St Joseph’s Secondary School, Tulla, Clare

Online Lesson

The books pile,as the work grows
And the attention dwindles
Sitting there,
Iluminated by the cold,
LED screen
A broken up voice comes from the screen
Not one of enthusiasm,
A voice just trying to get though the day
As am I


Sirens and Devils

Bird sing, dogs bark
Days are bright, and nights are dark
But outside nobody goes;
Streets are empty, no shadows are thrown
This is the image that is often shown,
but unfortunately things are not so

People are out, rioting and screaming
The “empty” streets are in fact teeming
Shopping for this and going for that
All have an excuse, perhaps a reason
But not one considers their treason

Spreading the germs between themselves
Licking the products on the shelves
People claim the moral high ground
And yet they astound
me with their selfishness, and
extending the lockdown


Sirens and Angels

We are on the main road
all you see is road kill
the ones doing side show

on the road it also
gives an opportunity to meet the
smell of silage on the road

seeing the sirens off in the distance
putting their life on the line to save others
during this pandemnic while on its journey
through 2020 2021

on our way back home we meet the native irish
weather with the sound of rain and
wind pelting our jacket

Empty Streets

Empty streets in a empty village,
road to road, building to building,
Not a sound to be heard from those who pass,
the life, the spirit of an older time is gone
replaced by that which would stomp you down.
Bright lights shine all through the night,
the brightness keeps you awake and keeps you thinking,
in the day that brightness is gone
and nobody will give it back untill the darkness comes.
The time is gone when people smiled and laughed
and knew eachother well, for the city has taken hold
and spread its twisted roots far across the world
and in the world trying to change we lost the things that made us human.


The snow falls on a dark eiry night
what comes will cause a fright.
A dark figure appears from the snow
who it is, no one knows.

It causes distress to the local who hear
the saddening news he comes to bier
of a child who left his home
who is destined to never return
as he takes his turn.


I’m Quiet

I’m not quiet because I have nothing to say
My mind is a machine that works around the clock
keeps me awake at night and distracts me through out the day.
I’m not quiet because I prefer to listen to others
What ever you said If I didn’t respond it was because my mind
didn’t even give it a chance to get through the doors.
Like a bouncer at a night club my mind will only let the thoughts it invited into my head
making me feel sick with the words that plague my brain.
I’m quiet because my mind told me not to speak.
I’m quiet because it told me my opinion doesn’t matter.
I’m quiet.


Shattered Perfection.

Lost in a mirror, I hunger to find perfection.
Sharp eyes scan every aspect,
every mark, each inflection.
Thoughts scream through the maze of my mind.
Because now, no matter what,
perfection I never find.

It starts with wanting to be the best you can be.
but then flaws appear that you can’t help but see.
For each mistake you spot,
a new one will appear,
and deeper the spiral,
your mind begins to steer.

The tears and heart ache follows you,
your eyes screwed in a knot.
What you see churns and twists,
while your head starts to rot.

Perfection is not flawless.
If only everyone knew.
Perfection is acceptance.
Perfection is you.


School Discos

A place, a time,
With memories.
A place where the night had no end,
” the wild nights of your youth” that your parents insisted upon,

A place where you thought the layers of body spray would mask your fear.
A place where you thought layers the makeup would hide your insecurities and make you feel “pretty”,
A place where you would be chosen, or so you thought.

A place of heartbreak,
A place of shame, a place you wanted to be as far away from as you could.
Until. Until it’s not.
Their hand on your shoulder-
A night to remember.



No passion for anything,
everything followed with a sigh,
not particularly pretty Nor witty…
never the apple of a guys eye,
Its funny because i always say don’t care what they think ,
we’re free, we’re children and we should live on the brink,
but somedays when I scroll through Instagram
a hole develops in my thoughts
and it takes the strength to continue
with almost no thought, we’re all so young
why do we care , yet we do…


I can see

Here I lie in my bed
With my tables and chairs
My clothes torn on the ground as if a hurricane just came and left
Yet I don’t remember
I don’t remember getting up as I feel as if my body cannot move
I’ve been glued to the bed
Not by choice
But I am unable to move
I don’t understand the force holding me down
Till finally I begin to wiggle my toe and blink my eyes
Yet now I cannot get up.



From the day we start they’re always there,
Whether they show it or not they always care.
When you’re feeling lonely or a bit down,
In they come to cheer you up and bring u for a spin to town,
You’ll pick up some ice cream and listen to some music,
And you’ll never really miss it all until you loose it.
The day you wake up and she’s not there,
You mightn’t talk for days or weeks and wonder do they care.
You’ve always had your ups and down and although you never show, your sisters mean the world to you and you just hope that they know.
Know that you miss them and wish they were home, but really you’re happy to see how far they’re grown.
The day they arrive home you’ll be crying with tears but be grateful for your time apart for a few years.
No doubt you’ll have you’re arguments but at least now you know,
Your sisters will always be with you no matter how far away go.



It’s all about what gets you up in the morning,
And no I’m not talk about your mother who’s roaring,
Even when the thoughts of a school day have left your mind forewarning,
The single thought of just one person can be so transforming.
That thought may not be about a person but about a dream,
Your brains way of subconsciously laying out a futuristic scheme,
Although this may be damaging to your self esteem,
Because you get to thinking about what life could be like
and just want to let out one big scream.


Where do we come from?

We come from an era where if you have an Apple or Samsung decides the person who you are.
We come from a time where lighting and camera angles decides your self worth.
We come from an age where plus size body positivity and how to lose 5 stone in a week! posts come up one after the other on Instagram.
We come from a generation where slu!, wh@re and b!tch are all commonly used adjectives to describe your piers.
But what if we came from a era, from at time, from an age and generation where we take someone’s feelings and emotions into consideration before we make assumptions on who they are.



Coaches, however hard they try,
Will always be time.
Do coaches make you shiver?
do they?

A sport, however hard it tries,
Will always be yellow.
A sport is fearful. a sport is sensationalistic,
a sport is chromatic, however.


My First Ever Match

I walked through the gates
To hear the loud sound
Men roaring with passion and hate
Is all I could hear around the ground

I sat near the back in a cold seat
Just in time to see the players on the pitch
When the game started I could feel myself gritting my teeth
The load croaking of fans sounded like an old witch
To a frightened 7 year old.



If only the sharpest blades
could cut into skin
As deep as words could
Maybe then
We’d all be dead by now



Microsoft Teams is a drag,
No one enjoys class,
Everyone wants to go play out in the grass,
Instead we are all trapped,
We sit and wait for our class,
All behind a screen of glass.


The Game

Hurling, football, camogie
Brings us all together
Brings us as a community
Makes us a team
Makes us a family
Means so much to many people
Hope to be back again.


Is It Me?

i lay there at 3am the thoughts running through my head.
i stared at the ceiling with the tears running down my face.
constantly wondering if i was good enough or if i was the problem.
my friends tell me he’s the one who is wrong but love, i cannot find a trace.
i thought he was the one but still i lay here with a tear soaked pillow.



Lockdown is tough, its really rough,
Online school is so bad, it drives me mad.
The laptop it binging, the list of assignments is never ending.
Being stuck in a room, glued to zoom
Teachers on my case to get work in for the due date,
im in ty give me a break,
Just stop with the calls and pause.


What I believe

I believe some adults take me as a joke,
as they see my opinion as a hoax
cuz my age is a group of mischief
and stupid ideas as they believe that the knowledge I retrieve is fake,
falsified or a weave of lies of fake facts that they believe I do to cry for attention.
I believe that my ideas can stand out, there not just about,
stupid silly things, that are not interesting,
I know what I say and think is valid until they escape my mind or my idea dies.
I believe that an achievement of any kind
or by any age can be appreciated no matter what others say,
because you can’t measure a person just on goals and obsession
which is a beautiful lesson that can deprive you of depression.
I believe everyone can be amazing,
if they only try, but they shouldn’t need to ask why they can’t win everyday
or in every way, they should love themselves
without having to be in pain of disappointment
or any ointment of displeasure or self hate
as they should be told that they can be great.


The Scare

You gave me a scare
when I heard of the news
of how you fared
for those many years
in the hot summer air.

You were too stubborn of course
I’m like you like that
to wear the cap
as the sun belted down on your head.


The Worker

From working all day with my one and only father,
To spending the night with the lads on cider and lager,
I work on a farm and spend lots of time with cows,
I let my feelings go in my poem like there some sort of vows,
As I’m sitting on a roof with lots of time to spare,
I’m harnessed to my dad so it’s his life for what I care,
The sun is beaming from every direction,
Because I’m on top of my world with no recollection,
Where it all starts is not where it’s finished because you can make a change,
I know life isn’t normal but let’s be realistic, normal is strange.


School can be hard

It can be tough
School can be boring,
It can be rough

Sometimes you got to look the bright
You just have to remember
Thing will be alright
Sometimes they days might appear long
But you just have to remember
To have some fun