St Patricks Comprehensive School, Shannon, Clare

Skin Deep

My skin is not good
It’s the end of my childhood
It’s almost my time to leave this earth
But I’ll come back and I’ll be rebirthed
I’ll come back as perfect as the air
With blue eyes, blonde hair
Better voice and small waist
Let me tell you, I really can’t wait
I won’t be big and curvy
Or loud but lonely
I can be free
Be me.
My skin defeats me
A disease deep with in me
I’m not coloured or scarred
Just keeping my emotions afar
Holding it all in
Keeping the anxiety within
So I will wait until the sun and moon endure
In hopes that one day I can turn into her.


Cracked Mirror

Maybe my eyes defeat me
Or Maybe the mirror is slanted
Was it aphrodite that blessed me
Or maybe my ugly aunt did

Lumpy tummy
Spotty face
I want to be with my mummy
Not in this place

Halls filled with rumours, cheats, and lies
The longing need to be liked by guys
These secrets shared with different girls
Thinking back makes me hurl

“Why does she think that”
“Why did she say that”
“Why doesn’t he like that”
“Why didn’t he do that”

Am I the problem
Is it my own fault
I’m sorry I love them
All they do in return is haunt.


Green Slaughter

From the bricked back streets to roads with watery sheen
I come from a land of emerald green
But behind the mask
It’s not as it seems
This place is ridden with crime
And the streets dirty with grime
Some parts are beautiful
If you know where to go
But in the city if you cross the wrong path, if you don’t turn back
It’ll be a blood bath.



My thoughts are never quiet
Whether positive or negative
My thoughts are never quiet
Whether I’m with friends or on my own
My thoughts are never quiet
Especially at night, but still in the morning
My thoughts are never quiet.
Overthinking is a disease
and I think all teenage girls are sick from it.
Another day
Making hay
No money to dismay
Freinds always out
Never a doubt
Breaking my back
To live in a sack
Cows always calling
Never a moment to peace
When will it stop
So I can rest on a rock.
Toxic Cold
I hate this place from the scum of the building to the people in it.
I don’t fit in from the high standards to the toxic drama.
Social anxiety and low quality of life is all I see.
That feeling when u walk in a room
from the people laughing and giggling in the corner
to the seat you feel alone
and cold when you sit in.

Fearful for the Future

I’ve always been confident and satisfied.
Confident and satisfied, fulfilling myself with things I liked.
I’ve always been selfish and of not a kind mind.
Selfish and unkind, I’ve continued on with life. Only myself and no one else in mind.

Yet happening upon that stage of life where my confident, satisfied, selfish and unkind mind has grown unsatisfied.
In this school of mine, friends and fallouts have slumbered my now unsatisfied mind.

With myself so weary and sad, fearful and unheard, I’m forced to face the truth that perhaps I’m not like everyone else.
Not the same or acceptable or boisterous or loud.
Not on socials or trends or even the same friends.

I’ve always been confident and satisfied.
I’ve always been.
But now, I’m not confident nor satisfied.
I’m hurting, misunderstood, weary and sad and lonely.
But now, I’m cowering and unhappy.
I long for normal and a satisfied, happy life.


Scrawny Pup

Coming from a place that wasn’t a home,
when she arrived she was a bag of bones.
forever forgiving, forever loving,
she often gets the brunt of the shouting.
regret and sorrow fills me when I see this happen,
yet she’s always contempt and comfortable while napping.
sometimes she has been met with a kick,
but yet she will still meet you with a happy lick.
my gorgeous pup, my best friend,
I hope I can care for you until the end.



Sleeping only 7 hours, calming the mind,

The art in my heart is not left behind.

I have the mind of a human,

but not the Attraction of a man.

No side is equal, and that’s what I like,

When people fight, I don’t feel alive.

Comics are dear, and close to my heart,

But my characters are that of art.

Down by the river by o,learys farm



A Friday’s night in a Southside house,

Peeling walls, without a spouse.
Feeling desperate in a home so sour,
He tried his luck at PaddyPower.
The gun was fired, and the race was on,
His horse was last, his rent was gone.

My love

You are sweet and sorrow

You give me pain

You give me faith

You are the religion I follow

You give me a reason to wake up in the morning

You give me life you give me laughter

You are the reason my life runs rapid

You give me peace

You give a place

You are my home inside your eyes

And your mind is where my sanity lies

The truth is I will never forget you and

Loving you is a duality

It will never be fair but while you are mine this is a fine reality

I had an idea to go into town 
I started at the farm and ended at the track
betten on those horses it was such craic till I lost all my cash.
I snuck into the stables out in the back on top a great black Morgan .
I stole number eight and ruined my Jordans
the horse sprints over the tracks gates
Out on the motor way causing trouble
the gards are about on the double
they pushed me off I landed in rubble.
Tossed me in the back of a paddy waggon
beaten a squashed thinking of prison
now arrested and bound now
all I can think of is betting
regretting and upsetting.
i woke up
getting ready to go to school
7 hours later im home again
and ive to repeat it
its tiring and heavy to deal with
i want to graduate
and leave at a high rate of speed.

Gentle Sway

Amidst the meadow’s gentle sway,
Cows graze content, in peace they lay.
With mellow lowing, they roam free,
In pastures green, where they decree.

Their gentle eyes, so full of grace,
Reflecting nature’s tranquil embrace.
With each soft step upon the ground,
They paint a picture, serene and profound.

In fields of gold, they find their rest,
With nature’s bounty, they’re truly blessed.
With every chew and every sigh,
Cows weave a tale beneath the sky.

What should I do in college?
That is something that I have
no knowledge
Should I do some science course
Or a Manuel job
and work like a horse