St Mary’s College, Arklow, Wicklow

Fading world

A figure stands alone on the edge of the world. a heavy weight slowly compressing her.
The air as cold as death. so quiet her own breath echoed as a soft wind blows,
shrouded by the black light of an eclipse, its golden rings still flaring the red eye of sun.
The ground begins to quake, the violent tremors of the earths beating heart.
A rock in the ominous void of space, a dying rock building pressure.
she feels the heat from the towers of lava breaking through the surface of the surrounding mountains,
but then… the lava stops, the smoke shrouds the sky blocking out the dark and the light.
A slow grey smog, thick as fog swirled over her while the weight on her shoulders had pushed her to her knees,
and as the earth draws its last breath, so too does she.
All was quiet.


In Fields of Green

Where blossoms play
spring whispers secrets
a bright array of petals unfurl
a vibrant ballet
natures canvas
a floral display

The sun caresses
a warm embrace
awakening life in every trace
in springs sweet dance
renewals song
a symphony of beauty
pure and strong.


Me, the Moon and I

The moon and me
the moon and I
we both see the stars at the night
we both love the light of the midnight sky
our eyes become brighter at the sight of eachother
we don’t understand why but were drawn to our intertwined life
will we ever become one
the moon and me
the moon and i
love at first sight.


Lunar Love Song

Me and you are like the stars and a moon
me and you are like the clouds in the sky
me and you both fly high
letting the invisible string tie us together
bound to be forever
me and you are like the sky
letting our true colours fly
once we meet again we will fall inlove all over again
don’t worry we’ll meet again soon.

Scents of Winter

Here there everywhere
you can smell the winter air.
Laughs can be heard
throughout the cold draft.
Poems I know not,
but words I have lots.
So as the winter air takes near,
come and find me here.


“Who i Am, Not Was”

I come from the books i read
from the movies i watch
i do not come from the names i am called
from the lunchtimes i spent
all alone
on my own but
i come from the friends i have made
from the foundations i built from the ground up
i am a constructor, an architect, a creator.
I create my own happiness.
I am who i am, not who i was.


A Glimpse

The world does not stop
I’m never winning
never pausing
for a breath
unlike me,
|who is frozen in time
life in rhyme.



In your eyes, i see the stars align,
a love so true, forever mine.
with every touch, my heart takes flight,
in your embrace, everything feels right.


Broken Things

I come from a different country from my siblings
I come from being mature for my age
I come from therapy conversations
Talking it out,
talking it out over and over every week talking it out
Not aloud to cry or shout because there’s work to do children to look after and a family to hold together
I come from a place where I am the glue and a place where I cannot break
But I broke it.


I really like the rain
Especially at night
My window is always left open
so i can feel the light rain on my pillow
It calms me and keeps me in the moment
I think rain is my one true love.

The Bond

Family, a bond so strong and true,
Through thick and thin,
they’ll always be there for you.

Laughter, love, and memories to share,
In their embrace,
you’ll always find solace and care.

Education is key

Education is power
Education creates happiness
Education inspires
Education is ever important
Education creates justice
Education is the key
Education changes the world
For the better


The Path

Success is a journey,
not just a goal.
Fuelled by passion,
from your heart and soul
Keep moving forward,
through thick and thin
Success is the sweetest
when you strive to win


Makes the world go round
Makes us lose our pounds
leaves me poor
Makes me want more.



Love is a sickness
and I am
healthier than ever.