St Munchins College, Limerick

The Mill Road Estate

From the rows of houses
to the Mill Road estates
everything looks the same
when your living in Limerick
it can get dangerous
if you dont know where you are
so keep away from the deserted paths
and the abandoned places.


What does it mean to be weird?
To have different ideals?
To have different goals?
To be weird is to be different, but is that really weird?
Some say I’m weird because I read books.
Some believe I’m amazing because I read books.
I feel that to say that someone is weird is a representation of their own inadequacy.

Burn it Down

We’ve got to burn it all down,
Acting like a clown,
The system failed us.
It jailed us,
The truth is shrouded
Lies clouded
No more fame
What’s left is pain
Everything blends
Until it ends.

As My Life Nears its End,

With jobs unfinished and
Numerous regrets,
I relive the moments that could have been,
Thinking of dreams merely dreamt,

And a life never lived,
Child-hood aspirations crushed,
As I live out my days,

Time ticking faster with everyday
As life passes me by.
Where does the time go?

Red Bricks

I come from the red bricks or St Munchins
I call the green fields surrounding it home
we might not be the brightest,
but we are the proudest of our school.
the sky is grey, bricks red and forests thick,
we take good care of our community,
and hope all who join have a good few years.

when i saw you in that hospice bed

and all the memories replaying in my head
why did you have to leave so soon Havent been yourself since June
so many things i wanted to say but now your hairs gone gray and today could be your last
and now im sitting here today think9ng about the past and the memories like Christmas eve with the presents under the tree now the house doors locked and someone else has the key
today im sitting here wondering what you would think of me and the man ive become
and dads never been the same since he lost his mum
i hope youre up there watching over me
i wish we could just sit down and have one more cup of tea

Se sei felice

Non gridarlo troppo
che sennò la vita ti mette sotto
Fatti avanti, porta rispetto
e sii di bell’aspetto
Vivila tutta, mai di fretta,
che la vita è solo questa.


can be violent ,games can be gory
but people know that there’s consequences so it wouldn’t be possible for people do hurt people in real life with the same effect
games can teach “some” people about morals but its not often.

My poem is things about me.

I am 15 i like sports i do not play any though.

I love watching f1 soccer and rugby. I just love watching fast cars race i do not know why i just find it fun and interesting.
I also watch soccer the team i support in soccer is Liverpool
I also like watching rugby matches and going to Munster rugby games i find it very interesting to watch.

I’m from Limerick

Its pretty lit,
but i could’ve been from Dublin
which is a kip,
I’m from corbally which is great
I live near the school so I’m never late,
if i go into town i might get bait,
in town lives the rat
he’s nice but he’s addicted to heroin.


I hate school mostly the pointless subjects that dont matter
Algebra is pointless im never going to use it
Most of school is bullshit
They dont prepare you for the future

Fit of rage

Whereabout of the heart, where might it be ?
When fury is a feeling which engages your senses, your mind and your soul in a raging outburst of negativity expressed in adrenaline,
Everything seems to be one sided, a loop which only fuels your anger with thoughts of unpleasant, disturbing annoyances, making it harder
Harder to resist, until alike a super nova, you explode in a vicious rampage with knows no escape, so, where is the heart ? Where is it?

Old Town Blue

I’m young, I’m wild, I’m free
but there isn’t much in limerick for me
I’m not legal for anything which makes everything a crime
most people my age are already doing time
I’m bored, I’m tired, there’s nothing for me here
some men in this place have women in fear
some people say being young is a blessing
but the thought of my future has really got me stressing.

123 and to the 4

Me and the boys bait down your door, yeah yeah no guarda sees , snob for the night cuz baby im busy , tell your ma come over for a quickie , names BM the call me irish drizzy , baby at the pace your getting dizzy , tell your ma come over for a quickie

My Learning Experience

I do not like the school hours in Ireland we have to wake up so early and it’s too early for my brain to comprehend, the lunch time breaks we get limit us to where we can go, and the lunch is too long. I hate how long the school days are school days should be from 10:30- 2:30 there is no need for so many subjects in a day we should have maximum 5 classes a day and we should not have classes more than 40 minutes. I hate how we must do English, Irish, Math’s. These subjects are so annoying after 3rd year and are unnecessary and I hate how they teach these subjects and there is also too much to learn inside these subjects over all I do not like school, and I think the system should be reworked completely.

Up Myross


Lads Be

I hate how lads be always thinking that their the best in the world or just be talking so much smack. Or even just how women be always complaing about stupid things in life. I want to say can everyone just be smart enough to all agree on something that we wont be hating ALWAYS ON ABOUT THE OTHER GENDER.

i dislike school

they dont teach us relevant stuff
they dont show us support
they pressure us too much
its very stressful being my age
there is too many exams
pressure from parents is too much
its difficult

I’m from Limerick city

which could be worse at least its not Sudan I hate the place that i live but i always appreciate the thing that i have at least I’m not dying starving and cold

From the streets

I call home
its like I’m living a dome
I find life funny
but its all about the money
Life isn’t that good
especially when your from the hood
I try to make life the best i can
But school is making me fry like an egg on a pan

days go too slow

years go too fast
days uneventful
my head is in the past
repeating the cycle
of numbing my mind
with useless information
the world must be blind.

School makes me stress

I feel like a mess
each day flies by
each day same as the rest
each one repeating
you cant show emotion
its too overwhelming
the end.

Snus, fag vape or cigar.

He don’t care as long as he get buzzed so far.
An enjoyable feeling to be done with friends,
vape juice with many flavors or blends.
Going to home selections in town to get his fix,
as he take giant vape rips.

What to Say

I don’t know what to say
will I ever though
I go through day to day
not knowing what to say
and when i know what to say
i don’t say it
because I’m scared of what they’ll say.

Starting with a fun childhood

Playing ball with the lads to stressing about school or having fun playing rugby hitting the pads.
Studying about exams feeling like you’re gonna pass out to seeing the girl for you and foaming from the mouth.
Being a teenager can be hard sometimes but behind the anxiety comes with having the time of your life.
From being a teen life has been strange from being stuck inside because of Covid and cant go out playing.
Learning off computers and coming back wearing masks to finally go out with your friends after a while having a blast.
Not being able to attend funerals because of Covid was a set back and attending the funeral on a screen wasn’t the best look.
But lastly, life has been great and if you don’t have a good time once in a while, you will realise it will be a mistake.


What does it mean to be weird?
To have different ideals?
To have different goals?
To be weird is to be different, but is that really weird?
Some say I’m weird because I read books.
Some believe I’m amazing because I read books.
I feel that to say that someone is weird is a representation of their own inadequacy.

going into school

On a normal day and to your house every thursday
the teacher told us we had 2 weeks off due to covid and i came home excited it was like a payday
those weeks turned into months not being able to see anyone
then things got worse problems started coming about
my mam came home crying and she told me that my grandfather had a stroke
i started crying and my heart broke
then i couldnt even visit him because of the virus
things started to get better then it started to get worse

im from this country

which is great
if not id be bait
limerick isnt the best
|but it ll do you make great friends
which is nice
but you make some enemies which terrible.

this poem

is about how good it is to go to st munchins college
from the red brick walls to the always spotless class rooms
from playing on the yard to working in class
its always enjoyable in munchins

Me and da Brufas

In Limrick town where food is found
Tristan Brufas is always around
Seeking delights, his appetite ignites
Creating W meals day and night

This is about

how good it is to play rugby
and sports for St Munchins
from training with your friends
to fighting to win with them.

Fortnite is bright like bobwhite

In the night covered by the headlight

Fennessy impresively has no chemistry

Vape like adhesive tape lungs drum

Alcohol makes you rag doll

Drugs turn you into slugs

Weed does the deed

Kelly is smelly

I once sat down on the dock

Stroking my big fat chicken

I met a girl at sunday mass

I bent her over to tie her lace

My friend gave me a kick

So I cut off his leg

My girlfriend brought me tubes

So I played with her toy cars

I finally got fussy

So she showed me her dog