St. Peter’s College, Station Rd, Bracetown, Dunboyne, Co. Meath

A Tiny Ripple

A tiny ripple in a stormy ocean
But the smallest drip makes the loudest commotion
If you fall in a forest and there’s nobody around
Did you ever even fall or even make a sound
A cacophonous noise beats through my ears
They’re screaming out my loudest fears
A banshee yelling and screeching out flames
Meeting a thousand and never remembering names
Hands shaking
Voice breaking
All of this is so painstaking
A sea of people grappling for attention
All faces no dimension
Tears prick the side of my eyes
Lowest lows and highest highs
Problems are bound to arise
“It’s gonna be ok” its all just lies.



How does it feel to be unique?
What do you do if life feels like
It’s moving down instead of up?
All those meaningless encouragements
From teachers who don’t know you.
They’d say if you want to achieve in life,
This is what you have to do.
They’d make it seem like to be someone
In the world you had to be able to
Do this and be able to do that.
I still remember how I rolled my
Eyes in annoyance towards them,
Its wasn’t their fault, not really.
We were all taught the same thing
To sit quietly and raise our hands
When we wanted to speak.
The same thoughts that have always
Ran through my head again;
How can we be different and unique when
We were taught to want the same goals in life?
Everyone should be allowed to want to do
Something different with their lives.
Even if they don’t fit the ideas of our teachers and parents.
Because being unique is not a luxury, it’s a privilege.

Taibat Lawal


In school all day,
Was told a cliche,
If you fail in school, you fail in life.
Hearing this is like being stabbed with a knife.
School isn’t everything,
Without it, you can achieve anything.
School judges us on essays and tests,
But we must protest.
A fail on a test doesn’t mean you are a failure,
Do yourself a favour,
Ignore a bad test result
They won’t matter when you’re an adult.
Stop letting yourself be judged in school,
It can be too cruel,
And won’t help you.

Tara Sweeney

I Run

I run to feel free, I run to be me,
To get away from everyday life that is giving me strife,
There are endless possibilities for me to achieve,
But first I have to believe,
I have to believe in me,
Believe that I can unravel bad thoughts in my head,
And make them fuel me to run the straight road ahead,
To run through conflict with ease because nothing will bother me,
When I run I am me, when I run I am free.

Katie Greene

Our School System

Our school system,
They drill the information into our heads.
Our school system,
It’s like an intellectual prison of words that mean nothing.
Our school system,
We look, we read, we learn and still all for nothing,.
Our school system,
We’re tested by memory but not by creativity.
We’re tested on how well we remember word for word.
We’re tested on how well we obey and follow the herd.
But there’s not enough sheep leaving the herd,
To leave that prison.
Our school system,
Needs to change.


“I’m Sorry for Lying”

Got my bag, my smile, my key,
Everything I could need.
Another day of lying,
Of trying.
How far a fake smile and long sleeves can take you,
Not even the faintest clue.
If only you knew,
I’m sorry for lying to you…

Some scars can be hard to hide,
And the nights I’ve cried.
Every “I’m fine”,
Every “I’ll survive”, has been said with tears in my eyes.
Thank for trying, I’m grateful for you,
But if only you knew,
I’m sorry for lying to you…


We Come From

We come from a home that could be a poem there’s a church with a dome,
Where I go when I’m alone.
We come from a school full of tools, some make me want to drool, and jump in the pool.
We come from a town that’s full of clowns, nobody ever drowns, we are told to keep it down.
We come from a society that’s unlikely to expect more of us than to wait around idly.
To do what we’re told, and to never be bold or you’ll catch a cold.
A cold hearted, outsmarted version of society that makes us doubt ourselves
And what we’re all about.
We come from a world that is losing it
And unfortunately it’s all going to hell
And no one is doing anything about it.

Anna and Shauna

As I Stand

As I stand on the street corner and see the two streets meet.
I stand there watching the leaves fleet.
I watch one leaf all alone.
I watch it be blown on its own.
Two things with the same thing in mind.
Two hearts that fall behind.
As I stand there, I want your hands wrapped around mine.



Walking to school
With silk like hair
And face as smooth as pearls
Glossy lips
With watery eyes
And a body that’s so flawless
In school on time
Behaving well
With perfect exam grades
Teacher’s pet
With lots of friends
And admirers all around
Perfect student
Perfect friend
A perfect human being
But the alarm goes off
And reality strikes
You wake up from your dream
Back to this unequal world
Where perfect humans don’t exist

Sarah Leung

My School Is

Coffee cups and tired eyes
Classrooms filled where no one tries
Laughing , jeering, idiots all
Kilts and tears like a waterfall
A sea of people all depressed
Counsellor sessions where no one’s confessed
Cafeterias filled with banshees
Smeared tables with mushy peas
Exams make us want to die
Red eyes, they’re clearly high
What’s that smell coming from the stalls
Smoke inhalation mixed with a brawl
School bell rings I feel deflated
Look at my hand I should have raised it
Pushing and shoving it’s all the same
And teachers can’t pronounce my name



I come from an ordinary world
Born as any other ordinary girl
But the world is full of hate
And the people are the bate
But I’m still just an ordinary girl

I see the world getting better
Everyday we’re changing every letter
The hate will go away I can’t wait to see the day
Because I’m still just an ordinary girl



At the end of the day, I just wanna go home.
A place where my thoughts can freely roam,
This place is quiet I’m all alone, but alone is bliss,
I am not lonely that’s not who I am,
But being defined about what you can’t shows you can,
If you push yourself hard enough go with your plan,
And go against all of the people that moan,
And be the best that you have ever known,
Because people can be bigger than they’ve ever shown,
I’m going to make everyone proud with the body and name that I own,
But at the end of the day I just wanna go home


We Are

We are treated like children when we want to be controlled and treated like adults
when we need to be used
We are told to shut up instead to speak up
We are told to teach ourselves don’t blame the teachers
We are told we fail the education system when in fact
The Education System failed us
We are told no piercings, no hair dye, no individuality
We are told to be the same
We are told we are the problem.


Derby Day

It was a cold wet day on derby day
De Gea in net is the only way fighting for his teammates every day.
Shots from left shots from the right
The Spaniard gives the Liverpool players a fright
Romulu’s touch is insane
What’s the point of even playing this game
Dub in the bag you know its true
Vvd on the bench
Ole on the sideline were looking set
All we need is Marcus to put it in the net

Rian Slater


Liverpool is my favourite team
When we play Man United
When they lose, they scream
Liverpool there on the top
Best stand in the world is the Kop
Liverpool are Insane
Man city have Sane
Liverpool 4 points ahead
Hopefully we can bring the league home so
We have a good sleep in bed.

Callum Rudden


I like Queen,
Yes I do,
If you don’t like Queen,
I don’t like you.

Don’t Stop Me Now,
Killer Queen,
Somebody to Love,
Bohemian Rhapsody.

Disco Deaky with his solid colours,
Brian with his clogs,
Roger and his drums,
Freddie and his songs.

Paul Prenter was a douche.

My obsession is crazy,
But I don’t care,
The best thing about Queen,
Has to be Brian’s hair.

My poem is coming to an end,
But not my obsession,
Queen will always live on,
To love them forever will be my mission.

Abbie McDonnell


Dunboyne is where I live
Unfortunately its not great
Not completely a state
Batter sausages are great
Obviously we cant see
Young people can be
Not what society wants them to be
Everyone has there own personality

Saoirse & Katie

My School

My school, I believe is a living hell,
And most of my friends seem to think so as well.
Teachers give us so much work,
But one in particular is quite a jerk.
For my own safety, I won’t say their name,
For their rudeness is something no one can tame.
It’s common for them to cause despair,
And the other teachers are left unaware.
Of the reason why their students don’t try,
They lie awake questioning why.
I wonder if they’ll ever see,
How mean this teacher is to me.
I wonder if they’ll ever learn,
So, my true self can return.

Tuyet Sheerin

Come from Nothing

Come from nothing, but it’s all you got .
You’re not poor but you haven’t got a lot

Family is important until you lose,
Because family is the one thing that is here for you
They may have an accent they may live rough,
But their love for you is more than enough

Money is not there but it’s also not valued
Renting for years because it’s not valued,

Nappies scattered are all over the place
Horses in gardens there’s no such thing as space

They say talk about me ma and you’ll get battered
But walk down that lane and your teeth will get shattered

There’s nothing more lovely then this wonderful place
But it’s the people in it who make it ace

Serena Wade

People who Hide

People who hide you what they truly believe
As if they weren’t trying to hurt you,
But they do, because that it’s what they want.
They whispered when you are around
Words don’t seem significant,
They are destroying you inside.
Seems like if you were creating your own world in your head.
Trying to look alright,
You don’t want to show that you feel deplorable.
They win every time they see you down
You lose time feeling down.
Time not listen to those voices,
Time of no creating conflicts in your head.
Time of feeling appreciated.
Time for them to stop.
Just kids they say,
Just nonsense they say,
Just playing they say.
Lies and drama that it’s what it is.


The School

I carpool to school from Liverpool, my friends’ brain is minuscule,
She needs a stool to elevate before her mother beats her well.
She drools over a cesspool in the neighbourhood pool so she can refuel.
I know this is cruel, but she looks like she should be in pre-school.

She wrote about Logan Pool thinking of him as a fool.
He does in fact act cool but is a total tool.
I saw him once in the Japanese forest that wasn’t very cool.
He smells of a mule that fell of a stool into our school, so cool.

That’s about it about my school, I know Logan Pool is a pity fool.

Lukas Hazler

Wagwan G

This is about me
My name is Aaron lynch
I’ll put you in a clinch
Ill break your chin
And put you in the bin
Dunboyne c teams where it’s at
Don’t chat about me cause your mas fat
Fatter than a 600-pound rat
That lives in the sewers
And lives on people’s manures
Your da thinks he’s proper fly
Cause he wears Superdry

Aaron Lynch


In the school library
The day of exams in TY
We were doing German
Boys were laughing, don’t know why.
One was speaking Russian
The other was called Jake
This story sounds silly
But I promise it’s not fake.
They started conversation
While she cracked her bones
One was there for translation
Another on his own.
They were a great distraction
From the boring test
Then came the action
You won’t believe what happened next.
He asked her for her ‘gram’
And she wrote it on his hand
Wrote it really messy
She thought it’d be grand.
As the girls were leaving
Jake had some mints
She asked him for one kindly
Dropping him a hint.
She waited for the follow
But it never came
She started to feel hollow
And a sense of shame.
On a quiet hallway
A month after that day
Jake stopped ‘library girl’
Stopped her and said hey
He pulled out a pen and paper
For her to write her name
She wrote it, this time neatly
The username the same.
She finally got the follow
And an add on the snap
She didn’t wait long
Got a quick text back.
Three days later
A Wednesday afternoon
Sitting in the gannon area
They made eye contact across the room.
He bravely marched over
With something in his hand
It was a pack of POLOs
But the gesture was quite grand.
He gave her a second packet
But unfortunately, this story
Doesn’t have a happy end
This love is forbidden
He must remain her friend.

Faye Howlin, Dayna Matassa, Kayleigh Walsh, and Saoirse Wilson


From the early morning confession
To the late night depression session
The boring lunch ham sambo
To watching a bit of Rambo
Dreaming of a lambo
But getting a cherry tango
Wanting a mansion
But no satisfaction
Being Ginger
And getting injured

Liam Brady

My Love, The Unicorn

I saw him at the beach in Hawaii
We were both on holidays
I was drowning and he saved me
I was not interested at first, but he wore me down and I went on a date with him
We fell in love and flew back to Dublin together
My family did not approve but I did not care
They tried to sell him to a stud farm
We spent every moment together, you could not keep us apart
My parents then told me I had to pick him or them
The answer was simple; I was in love
We ran away to Spain together to start a new life
And the he left me for a vampire. Ouch.

Ciara McGinn

The Magical Dolphin

My love the Magical dolphin
I met her when I was Scuba diving in Cuba.
She bit off my finger when I was feeding the fish.
Then she brought me to the sea Nandos,
And we watched Jeremy Kyle.
Amazingly Jeremy Kyle jumps out of the
TV and he offered to marry us
So next week we were on the show and he was marrying us,
However some lad from the audience shot my dolphin,
With a harpoon gun,
After that the rest of the people there stormed him,
And killed him and his chimpanzee
My dolphin didn’t make it so I married her sister.

Henrique Magno

My Theory

I believe that under Dunboyne there are living orangutans that are using all our resources
My friend is very secretive and has a thing for orangutans
I think she knows where they are and is allowing them to take our resources
One time she came out to me and she was covered in fur
One time I saw her trying to dig a hole in the road to get to the orangutans I presume
She isn’t the brightest
She also talks about orangutans a lot and even wrote a poem about falling in love with one

Ciara McGinn

My Theory

I believe that under the water tower
Is an Aquaworld full of mermaids.
My evidence for this is:
Because it is a water tower
I saw someone put their hand in the water and they suddenly disappeared
It’s a gold sparkly tower it looks scaly
So I think it relates to their tails because it’s the only gold sparkly thing in Dunboyne
All the people in the surrounding houses gather around it
And when it rains they run inside it and don’t come back out till it stops

Alisha Timoney

My Theory

I believe that the Eurospar manager is secretly a killer and hides the bodies in the storage room
I saw my dead friend Ella lying on the ground in the spar storage room
I chuckled
This weird looking man carries a knife around in his pocket that is pretty scary
The other day the Spar manager was covered in blood and wearing Ella’s clothes
I remember her telling me she’s seeing the manager
But realistically he wanted nothing to do with her


My Theory

I believe that Blackwood Close
Is a world centre for aliens who are planning to take over the world
My evidence for this is
Some of my neighbours have weird shaped heads
I discovered an alien communication device in the tree where people usually go to smoke
When I stayed in my friend’s house, I woke up during the night and she was glowing green

When my dad goes for drinks with the neighbours
He comes home and he is disorientated
Almost as if he went to an alien meeting
And couldn’t switch back to human form in time

Niamh Shanley

Junior Night

From doing shots to being caught,
I swallowed all my thoughts,
Standing there,
Shouting in the air,
She brought me into the sitting room,
Yelling at me I felt doomed
Mates in the kitchen,
Doing all the earwig-in,
She called me naive,
I wanted to leave,
She ruined the night


My Theory

I believe that the school was built above a radiation station.
My evidence to prove this is as follows:

The teachers are always on their phones as they are receiving secret messages from the Gov.
Telling them how long they have left to work,
As their energy is being drained by the radiation
Fire alarms when there is no fire are triggered whenever the station has a leak or emergency
The teachers each year don’t have the mental capacity to teach us,
So they decide to put on a movie.
And lastly, all the apples and lettuce in the school cafeteria is the colour green.

Oisin Mckenna

Remember Me

I met a vampire called vixx.
We met at a Coldplay concert.
Two billion years old but he looked 22.
He had brown hair
And eyes that were brown at night and blue during the day.
A pint of blood in his hand whenever glow was playing.
A mesh shirt with a blue leather jacket.
Blood on both of us.
Knocked out with two punches.
I woke up in a small dungeon
Crawling with rats.
Damp and dark.
Face was throbbing.
I walked up the stairs
Outside and start a fire.
I threw vixx into the fire and left. I kept walking
I didn’t see him sneak up behind me…
He put his cold hand on my neck and
He let me rot while he moved onto his next victim.
The scent of blood was still on me even after the rats ate my rotting flesh.

Nadia Ng

Written in the Constellations

The stars have been aligned,
Our feelings combined.
His name was Decim,
He is 115 years old
16 in human years.
He is not an ordinary guy,
He is a werewolf
With pointy ears and beautiful colour changing eyes.
Looking into his eyes was like stargazing,
Like a breathtaking view.
He looked at me with loving eyes as if I was the moon.

Nicola Song

My love, the Vampire

I walked up to reception counter at the hotel.
It was midnight. I had cut my hand cleaning up a glass I dropped.
He appeared at the counter and I asked him for a plaster.
He ran off into the room behind the desk in a hurry.
I rang the bell over and over, but he never came back.
I pushed open the door of the room to see what was taking so long.
Bottles lined up on shelves,
Filled with blood.
I was scared but he didn’t hurt me.
Our first date was at the hotel bar because he couldn’t leave the hotel
And he could only come out at night.

Ella Bugler

My Love, the Werewolf

I went to the cinema to watch ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ with my sister.
I went to buy some popcorn.
I turned around and before I knew it my popcorn was all over the floor.
He tried to help me pick it up,
But I was so annoyed I just shouted at him and left.
He ran after me to apologize but I hit him in the face.
That’s when he turned into a werewolf and bit me in the neck.
I then turned into a werewolf too.
That’s when I realized that he was the one.
On our first date we killed 5 people.
He told me that it was the best date he ever had.

Rachel Lee

My Love, the Orangutan

I saw him in the zoo
He smiled at me and I knew he was the one
I went to the zoo every day to give him flowers
I sneaked in one night and broke the window
We ran away together
My family thought he was weird because he can’t talk
My dad knew I was on drugs
I kept him in my shed until we decided where to live
I thought he was real fit
My dad got a hammer and tried to kill the love of my life
My orangutan got pregnant and it wasn’t mine

Lauren Gray

Lost and Confused

I was walking down a strange street, feeling lost and confused,
When suddenly, I was tapped on the shoulder.
When I turned around, he was like no other person I had seen before.
He was wearing a long black robe over some old-fashioned clothes
That I knew no other guy my age would ever wear in a million years.
When I looked at his face, he had bright green eyes and a pale complexion.
He had messy dark hair that fell across his forehead.
He looked at me with a small smile.
While I felt very worried before, I now all of a sudden felt very calm.
“Are you lost?” he asked. I nodded in reply.
I saw a wand coming from his pocket and started to reach for it in fascination.
Before I did however, he grabbed it and said a strange spell.
Then, I was dead before I knew it.
Now I know that stupid decisions cause bad consequences.
Too bad, I’m not alive anymore to use that advice.

Abbi Patton

A Love Triangle with a Giraffe

I went to the zoo and it was love at first sight. I helped her to escape the zoo.
We escaped to Africa. We were married.
Madagascar is loosely based on our lives.
But the part they don’t tell you is that
She had an affair with a dolphin (a flying dolphin) that was married to Shek Wes.
I got mad so I snuck into his house
And put the dolphin in a sack and stole him (he smelt of Calpol).
The End

Jack Gunning

God is Within Me

Bully’s all around me
My friends and my enemies
My family don’t get me
I can’t change me
Nothing but negative energy
I tried to be a prodigy
But no one was fond of me so
I took it from me.
I started to find god and understand his work
So I found hope and now I can finally trust me.
In a world of negativity I’m gonna spread some positivity
Now god is within me so it’s not a mystery
God is not part of history.
Spread love and positivity.

Daniel Kavanagh

My Love, the Zombie

I was out on a run late at night on a quiet road when heard someone moaning.
Before I knew it, a woman was gnawing at my leg.
I knew that she was my true love.
She dragged me to the cemetery to meet her parents
And they all enjoyed eating my insides.
She had beautiful black hair
Although she did have a problem with shedding her hair and skin.
Once they had finished their meal, she threw me in a coffin and chucked me in a hole.
I’ve been in here for a couple weeks now and wandering when my love will take me out of here.

Kian Foley

My Lover the Tiger

I met Fiona on a sunny day at the beach over the summer.
I was going for my daily stroll on this lovely beach,
As I see a dodgy bloke running towards me in a violent way
This man catches me he robs me blind of my iPhone and my 99 with a flake beat down
Disappointed I see a tiger that come to my rescue
As she pounces onto the robber and saves me.
After this, I knew it was love at first sight
So to return my favour I brought Fiona back to Africa to live out the rest of our married life.

Konrad Martin

Fire Dragon

Fire dragon my love and saviour
She burned my house down when I was on the jacks
I stumbled out of the house with half burned trousers at my ankles.
Once outside I almost crapped myself because I saw a giant green dragon staring me.
I looked into her giant eye. She asked if I wanted a date.
I turned around and ran as far as I could.
By now I was running down the road in the nude with no trousers.
The garda car rolled up beside me. It was a big fat man with a giant beer belly.
He said step into the vehicle. I opened the door to get in.
The dragon landed on the car and crushed the poor eejit.
She kidnapped me and now I don’t know where the feck I live.
I knew she loved me because she didn’t burn me to a crisp.

Dermot Watters

Lover: Werewolf

My love the werewolf
How we met: I was walking through the forest on an evening with a full moon in the sky.
I heard cluttering coming from the trees and out came a dark grey coloured werewolf.
At first, I was anxious but suddenly a sudden calm came over me
And I didn’t feel scared anymore that’s when I realized that the ecstasy finally hit my body.
His eyes were a light blue colour with a misty grey colour around the edges.
He then glanced up to me and said “What’s up? Add my snapchat” then I knew he was the one.

Alana Murphy

My Lover, the Vampire Fairy

We met at the cinema at a twilight movie.
He was watching himself in the movie and my seat was beside his.
I obviously knew who he was,
We started a conversation by him telling me who he was in the movie,
I pretended I didn’t know who he was trying to play hard to get.
We left together,
On the way back to my house he showed me how he turns into a fairy.
When we got back to my house I was telling my mam about him
She was looking at me like I was stupid

Alisha Timoney

My First (and Only) Love

Once upon a time, I was strolling through a forest for a late evening walk (as you do)
And all of a sudden I came across a trail of glitter.
I didn’t know where it came from, but I was very intrigued to find out how it got here.
As I followed this trail, I began to see that a rainbow had started forming above me
But as far as my knowledge went, I had thought that a rainbow only forms when it rains.
I got to the end of the glitter trail which coincidentally stopped at the foot of the rainbow.
All of a sudden, I saw a gleaming light at the top of this unusually large rainbow.
I thought I would be meeting some spiritual kind of wizard or something like that.
Oh boy I was wrong!
This weird being was coming towards me, with the most majestic hair,
But as it got closer to me, it wasn’t stopping.
All I can remember is seeing this horse shape thingy right above me
And as I stopped in amazement,
I felt a large weight fall on top of me. I was crushed.

Oisin Mckenna

At the Swimming Pool

I was in the middle of drowning when he swooped me up in his cape
When I finally recovered from my traumatic experience
We went to eddies
I got a chocolate milkshake
We fell in love when he poured blood over his chips instead of ketchup
Woke up with a bang and realised I had definitely drunk too much the night before
Still couldn’t tell you who I went eddies with

Niamh Shanley

Opposites Attract

We met at a classical music gala when I tripped over myself on the never-ending stairs.

He caught me before I broke my neck in the 5 inch heals that I was wearing to try
And convince myself that one day I’d be able to walk in them
(Clearly I proved myself wrong…..again).

He was tall and built with light brown hair
And he wore a jet black suit with a skin tight white shirt and a dickie bow.

His hair was lightly gelled back in an up style and his skin was so pale
That I was for once happy that I wasn’t wearing fake tan.

His eyes were golden and they glistened when the light hit them
I almost felt intimidated by his alluring presence.

My fiance Shawn who was only with me for money and attention,
Walked over to be at my “assistance” (really he was just trying to make himself look good)
And soon this person, who’s name I did not know. He changed.

His eyes went deep black and his veins started to show from all around his eyes.
He grabbed Shawn and ripped his throat out. I knew then that he was the one.
It was love at first bite.
I didn’t know whether he was on something or just a lunatic
But it was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

Sophie Whelan

My Love the Otter

Going for a swim in the zoo in the otter enclosure
And I nearly drown, and this otter saved me with CPR.
It was love at first sight, so I set up a tent in the middle
Of the island and we have been living together ever since.
She’s now pregnant and were expecting a mutant in May.
Now the problem is we haven’t much money but she’s a ride
So, it’s not hard to dress her as a person and this helps scam
More social welfare. She only eats cats, so i’ve become a
Cat burglar and steal cats for her. But she wants to go to
College to study arts but I’m afraid if I let her go she’ll leave
Me for some random druggie and that might upset me when I’m sober.


My Love

My love the flying dolphin
I was swimming in the Irish Sea in Howth
She was married so I beat up her husband and took her home,
She’s been living in my bath ever since
She’s became sick so I gave her some Calpol and she was grand
One night a man snuck into my bathroom, put my dolphin in a sack and left.
The end.


Shoes: A Love Story

I love shoes
Old shoes
New shoes
Staying in shoes
Going out shoes
High heels
Low heels
Ugg boots
Knee high boots
Shoes with a bow
Shoes that make you go ow
Gucci shoes
Christian lebuton
Versace shoes
I love shoes
More than booze
I love shoes
More than boys
I love shoes more than everything
Except food.

Hazel Leahy, Marina Quigley, Jenny Kavanagh, and Louise Brennan

They Said

They said it was easy,
I was foolish to believe them,
My parent just strike me,
Like I will life anyway,
I tried to die before,
I wasn’t brave enough to do it,
They say I have friends,
I feel that I am lonely,
I hate school for what it is,
I feel like just quitting,
I see talking about me,
I know it’s never good,
The teachers say I’m doing great,
It means I’m doing terrible,
I dream to live another life,
To end all the pain,
Only willpower makes me go on,
To endure it all.

Roy Fagan

Junior Night

From doing shots to being caught
I swallowed all my thoughts.
Standing there
She was shouting in the air.
She brought me into the sitting room
Yelling at me I felt doomed.
Mates in the kitchen
All doing the ear-wiggin’.
She called me naive
I wanted to leave.
She ruined the night
Thanks to the fight.


My Theory

I believe that 9/11 was an inside job
At the angle and the speed that the planes were flying at it
Would have been impossible for the planes to make such a massive collapse
I believe this was used as an excuse for the US to invade Iraq
And establish American dominance and oil
Former President of Italy resignation said that it is common knowledge
Among the Italian left that the 9/11 attacks were a joint operation of the CIA and the Mossad.
It has been claimed that Israeli agents may have had foreknowledge of the attacks.
Four hours after the attack, the FBI arrested five Israelis,
Who had been filming the smoking skyline
From the roof of a white van in the parking lot of an apartment building, for puzzling behavior.
They did not act shocked at the events and looked happy.

Henrique Magno

My Theory

I believe that the Pyramids of Giza were constructed by Aliens.
Each of the stones for the pyramid were precisely made and weigh about 2 tonnes each
And humans would have been incapable at the time to lift them.
There is also a 20 tonne door which would have been impossible to make.
The Pyramids face the exact magnetic North Pole,
How would the Egyptians have built this without a compass.
The Pyramids line up exactly with the stars of Orion’s belt,
Which also would have been impossible for the Egyptians to know,
Two Diagonal lines extend from the Pyramids on either side of the River Nile Delta ,
This is another impossible task that the Egyptians wouldn’t be able to accomplish
As they would not now the where the origin of the River Nile Delta is.

Darragh Kennedy

My Theory

I believe that underneath Millfarm there is a secret facility.
Operated by the government.
We all think the we are living in tranquility.
But they don’t know I have made a discovery.
They create monsters,
And release them into Dunboyne
As imposters.

Ella Bugler


From getting high and gettin drunk
The boy stuck in the middle
Still to young
To young to understand
That mam and dad
Don’t love each other anymore
The dole isn’t bein spent on nappiess and toys
Instead its on joints and yokes
A mam and dad that themselves are too young to understand
That this baby boy its not a joke


My Theory

I believe that all of the teachers are spies,
They fill us all with lies,
Because they work for the F.B.I,
They get into are brains,
To make us go insane,
They know where we are every second of the day
They only let us do things when it’s THEIR way

Rachel Lee

My Theory

DISCLAIMER: The names in this story have been changed to protect the men involved

Looney Larry is a former spy and has highly classified information about an alien invasion
And he is trying to warn us,
And Mr. Bob an alien assassin that has been sent here to silence Larry as he speaks the truth.
Larry has been trying to warn us all by walking the streets and shouting out the Truth.
But none of us listened. Mr. Bob.
Looney Larry has told us about the threat against his life.
It is obvious that Larry is highly skilled individual.
Mr. Bob has taken up a position as a teacher in the school to get closer to Larry.

Jack Gunning

My Theory

I believe that Dunboyne is Area 51. From the outside, it looks like a normal culchie town.
It has shops, houses, schools… all the things that you would consider ordinary for a village.
Now, you may have heard Area 51 is in Nevada in the US, but this is incorrect.
This is to mislead you. It’s actually in the small town known as Dunboyne in the land of Ireland.

The evidence? Here it is:

Everyone who lives in Dunboyne knows that many planes fly over Dunboyne
No, it is not because there is an airport near us
It is in fact because these planes are being tested within Dunboyne, also known as Area 51.

There are aliens. That’s right. I didn’t see them, but my friend did.
She was drunk, but that’s beside the point.
This is legitimate proof that aliens exist and are in Dunboyne.

I theorise that all this strange activity is happening under the water tower.
Have you ever seen anyone go there?
I don’t think so, because they don’t want you to know what’s happening there.

Abbi Patton

My Theory

I believe that there are so many cranes in Dublin because the president
Is bringing in gigantic human eating titans,
That will kill off half of the population in Ireland to prevent
Over-population in the next decade.
Everything will be balanced, as all things should be.
This does not put a smile on my face.

My evidence to prove this is:
Americans migrating to Ireland since Trump became president.
The unusual amounts of cranes found in the city today. And unusually large too.
The populations have been rapidly growing,
And the government is struggling with paying for houses to be built
So it’s an easy way out (Top five, government).

Nicola Song

A Dream

When I was 15, I had a dream.
Pro clubs was the game and I wanted all the fame.
We needed a team. Little did I know I would make fans scream,
Gee Stealers was the name and none of our lives would be the same.
As we kept going up the divisions, I had to start making decisions,
Disrespect is something I cannot accept,
My team mates were being ungrateful so I decided to not be faithful, FC B



I took a plane
And fly to Spain.
Coming from Ireland
Where there is lots of rain
I took a car
And didn’t get very far
Because I went into Spar
To buy cookie jar