Inspireland have been achieving the impossible in secondary schools since 2007. Our TY and CBA Creative Writing, Oral and Poetry Workshops are regarded by all who take part in them, as not just among the highlights of their school year, but of their school lives.

In 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we set up our online creative summer camps. Formerly held at the Irish Institute of Art & Design Technology in Dun Laoghaire, and at Limerick School of Art & Design, they have proved to be an absolute sensation.

We have developed a philosophy and method of engaging young people online that is exciting, fun and in tune with the technologies and trends that inspire them.


The author of three poetry collections with Salmon Poetry, Stephen Murray has been delivering poetry and creative writing workshops for TY & Junior Cycle Students since 2007. He is widely regarded as the best creative writing teacher for young people in these islands. His work has featured on the BBC, RTE, The Irish Times, TV3, Network 2, The Independent, The Stinging Fly and many other publications and media channels.


Vanessa Murray

  • Schools Content Manager

Vanessa Murray studied English and History at University College Dublin and went onto complete her Professional Master of Education at Trinity College Dublin. A creative teacher of English and History her research interests include Special Needs Education, Inclusion, Self-Efficacy; as well as, Digital and Media Literacy. She was once awarded a head of broccoli by her students, in honour of her being “the most sound”. As an educator, she strives to uphold this reputation not only by making English accessible but also integral to who we are.

Luke Doyle

  • Art Book Making, Graphic Art, Design and Paper Craft

Luke is an artist and graphic designer, who graduated from IADT Graphic Design. He will teach different levels of book making, how to work with colours, creating posters, graphic art, as well as showing you the tricks of crafting with paper. Aside from art and design, he is also passionate about drama, with a love for theatre and acting.


Tilly Morris

  • Advanced Mask Making, Sculpture & 3D Art

Tilly studied sculpture in both IADT, Dublin and at the University of the Arts, Helsinki. Specialising in plaster, her tutorials will demonstrate the foundations as well as the more advanced techniques of mask making. Tilly will also give lessons on how to create fabulous sculptures from the bits and bobs you find lying around your home. She hopes you will join her in exploring the wonderful world of the three dimensional.

Iobhar Stokes

  • Animation, Illustration & Character Creation

Iobhar is an animator and artist. A graduate of the National Film School, IADT, he loves nothing more than telling stories through art- art that puts a smile on someone else’s face. Iobhar will be teaching filmmaking through paper cut out animation, and claymation. He will teach students how to design, draw characters, and then breathe them new characters into life.

Annie Laing

  • Fine Art, Watercolours, Print & Photography

Annie graduated with a BA Honours in Art in IADT. She specialises in watercolour painting, but also works in acrylic, screen print, performance, and photography. As well as art, Annie is a keen player of games, and is very excited to translate them into a virtual format to make sure every online lesson is as fun as possible!

Saoirse Schofield

  • Watercolours, Visual Art & Street Art.

Saoirse is BA Hons art graduate from IADT continuing on to her MA degree in TUD specialising in graphic design. A visual artist who works with an array of materials such as spray paint, acrylic, watercolour, stencils, illustration and digital art. A very strong focus of colour and a big love for animals! 


Every year we deliver creative writing and poetry slam workshops to over 6,000 students throughout Ireland. What we bring into classrooms and our summer camps is what builds the bridge between the creative spark and the incredible dream.

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