St. Mary’s Diocesan School, Beamore Road, Drogheda, Co. Louth

A World

A world on fire
A world of hate
Some try so hard to fight the acts of violence
Against our brethren with an irony as strong as steel
Spouting insults at those whom insult each other
And cause discord in streets filled with resentment

Some try to ignore the enviable immolation of mankind
Falling deeper and deeper into oblivion
Saying that their ignorance is bliss
Ignoring the fear we all face
Of a world within a burning inferno
Set alight by our own hatred


You know what, I hate to say this,
What the world has come to all this hate they make,
There’s too much of it,
People are different enjoy it,
If everyone was the same the world would be atrocious,
They dislike you because you have a weird name play a different game?
Seriously you can’t handle the difference just because someone isn’t the same?
You hate them because they like something else,
If you can’t accept it you’re full of yourself,
Let them enjoy what they want,
Why get in their way calling them names or daunting them,
In this world boys bottle up their emotions,
Just to have depression flooding them like an ocean,
All this hate for even liking something else, If you hate it be you’re ashamed of yourself
People are out there even out there hurting them self,
Even things like sexuality; you can’t help who you like,
Bisexuals, asexual, all hated because they aren’t heterosexual,
You behave a different way and someone calls you homosexual,
We need people who aren’t “normal” to change this world,
We need people like this to be heard,
Everyone else needs to spread the word,
Maybe all this can stop others form being absurd.

Welcome to the World

Welcome to the world,
Please enjoy your stay,
This place of perfect happiness,
Or so people say.

In reality you’ll be judged,
By everything you say,
By everything you wear,
And anything on display.

What you look like,
How you act,
Who you hang around with,
And how you react.

Where people give you hate,
For being who you are,
And saying how you feel,
Where everyone’s depressed,
And complaining of the stress,

Welcome to the world,
Enjoy your stay.

I Will Wait

I will wait for you to decide
On who you want to be
I will wait for you to make up your mind
As when you’re with her I know the pain you have inside

I will wait for you to heal
And for her too
I will wait for the three of us to find a way to be happy together
She may hurt for a bit of time but I will help her through

I will wait for you as long as you want
Give you all the time you may need
I know you know this already know that
I will wait for you

We Walk

We walk with our legs
Among the dregs
The poor
Huddled by doors
Seeking the faintest glimpse of shelter
Wishing for something better
But all their life’s hopes and dreams
Lead to only one conclusion
This is madness
We are talking, “oh so sad”
Or “this is so bad”
We are crying
They are dying

Teenage Years

They say the teenage years
Were full of tears
And memories to enjoy

But here’s some things
That might sting
Said by a guy not named Troy

From mixed emotions
To love devotions
The years can be enjoyed

But with broken hearts
And if depression starts
It can start an endless void

Introduction to drugs,
Dealers and thugs
It can become quite sketchy

The ones who stay away
Could start to pray
As they are the lucky ones
It’s safe to say
The teenage years weigh tons

The Biggest Waste of Resources Since the World Wars

You see it everywhere now
Electric cars and carbon footprints,
Every millennial and their mother nowadays
Seems to think that the most important, the greatest
Issue in the world is ”The Climate Catastrophe”.
This is the biggest joke ever.
In the street you see people brag about their fancy green cars,
Their new healthy diet or their solar panels,
All the while still going on expensive holidays to Lanzarote or America
The world can never go ”Green” because humanity is too stupid to let go.
We all still want traditional wealth and fame
Because we don’t want to give up the life we love
Yet the majority still will pretend we care for attention or
Because society seems to believe that that’s all that matters anymore.
In my humble opinion I don’t care for any of it.
I believe that if somebody wants to pretend they care they can
But I won’t pretend that I care either.

Not as Simple

It’s not as simple,
As it may seem,
Being my age,
Isn’t living the dream,
There are no words,
To describe how it feels,
To be in a loop,
Of constant reveals.


Don’t envy,
Don’t hate,
Don’t judge,
Blowing someone else’s candle
Out does not make your candle brighter
It only darkens the room.
You never know that one word,
That one smug comment,
That single remark,
Could be the thing that pushes someone over the edge,
You may be a good person, you may be a great person
But to be the person that attributes to the suicide
Of that kid who you know nothing about
Is enough to send anyone crazy
Help yourself; keep your comments to yourself.

The Pain of Yesterday

She still feels the pain of yesterday
She shakes her cage to be free
But I might just know the prisoner of her mind
I think it’s time to let go
And I see her there
In the cold Sunday air
Her soul searching for peace
But these answers don’t just lie among the trees
Now we know its time to let go
I just want to see the sun on her face

A Loss

It all started with Valentine’s day,
“I swear its not you” she’d say,
All it was, was a simple word,
Which hurt me more as I drank my third,
They tell me a broken heart is your new start,
Not the loss of you girl,
That’s not what we care about in the end,
But it’s the loss of a best friend.

The Rant in Silence

I stay silent yet have so much to say,
I want to tear down the walls and tear up to cry
I don’t say everything that goes across my Mind
I am not broken but sealed tight vowed by silence
People see me as outgoing and funny
People don’t hear my silent screams as I tuck them neatly away
People say they only care about woman and money
People hide their fears by building walls of ego
My excuses are here and there yet no one knows
Nobody needs to know what they don’t know
I want to keep these to myself so they don’t feel pity or sorry for me
Nobody wants it hard but who wants it easy?
The judgement arrows that everyone points
Eventually point to a mirror
You either become what you hate or die early with what you love
And I am on a crossroad on not knowing what I love or hate
Will I find what I love? I may never know
All I know is I want my life to be normal and coordinated neither easy or hard
I see my abuser smile with his friends as I stray alone
Silently screaming to myself “Why don’t I say anything”

The Power of Music

Music, it’s the most powerful,
With music,
I have dance, I have sung,
I have cried, I have laughed,
I have remembered,
I have kissed, I have loved,
Thanks to music…
I have been alive.
It can make you cry or it can make you enjoy.
But it makes you feel.


Coronavirus is leading our world to total hell,
Human organisms being torn apart from the cell,
Respiration and breathing being the functions affected,
Spreading like wildfire, as lives are dejected.
On this earth we can’t last for much longer,
With this virus destroying lives of the stronger.
As a planet we must come together to beat this epidemic,
To prevent more loss and causing a pandemic.


I hope to
Have a journey of a lifetime
I hope to
Make a difference
I hope to
Be who I want to be
I hope to
Be the best I can be
But there are invisible barriers in my way

Learn It

You can learn it,
You can practice it,
You can do it,
But that doesn’t mean you can have it,
That doesn’t mean you’ll be the best at it,
That doesn’t mean you’ll succeed at it
You need some conviction,
To start that friction,
Only then

One Summer Dream

My Summer dream includes the person I want to be with the most
Even though that person is currently not with me or close
I find comfort in knowing that in my dream and reality
Myself will be there always with me and reliably

My Summer dream may not come true
Because reality may not want to include you
But there’s one person that will always be
And that person will always be me


Playing fut draft and banning out rhymes
Some may think that doing this is a waste of time
But I’ll tell you
Plugging the boys each day
With the chewing gums that I pay
But there is one special day
And that day is called a plug day
Where all the boys buy me stuff
And the best part is that I don’t pay

You Know Me

You know me, I love the gym,
Step out the barbers, respect the trim.
Walk into school late once again,
I’m in TY don’t lift a pen.
Stroll out of school, it’s the weekend,
Spend my free time, with my special friend.
Its Sunday night, school tomorrow, I’m in defeat,
I’m on a grind, its on repeat.

Man Utd

Being a Man United fan can be quite tough,
how we have changed for the worst is very rough.
Walking into school after a defeat to Burnley at home with despair,
listening to these deluded Liverpool fans, I don’t really care.
Every Liverpool fan ranting and giving me hate,
I simply reply it’s been 30 long years mate.
With the signing of Bruno there’s a glimpse of hope,
The possibility of top 4 lets hope we don’t choke.


There once was a fella called Chad,
He wanted to be a lad,
But the colour of his skin,
Meant he got kicked in,
And now he is very sad.


The drop of a penny could be heard by plenty,
Just a couple minutes before 3:20,
As boys and girls count the seconds,
Until the bells of freedom release many.
As the clock strikes time,
The boys and girls hurry,
For some to play games,
And some to spread slurry,
As there are many different lifestyles,
For people to worry.

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me
If only that were true then maybe I wouldn’t feel so lonely
I keep thinking it’s my fault
That no one wants to get to know me
Or maybe we’re not taught in school
Not to judge someone’s personality
If only some people could learn to be true friends
Maybe we wouldn’t have to talk about how so many young lives end


Sometimes I wake up and I don’t feel good
Sometimes I wake up and I feel small
Sometimes I wake up and feel like there’s something wrong with me
Sometimes I get really down because a girl doesn’t feel the same
Sometimes I get down because I realise how much I miss how things were
And all the time I feel like I’m not good enough, big enough, funny enough, attractive enough, fit enough

And that I’m less than the status quo
But to keep me up and fighting, my family is enough.


The school bell rings,
Its time to go home
Everyday the same thing,
People in the corridors doing nothing but roam,
As I walk and wonder,
While listening to the crashing of the thunder,
There is school tomorrow,
Once again to my sorrow


I have a lot of dreams,
Of which I think I cannot achieve.
But I still strive forward,
Even though’ I am bordered.

Most my dreams are achievable
I know that its reachable
Through a lot of hard work
Its working like clockwork

That’s the end
I hope you find its well
And now I’m off
To try achieve my dreams


I love this sport,
It’s better than playing on any type of court,
Football is my passion,
I play it anytime even when its lashing.

I love this sport,
It’s the best of its sort,
The satisfaction when scoring a goal,
This feeling fills my soul.

I love this sport,
I really do,
I love this sport,
You should too.


A b c d
When I was six
My dad left me
But I don’t care
I just wish
I didn’t have ginger hair
I love all my peers
But they don’t like
My big fat ears
I also used to be a bit fat
They called me names
I didn’t like that
I was really insecure
I hated my body
But why was I sad for
It was something I could fix
I had to work hard
And put down the twix
At first I hated the bad naming
But what helped me
Was fat shaming

Football Career

My name is Liam
Here is the dream

I will be playing for Man United one day
75,000 at Old Trafford, the fan base what can I say?
I will be known as the “Magician”
That can play in any position
Goals galore
But wait, I’ve got more in store.

I have got an eye for a pass
That is simply just class
Assists and Assists
Let’s keep adding to the list

In the Champions League final
I will play against my idol
Despite this dilemma, we win
And my contract? In the bin

The next chapter, jetting off to Madrid
The memories at United I will never get rid
At Madrid, we win the league
Without ever being put to the siege (in terms of battle surround).
Then just win the Balon d’or
I’ve to conclude this is the career over


I’m in a school full of boys
So much better than a mixed
All fun and games, no toys
No girls to be fixed

All we do is abuse each other
But everyone haves a laugh
All the jokes about everyone’s Mother
But we all hate the staff


I’m just after typing inspireland into chrome,
Seconds later I’m writing a poem
My name is Joey Greene.
I definitely not mean in fact I’m really nice.
I’m the one to put that spice on the curry
And that curry on that rice.

Fat Boys Life

My friends say I’m fat
I think that’s rat
I’m tryng to get fit so I can get lit
I go on runs
But I can’t resist the chocolate buns
I try my best
To get a massive chest
Thanks to lil corky for the rhymes
Now I’m going to go eat a lime


Its a rainy night on my way to training,
Trying to get my place
You would swear it’s a fight.
Battling for my main spot in half forward,
Straight into a new drill I feel like I’m cornered.
Half way through and i’m wrecked,
Come to the end we finish up
I think I done well as I suspect.

Josh’s Rhymes

My name is Josh
I like mouthwash
I wear camouflage
And have an albatross
I like to spit bars
And rob lots of cars
I have lots of yachts
And my rhymes are pretty hot

A Dungeon Masters Story

I sit in a room and tell a story,
You’ll need your wit to impress the party
They fight, talk and kill every being in their way
And when times are ruff they are fleeing,
For they are merely just beings
Who talk, chat and kill just for a thrill.
I made a world to be fulfilled, full of adventure.
But in the end it is misadventure
For they laugh as disaster develops
For this, is the life of a DM


Heung Min Son Harry Kane and Steven Bergwijn are the best in the league,
Attack so deadly call it blitzkrieg,
Tanganga Alderweirald Vertonghen Aurier are the best,
I’ll always support Tottenham hand on the crest.

Jose Mourinho is a smart man,
he left united to go to Tottenham,
We have the best atmosphere,
Our players play with no fear.


How many times can I tell you shush son,
It’s not just me, your annoying your mum,

I bought you a cat,
But you named it sap and gave him a slap,

I don’t get why you’re not happy,
When you’re getting cuddles from mammy,

At the end of the day,
You will end up dead like granny.


My name is josh
I’m not posh
I live in the country
Right beside the sea
It’s very rough
So you gotta be tough
I’m in co3
And that’s where I wanna be
I have my boys
We be making noise

My Poem

This poem is pretty bad
It makes me feel very sad
I sat here for 15 mins trying to write it
It should be a bit better I admit
Only three more lines to go
At least it has a bit of flow
Writing a poem is quite hard
Imagine me writing a birthday card

Music Today

The music nowadays always seems so simple,
They all seem to be written by guys without any pimples.
Made by wax figures that go without fault,
Singing tough like they’re in jail for assault.

Music is made by instruments like piano and guitar,
By bands like Queen and songs like All-Star.
Not made by a computer and soundboard that trills,
Or an idiot with a name beginning with Lil’.

Real music needs to captivate and interest their fans
Not feed into their stupid obsessions with a gang.
So can these fake artists stop ruining something great,
Pick up an instrument for once and be original, snowflakes!

How I See It

Nowadays everyone cares what people think and say
Why give a damn anyway
Everyone is fresh in their own ways
Nowadays everyone loves drugs and they fight like mugs
Why not be nice and then you won’t have to pay the price
Join the gym or a sport and you might even stay out of court
Nowadays everyone loves a bit of beef but don’t start it
Because a lot of people are as fragile as a leaf.

My Story

I think I have this image that people think I am fine with myself and that I am okay
Think its because that I’m good at sports and that I have lots of friends
That I associate with lots of people
I think its a bit different I get stuck in my own head sometimes
And that I get this thoughts about myself
That I’m not good enough for anything
And about a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with depression
I do come from a home that parents separated and I think that’s what’s made my stronger
And more mature than most people my age.
I had to take on a lot of responsibilities from a young age
And I think that’s what has made me the person I am today.


Me and my brother are the same, like mitosis
He overdosed on MD and has psychosis
He has voices in his head, lots to be said so much to dread
Thinks he’s better off without medication
Thinks without it his mind has liberation
Put into care when we were small
Road to recovery seems like a slow crawl

A War

Inside the white lines, it can be a war,
For some it may be a release of gore
For others it may be a release of happiness,
For me it’s like a wave madness,
I feel energised and at content,
When I’m playing I give one hundred percent,
It changed my life for the better,
When I’m between the white lines I could write a war letter.

Life’s so Funny

When we was young we never worried bout money
Fame is a game for the bad and the ugly
Just stick your head down and study
Keep on grinding, do it for mummy


So I have been told to write this by a funny bearded man,
I don’t have much to write about as I don’t do much,
I’ll try to think about a topic but I just cant cause
When I was a child, everything was handed down to me
And now I’m made to do everything by myself,
But I like it, only because you will have to be dependent on yourself
When you’re older because I think of the further
And it is usually only think of the new games coming out.

Best Life

Gym four times a week
Seen no gain
Can’t try new things
Stay in your lane
Living me best life
Sit through the pain
Fortnite battle royal
Only one shall remain

My Life

This is my life,
It ain’t that great,
I feel like my parents use me as bait,
I feel like they treat me like a child,
It is very wild,
They don’t want me doing anything fun,
I think I might be done.

That Night

On that Tuesday night,
It was a long fight,
We had travelled that day,
To see my team play,

The atmosphere was insanely immense,
The game was very intense,
We were two nil up,
We nearly messed it up,

The atmosphere was something so loud I have never heard before,
It was something you could never ignore,
Firmino had scored in the last minute,
We deserved it and we clinched it,

Me my dad and my uncle will never forget,
That night Firmino, Milner and Sturridge stuck it in the net.

Ice Age Baby

I hate Ice Age Baby I’m not gonna lie
I really wouldn’t mind if he was to die
He’s seven foot one
And weighs a ton
Please someone give me a gun
You have ruined my childhood that I knew you would
I hope to leave you dead in the mud
I will not hesitate because it is your faith
The whole world will think I am great
In the eyes of the internet
You are my biggest regret
I am very sorry we ever met


The world is burning,
They’re leaning to us,
Whilst they’re holding the match,
The meaning of antitrust,

As 2pac said
We left them a world that’s curse,
Without realising,
They should be in reverse,

This must be my Ghetto Gospel,
For how passionate I feel,
Our house is on fire,
It’s almost surreal,

My opinion is strong,
Like I’m Gretta Thumberg,
I am like the Titanic,
But I’m breaking the iceberg,

From the melted ice caps,
To the Australian fire,
To restore our world,
Is all I desire.

I Come From

I come from football to Gaelic
Although not liking football, I stuck with it for my dad,
I come from loved to unloved, never with a girlfriend
I come from weak to strong, in the gym
From low to high on the bench press
I’ve come from nothing to something with gym and Gaelic
Focused on my sports all my life so
I can play county minor but where is my woman?


His name is Davo Kano,
He comes from the country Spaino,
He likes to see the raino,
Oh it’s Davo Kano,

His name is Davo Kano,
He has a great maths braino,
He hates to feel the paino,
Oh it’s Davo Kano.


From the man who broke me at seventeen
Disappears to somewhere up north
Enjoying time before I come forth
Found out he had a family of three
And yet he didn’t want to see me
I went so mad they kicked me out
So I moved in with gran with no doubt
When the day came by
To say our goodbyes
I had no regrets, but plenty of tears
And with more to come, a good lot of fears
But from this day on
I move on strong
The path is clear
No room for fear.


12 years of school,
Bored of it lately,
Walking around the place,
Parents thinkin it’s all going greatly,
Stuck in here 6 hours a day,
Nun changes, nun unique,
Same old crap,
Every single week


16 years old happy as can be,
Living in a town that has been dangerous recently,
Stuck in school for 5 days in a week,
Talk out loud and I’m told I’m giving some cheek,
I want to be out in the free world,
But instead I’m in a room where the free world is blurred,
The system isn’t right
I can’t live my free life


My name is Callum
I’m from the wee county
Don’t mess with me or I’ll break ya in a bounty
I live in the hood where my grandfather stood
But life’s getting better I’m playing county even though
Mothers looking on me.


I had long blonde hair
But I didn’t really care
With it blowing in the wind and
People wondering it was a wig
Long and bright like the
Sun in the sky with
It glistening in many
People’s eyes.


Going to the Chippee, what should I eat?
Definitely some chips, maybe some meat
Glancing at the sauces, gonna get curry
Reading through the menu, I’m in no hurry
Getting a burger, slap on the cheese
At least they’re speaking English, unlike the Chinese
Finish with the drinks, Give us some coke
Gonna eat it quick, hope I don’t choke

Bruno Bomb

Money, gifts freedom and power
Please read this poem it wont take an hour,
They call me the beast but I have no hair
I’m actually quite skinny but I hit like a bear,
Like Brad Pitt I’m really good looking
So if you look once you wont avoid looking,
I sing like Bruno,
Like women I want uno
And I’d catch a grenade for ya!


Mane, Salah, Firmino there the best attack in the league
They all come at you like its Blitzkrieg
We have the best manager in the world in Jurgen Klopp
As you can see he will never flop
We have the best defensive midfielder in the world in Fabinho
He is clearly the best Brazilian definitely better than Ronaldinho
The best goalkeeper in the world is clearly Alisson Becker
Everyone else is clearly jealous that’s why they call him the little fecker

The Gym

The gym is an amazing place,
Most people assume you go to the gym is to physically improve yourself,
But it can also mentality help.
I myself love going to the gym,
I go +5 times a week and it’s usually one of the best parts of my day.
I enjoy going with mates and my favourite exercise is the bench press.
I sometimes go to sauna after


John was standing outside the station staring waiting being drowned by the complications that come with the situation of a double homicide
A horrendous crime that leaves pain and scars that don’t heal with time
That leaves kids, husbands and wives left with no time to smile
No time to realise there’s always a bright side,
To realise the two victims were protecting a mother and child,
A witness to a previous crime that would cost many man their lives
In the financial sense, it was a bank heist
3 mill in cash, it’s a cash out, all they need to do now is dash out,
But the mask fell now the cats out in the bag,
He realised there’s a phone recording,
The mother holding the new born child in fright,
Before he realised the guns aiming,
About too send them both early to paradise, his two accomplishments grab him
They tell him listen it’s not the time to end the poor child’s life
And then he realised his two boys would the end of the operation
Jeopardising the situation he shot them both twice,
He realises he’s back outside the station, waiting to be brought in,
His family all in surprise that there son would commit this double homicide.
They never realised the time would come to an end so soon.
They should have realised.

An Ode to the Sonic Movie

The design of Sonic is pretty ok,
The original look was not the same.
They put in the time
And it turned out fine.
At least you couldn’t see each spine

Even though we had to see him floss,
I’d say overall it wasn’t a loss.


I have a heavy house,
Not that heavy though,
I live in the countryside,
Although no one really knows,
I sometimes keep a private,
I was never like the other lads
They always went for the football,
I was at the cars though,

A Team

I play for Meath
There’s a coach called
We always have training
It is always fairly entertaining

When it comes to matches we put in the work
After a good win I like a little jerk
We are a really good team
Apart from a lad called

The Don

Ballsgroves where I’m from
People know I’m the don
Aint no prodigal son
But when I’m on the pitch they compare me to Rom
Then when I’m off the pitch they call me the bomb
Tik Tok is the app I be using
Sorry man just not used to losing
At the top now I’m just cruising
Thanks to grove rangers I’m pursuing