St Joseph’s Secondary School, Spanish Point

Clouds are most beautiful when they’re about to disappear
the sun makes them blush for a moment
and they realize they’re there
then the navy creeps in and you’re left grasping at the feeling
like scratching the night’s map
I sit and think
I lie and think
I wonder why I have to be a Girl.
what’s a girl anyway?
not dresses, more trousers
not airy, more low
not pink more golden
not hidden, not shown
not dainty more concrete
but malleable like earth
not tiptoeing not whispering
annoying since birth
I’m no man
but I’m no Girl
I’m not nothing
maybe more fluid
or gas
like clouds



The World of Go

In a world of speed and on-the-go,
Fast food is where many hearts go.
Burgers and fries, a tasty delight,
Wrapped in paper, ready to take a bite.

Golden nuggets, crispy and fried,
Served with ketchup on the side.
Pizza slices, gooey and hot,
Quickly devoured, with no second thought.

But let’s remember, in all our haste,
To balance our meals with healthy taste.
Fast food’s a treat, we can’t deny,
But moderation is key, oh my!




Silk Ladder

There is a silk ladder unrolled across the ivy
There is
That leaning over the precipice
Of the hopeless fusion of your presence and absence
I have found the secret
Of loving you
Always for the first time.



Swimming in sea,
Afterwards I will have to drink my tea,
So cold the water is to see,
But I do feel so free in the sea.


I am Liked

I’m liked by my friends, my Family, people I smile at in the halls,
I’m liked
people want to be around me, people talk to me smile at me, I have friends,
“Wow your so lucky i would do anything to be like that ”
I have done everything
I’ve changed my hair, I’ve changed how I talked, I changed the people I am seen with so people know I’m ‘cool’,
I’m liked
But I still get called freak, get glares if I say something that’s not ‘cool’. I’m always the last option, I’m the friend that looks bad so her friends look good
I just want to be liked
But I am liked
But not in the way the girls with perfect long blonde hair are liked, how the skinny sporty girls are liked,
I am liked
But sometimes my friends ’forget’ to invite me to things
I am liked

I know this person who makes me smile
who makes me laugh who makes living worthwhile
They are so nice they are so kind
they make me the happiest person alive
I think about them all the time
they are the only thing on my mind.
Roses are red violets are blue this poem is specifically for you. School I like is a school that has non toxic people, interactive lessons and good teachers that actually give you a realistic chance in life to even learn not to compare yourself to others. Also in school what I need is some people that think the way I do. I need them to agree, disagree and reason but not to insult bully and teason* These simple things are what I currently need but sadly this school system and this atmosphere don’t seem to exist. (At least not yet)
* tease but needed it to rhyme



I was about 5 years old when I had my first stew

Beef, carrots, onions, I thought “that would do”

When my lips touched that hot meat placed upon the spoon

Did my stomach experience something new

I delightful sensation took place in my mouth

What a shame I didn’t know that it would go so south

When my belly start rumbling

My arse started grumbling

I headed straight for the shitter

But my stomach wasn’t a quitter

Never have experienced a worse day in my life

The day i had my first stew, back when I was five.


Poultry Slam

I had a chicken and her name was daisy
She was extremely lazy
She crossed the road and didn’t look to the side
And then she tragically died
We buried her under the ground
So she could never be found.


Love is Pain

Love will kill her
Love will haunt you
Love will eat your cat
Love will poke you in the eye
Love will burn your skin off
Love will make your hair fall off
You will cry


There once was a man
Who’s name was Dan
He cooked up a fry
He had a plan
He wanted to fly
As high as he can
He went to the sky
He hit a pie
He’s gonna die
He said damn.



Having a boyfriend is great
Although, they can go wrong
You love each other, care for each other
But one day your boyfriend may be sad
And then after that, they’ll be gone
Your boyfriend will be fully gone