St Mary’s Secondary School, Nenagh, Tipperary

Teenage Spellcraft

Common Intrests
Similar humor
Hopes and dreams
Internet consumer

Fun and cheery
Cant see clearly
Repeating signs
Dark and weary

Cycling words
Abuse and oppressed
Bite my tounge
Anger, unrest

Voice an opinion
No hope for dominion
Try to detach
an un winding match.

The beach

The beach is a magical place
especially at sun set
The sound of nothing
but the waves on the shore
and the feeling of the warm sand on your feet
Walking through the shallow water
feeling the wind through your hair
Time stands still in this moment
and i wish it could last forever


Is slowly ticking,
our days spent mitching,
in the vape filled toilets,
wasting away.

Rules and regulations,
yells and exclamations,
at the lengths of our too short skirts,
skin encased in orange dirt.

Counting the hours,
homework showers,
just being here,
I feel over whelmed.

School food slop,
blues banned from the shop,
they’d rather have flavoured air,
the scent lingers in their hair.

but people make it better,
despite the itchy sweaters,
there’s no place I’d rather be.



Autumn arrives
|with a colorful show,
leaves falling gently,
like a soft snow,
golden hues and crisp, cool air,
Natures beauty
beyond compare.


Water you are so hydrating
i drink it ever day,so refreshing
water,water pure and clear
i drink it everyday with no fear
its so nice
its so cold
its so clear
like the snow.


Love has two sides and can leave you fried
when he picks you up and says ‘sup’
his bright eyes hides the lies.

Love is great and it can feel like fate
all consuming and very confusing
it fills you up but it’s never enough

Love rushing , tears gushing
Love , Love, Love.



Everyone wakes up, eats and sleeps again,

But it’s the in between that makes you, you.
Picking up old books and reading the best parts,
Having rants with friends that have no end
Scoring that perfect goal on the camogie pitch
Picking blackberries off an overgrown ditch
Seeing something that makes you smile,
Finally running that last mile,
Breathing in the fresh summer air,
Running my hand through my dogs hair
Then going to sleep and doing it all over again.

I love to talk

but I instantly regret oversharing,
I hate feeling judged but feel relieved by the honest statement,
I get so exhausted by the overthinking I do to reassure myself,
I try to shine others lights but feel mine is just being burnt out.
I tend to worry a lot but then again it benefits my emotional intelligence,
Don’t have self pity- girls should be grateful.


“Where do I Belong?”

Sometimes I’d rather go outside, than be on my phone all day.
But how can I do that, when online is the only place that understands my brain?

What happens when you have thoughts and nowhere for them to go, cause the answer to “why?” is “I don’t know?”
Someday I’ll find my a group who understands my thoughts, and I won’t be left awake at 12 o’ clock

Until that day I’ll store my thought away, and let then out on a bank page, a diary of hope, fear, joy and sometimes rage.

That’s what I’ll do while I wait, till the universe finds me a place.



Blue skirts, white shirts,
black jumpers, black trousers.
Tall walls, long halls,
big windows, long hours.
Big tests, no rests,
Summer ends, school begins.
School tours, house chores,
New friends, old friends’ grins.
Working hard, lunch in the yard,
Feeling tired, my head in spins.


Just the two of us 
we can make it if we try
We can make the  world a better place
We can live until we die
Just the two of us  , we can find a place where we belong
Come together and sing along
Just the two of us ,world is like a maze
We are lost without a place
Just the two of us


My town

is a town of mystery.
Everyday a new person appears and becomes a part of history.
Whether you are old or young, outgoing or shy you will belong in my town.
My town is a town of happiness.
A place where dreams come true.
A place for me and you.


love will make you strong, but can make you feel very wrong
he ran for years ,which caused many tears
he loved the wrong one, which meant i was gone
all i want is him, which makes me dim?
I’ve told him how i feel, now its too real
i try to be fine, but id die for you to be mine.

Love is strong

even if you mean wrong
the words sway right and left,even if your not okay
the time is all over,as my lover ran away with the words i love you stuck in my brain
now as you can see he has left me in great pain

all i want is you to come back,as we made a tacked that we will be one
now i lack in sleep ’cause all i can think of is you bringing me down
now i walk at night in the dark town alone.

School is back

No more fun and having the craic

Having to wake up early every morning to teachers shouting and children yawning. Hating the thought of doing work to please the teacher with no help.

Lunch the only exciting part of the day escaping from teachers and having bad



we were walking along the path on this winter day
it was cold but i felt warmth because I was with him.
He knelt down on one knee, I was speechless, i couldn’t move, the love of my life is proposing to me.
he asks the question and i answer
he stands up, towering over me as he kisses me.
i wake up in a cold sweat, my eyes still red and puffy from crying myself to sleep ,
the pills he used still on my bedside locker,
I am haunted by the ghost of him.


We see them walking down the street
It sweeps us both off our feet
Little do we know they don’t actually care
But we still run up home to fix our hair

When we see them we want to impress
Sometimes we even put on a small skimpy dress
When we walk past they talk about our bums
But when we see them we think about them meeting our

Sunny Nenagh

we come two different countries spain and ireland,
we attend in school at st marys nenagh,
our ages are different 14 and 16 but in the same year,
its not a study year so we have time for athletics,
the sun has been hiding all summer,
where as in spain its out all year round.



Oh boys
you make lots of noise
catcalling through the street
unwilling to meet
annoying and loud
to make the “lads” proud
hiding in the crowd
without making a sound
knowing you”ll always be around

Social media

Can be good
it can also be bad
its like everyone is wearing a mask
but yet they are sharing their honest opinion
you can be shamed
you can be complemented
but nothing is real on social media.

i hate boys

theyre all ugly toads
if i could id squash them all on roads
one big old car would do the lot
id chuck all the bodies in the one spot
the way you go about things is so immature
talking to you now feels like a chore
so if you could now stay away
it would really give me a better day

rats are nice

sometimes they have lice
they patter around
up and down all around town
they wander and wander
but come into a blunder
as they realise there all alone
so they waddle as they moan

Sitting in a corner

gossip spread,
Lots of secrets
all being said,
Everyone 2 faced,
Words are replaced,
people’s feelings hurt,
People feeling deserted.

Alright lad,

you think your class
but we all know that your just an ass
you think ur cool but your just a fool
roaming the streets like your gonna bust a beat
I love you i do, but your just a goo
i think theres something wrong
because theres so muvh to say in this song
so goodbye buddy ,reminder your not funny