St Joseph’s Secondary School, Spanish Point.

The White Suit

A dimly lit bus stop illuminated by a lamp above.
A lone woman sitting, not for a bus, but for a date.
A glowing figure in the shape of a man, wearing a white suit
A rose in the jacket pocket, takes the lame-dressed girls hand
And whisk away to a another dimly lit place.
A lone restaurant table, accompanied by two wavering souls
The angel in the form of a suit and tie looking with sketchy eyes to man in rags
They move quickly, the angel and the girl, to an autumn park, with leaves all over
As they walk into the girls apartment and lock the door, the angel pins the girl to the door
With gentle eyes. and BANG.
The ragged man appeared behind the pair, in the house.
A newly formed hole in the angel, spilling out nothing but love


People in my class pretend to be me
They act like me , and send stuff into a zoom call about my nana
I think they are jealous of me or something.
It makes me laugh at how sad they are
Because they try to get me into trouble


Dogs are cool,
But you cant bring them to school
Make sure to give them food or you’re not a cool dude,
For your dog to be healthy you need to bring them for a walk
But just remember DOGS CANT TALK
A dog is a great pet and friend and it’ll be with you till the end

Moves Like Xavi

When I’m on the ball
I move like Xavi
You’re two foot tall
Ain’t that shabby
Can’t complain,
Youve got a brain,
We will march on
Down the lane.


Football is fun
Especially in the sun
But be careful you don’t
Burn yourself
In the midst of all the fun