St. Mary’s College, Arklow, Co. Wicklow.

To My Most Dearest Love

To my most dearest love.
Do not feel the burden of sorrow
For i do not exist further more
Do not loose thyself by drowning in the sea of grief
For i am gone

Do not stare into the abyss torturing thyself with questions that do not contain answers
For i did not
Do not loose thy spark that i loved ever so much
For i am not lost
Do not feel empty because i do not live anymore
For i did not fulfill you

Instead ..
Cherish the time we were handed together
Just as i did
Find bursary in the simplicity of the world
Just as i
Thrive in the memories we shared together.

There you will find me,
Waiting for you.

Keep Going

The dew that coats the petals of the roses outside,
Bringing extra weight to the delicate flower.
How could something so fragile

Be strong enough to heft the weight everyday
The bumblebee that buzzes outside your window
In the middle of the hot and dense summer
It’s wings lifting a body four times it’s size

It carries such a heavy burden, and never falters
So before you give up
Before everything come crashing in
As if you were dynamite thrown into a barren cavern

Just reminisce on how long you have managed to bear this load
When your legs begin to shake and give out
When your back cracks under such a weight
You must change your stance and keep going.

A Friendship Poem

In which our thee asketh me
Why shall I be alone?
To gaze the starry nights of boing
Whenever you shall be alone again
Think again cause no you’re not lol

Many doubts reside in thy
In me, thee, pee
But it’s not something y’all can change(Yee haw)
It’s left within you to resolve the problem of
Not being able to complete any regimen

When thy look at I spy with my little eye,
A commotion of the heart
The heart that yearns to beat within
Thy’s paradise that you believe
That will lead you to the underworld

But alas Ye shall be filled with glee
Tis not what mass reveled cults shall tell you
No it’s John Cena
Our Lord and Saviour

While I stare at the back of your head I realize
When I look at your head I’m not seeing you I’m only seeing part of you
The other part resides in the cardiac muscles of the people you have yet to meat
And until then, wear your seat belt


Vroom vroom if you will.
I think not to betray your dapper self
Your drip is my one and true love and
I would be so honored to tie your shoe laces every once in a while
The grass that grows in the ground hugs my downstairs paws(feet)
While I run towards ye

I hold my hand in a fist exposing the temporary hole I made,
You put your pointer in there and we giggle something genuine
That none of us have felt in a while.

The vanity of civilization having no remorse taking our veins
using it as its own personal horse.
Leaving us to feel nothing authentic
We cry, but in that moment where my fist and your index are interlocked
We are free


My body feels limp and shallow,
Every month or year that goes by I see a new self,
The fear of that whiny child making an appearance or
Crawling up on me again keeps me up.
I dictate my every step,

I’m depressing in the eyes of others,
They assume my self is there and there’s been no stolen person
But all I see is the lifeless body of my old self staring at me,
Waiting for my next hiccup.
You are the only body that makes sense in my eyes,
Mine is stolen and full of infection

A Rose

All in one simple, fragrant rose,
Is The colour red-an emblem
Of a balanced dichotomy,
That represents both polar ends of a spectrum
Holding the essence of such ardent power, passion, and love
But contrary to the ruby lies a foreboding crimson
Full of anger, hate, fury and alarm.
All in one simple, fragrant rose

How I Wish

My aching soul longs for your touch
The only instances where my body and soul are truly connected
Is when you are close to me.
My quintessence is willing to corporate

With the shell that is my body and
I can only yearn to wonder with you.
Oh how I wish to go on an adventure with you
While you steer my heart in the ocean that is my organs


The flowers bloom late in Spring,
Their colours vibrant and soft
The weather is warm and the grass beneath my feet is wet with the morning dew.
Spring is often a time for new beginnings,
A time where friendships break and new ones are made

The Spring can be destroying but also sweet
The bittersweetness of the Spring is only apparent to those who have gone through a transformation.
The friendships lost and the new ones made
The relentless bullying and the constant “friends” appearing then disappearing,
The hatred of myself for all the wrong things throughout my life
This hatred given to me by the people who have brought me down.

That being said Spring also is new beginnings
The new friendships that I have made
The happiness and confidence given back to me by people who care
The friends who are there for me no matter what

This is the true beginning and I don’t think I will be able to handle the ending.
However that time is not now,
My friends are here and are going to stay as long as we need,
Though these friendships will fade with time,
I am glad for all the of them and can’t wait to see what we become together

My Lovely Darling

My Oh my darling,
I look at through the mirror
The weeping creaking wrinkles,
The light glistens at both of us
But the shadow eats more wrinkles
Crack shatter the lovely soul

I’m too full to feed myself
So I will feed the little shadow,
In the love I have for my darling.
I will feed all my little shadows
Until they are full of my darling.


I write to be bright
I sing to bling
I listen with a vision
But is all of that it
I take my life in my stride
Hoping for it all to be wild

I keep hitting bumps
Why aren’t I getting by
Looking back and looking forward
Seems to all be the same
Do I give up Or should I just stay in this wave

No , I carry on looking for that wild
Hitting them bumps and Get by
Take everyday as if it’s your last
Remember tomorrow but forget your past

Row Row The Boat

Row Row the boat,
Leaf of life lifting the boat,
Drift down lower than sea,
Bite the dust of the air you see
Meddle muddle in children cheers
Twinkle tackle the deep fears,
Rum dumb down the well
Gulp bulp bump the waterfall
Row row the boat
Up the wave of surfing bot
Bop up and drift the molly song
Hear and mute the mourning song
I may row the boat
I don’t know the drift of the boat
I may drift to the Shore
But I don’t understand the Shore
So I row row the boat


When I was eight
I would watch the droplets on the glass
Race to the windowsill,
the edges rotting with mold
I would pick a droplet
A pretty one, smooth like stone

Which i would hope and pray
Would get to that line
Before all the others
But even as it was slowly dragging by
Taking what felt like hours to move the size of a pin

As I could do nothing but stare
Aching to grab the droplet and throw it to the line
A part of me still believed it could still be first

Ups And Downs

Doors slam voices shout ,
There are broken hearts without a doubt ,
Tears shed all the voices inside your head ,
Mood swings people changing,
Anxiety through the roof ,OCD has you up the walls ,
Why always me you ask yourself

Wondering what has made you deserve this, is it some sort of test
Thinking at night if anyone cares
Staring out your window while hearing about different affairs
Wishing life was good , am I just having a bad day
Depressing thoughts in your head wishing they would all just go away
My life is good , it has its ups and downs
Only you can bring your happiness up .

Love Will Come

You can’t escape Love
Even if you try to run
Love will come your way
It’s a feeling that we can’t control
Love will grab you by the neck
And torture you until tears streak down your face
For that is why Love exists
To show us it is worth fighting for
It pulls you by the arm
And pulls you by the foot
It tortures you and hurts you
Until you understand
Love is a persona we simply can’t escape
So why try to push it away?
Love is here to help us
To guide our lives along the way

My Cure

I sit here and eyes are only upon you,
You are the shining part of me.
I want nothing but to give you what you deserve,
I wish to make you feel only the way you deserve to feel.
You make the worries of my being feel like nothing,
You cure me

Half Grown

When I was half-grown
And when I didn’t have a phone
We would play school
And we looked like a fool
But we didn’t care
We played it very fair
Boys in one class and girls in the other
And there would be no other

When I was half-grown
And didn’t have a phone
We would put on a show
For my grandad joe
We would swing on the swing set
And then he’d say “well done pet”
When I was half-grown
And didn’t have a phone
I never moaned
Because I didn’t have a phone

New Ways

New ways to celebrate
Some have to isolate
Many expressing their views
Although they have not seen the news
The prime minister speaks daily
Nothings clear, all sounds like maybe
The weather is so fine

Stay inside, stay home or be fined
Case numbers rise every day
Will it ever go away
A cough , fever , shortness of breath
This could lead to your lonely death
While we’re stuck wearing masks
Do they do anything at all I sometimes ask


When I listen to music that is when I relax the most.
I don’t why it happens but then again I’m very grateful it does.
Because if it wasn’t for music i’ll be long gone,
Somewhere far away where no one can find me
That far away place is my mind.
If I didn’t have music my mind would eat itself up
All the thoughts that come and go,
Just like a train racing through my brain.

Best Friend

My best friend
From dancing in my kitchen
To consoling each other while crying,
I wish we can always stay as close as we are right now
Playing like little kids running around without a care in the world
Thank you for being my best friend


I don’t feel like how I used to,
That makes me feel better than how I treated you,
I can’t remember the things about you I clung to,
And maybe that’s better than living a life untrue.

Night Thoughts

Each night is the same
Restless, unable to sleep
Thoughts racing,
What about this? What about that?
I shut my eyes, and try to sleep
But the thoughts, they never stop.

I Won’t

I’m going to sing a song lalala,
Fun in the sun, cha cha cha.
Shaking around up and down,
Get up from your seat do NOT frown,
Just a joke, frown all you want,
I won’t laugh I won’t point I won’t taunt.

Summers Day

It was a warm summers day
I went out to lie on the hay
Down by the bay
Where the children would play
There water guns would spray
After a bath full of clay
“Come in now” our parents would say
And that was it until the next day

Body And Soul

My aching soul longs for your touch
The only instances where my body and soul are truly connected
Is when you are close to me.
My quintessence is willing to corporate
With the shell that is my body.

Thank You

Thank you for all the laughter and the memories that we’ve shared,
Thank you for always being there and wiping the tears away,
This poem is to tell you I’m always here for you,
I hope we’ll be friends forever

What Is Covid

Is it the monster under your bed
Or is it the bully that doesn’t leave you alone
Is it the thoughts that creep up on you or is it your biggest fear
What is covid 19, why are we so scared
Why are people dying why are we running away from something we can’t see
Will this end, will we all be here, will we forget, will life be normal


The flaming glow of the sun
Has caught my eyes, my nose, my skin
Across the street with foods to eat
There you may see, a beggar with no home to sleep.
I have seen what others have not,
And there is where my fears began,
But after all,
Home is still home.

The Farm

It was a cold winters day
Out on the farm
Answer what woke me up ?
Only my alarm
Cows to be fed
And sheep to be shore
Pigs to be killed
With plenty of areas to explore