often from the most unlikely sources. I would heartily recommend it to any school.
    John O’Regan, English Teacher, Bandon Grammar, Co Cork
  • Our students are LOVING your courses. They don’t want to do anything else.
    Sinead Fraser, English Teacher, Mungret Community College
  • They have energized language in this school like no one else before.
    Imelda McDonagh, TY Coordinator, St Mary’s Arklow
  • He has achieved the impossible. He has made poetry cool for teenagers. The boys absolutely loved it.
    Ann Aungier, Glenstal Abbey
  • He crafts workshops like a wizard, magnetises us with meaningful graphics and makes even the most disengaged students get active, excited and involved. Highly recommended. Five stars!
    Pamela O’Leary, Assistant Principal, Cork Educate Together School
  • One of the most unique experiences I’ve had in school. So fun and interactive.
    5th Year Student, Cork Educate Together School
  • Steve is a true alchemist whose influence resonates long after his workshops have finished.
    Lisa Connolly, English Teacher, Colaiste Bride Clondalkin
  • Thanks again for all you do, I think you change lives.
    Sheila Quealey – Friars Gate Literary Festival
  • We all had a great day, I learnt a lot about written expression and a bit about myself too. Thank you so much for coming to our school.
    TY Student, St. Mary’s, Arklow, Co. Wicklow
  • This was honestly the best experience I’ve ever had in school! Stephen is amazing teacher and he helped me a lot with my creative writing and I think writing is way more fun now when you use your imagination!! 
    2nd Year Student, St. Brigid’s College, Callan, Co. Kilkenny
  • This workshop was actually unreal. Best thing ever, thought it was going to be shite. Hope the legend comes again. Really funny and actually got loads from the class.
    TY Student, Coláiste Pobail Osrai, Kilkenny



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