St Josephs Secondary School, Rochfortbridge, Co. Westmeath



You made me out to be a fool

A fool i am not

Your greatest mistake

Was creating a monster so beautiful

A beautiful monster

The pain and suffering handed out by you

Enough to last an eternity

But provided an entity

Allowed for my soul to flourish

Under the harshest light

To overcome the worst

In a battle hard fought

Under flinching shadows

It was comfort that i sought

Reaching through the darkness

Hoping to find the right path

Only to led astray by a monster

Who made me want to stay

Drowning in her sorrows

A long time in the dark

She finally found her path in life

Putting an end to her strife

The end was reached

A harrowing defeat




Look out across the void

The empty space

Full of sin

A lone sailor rides the wave of euphoria

Thinking it will last forever

He rushes slowly into the depths of despair

Never looking back on life

Because a life with them is a life of lies

This twisted fate

Look what it creates

Seeping out into the void

White noise looks to conceal the broken lines

Of a life filled with broken mirrors

Reflected back is only a shell

As empty as the world it occupies

As empty as the space full of sin




They sit alone at kitchen tables

Once filled with tea and talk and love

Love, what’s that again?

It’s been so long since they have felt embrace

Talking through a piece of cloth on your face

It can’t be normal, just can’t be real

Have people forgotten how to feel?

Are we numb as a human race, feelings and real pain we just replace

Put up a steel wall

Wont return your calls

Where is the art of conversation?

Have we forgotten communication?

We may have, but they haven’t

Those folks sitting confined to their nursing home bed

Who once spoke out and now are silenced instead

Only socialisation is through a window

Left there wondering where did their lives go.


History will Repeat


History will repeat

An idea ever shared

Yet we sit in our seat

Because none of us cared


An idea said to be wrong

Won’t disappear

With its first song

It will only make us fear


Time ticks by

And like a broken clock

A repeat comes nigh

On life’s door it will knock


We will only move on

And live better lives

If this repetition is gone

Flown high in the skies


Yet it never will leave

Never vacant, always waiting

Not unless we believe

In a world free from draining


The joy of our lives.

And with that, I depart

From time’s prying eyes

To stay young at heart




Love is heartbreak

That can tear you apart

Love is hammer

That breaks your heart

Love is the start

Of something new

Love is what makes

The sky stay blue

Love is a chapter

Ready to explore

Love is a book

Or an unlocked door

Love is life

But we have to wait

Love if the start

Of something great




I was the skinny girl growing up. From ages 5-13 I was asked if I was “anorexic” or sick.

I never thought about my body. Then I hit 14 and from then I grew.

I grew outwards and upwards. I’m skinny.

If you didn’t know, if you’re skinny you can’t be insecure.

Society says this. People compliment my body now.

“You’re so skinny” they say. “You’re so lucky” they finish.

But they don’t see the empty dinner plates.

They don’t see the days I’ve missed breakfast.

They don’t see the hours I spend running on a treadmill.

They don’t hear the times I’ve told my parents “I’m not hungry” or “I already ate”.

They don’t see the standing in the scale and the wrapping my fingers around my wrist.

But I can’t say anything. Because skinny girls can’t be insecure.


Teenage Jungle


Welcome to the jungle we’ve got dirty teens

Trees of attitude and acne

Leaves of trouble and grief

The life we live was macheted before us

From previous teenagers travelling to an uncharted land

Of growing up and telling you what you have to be

Kings of the jungle rule the school

Runts of the pack aren’t the people who you tend

What the kings don’t realise is

There time as kings is coming to an end

And so those who think their kings fall back and let the former runts run the pack




I know right now is really hard,

It hit us hard and left us scarred,

But we gotta keep moving on,

Proving wrong,

Staying strong and pushing on,

We sit at a field till the break of dawn,

Your loved one sitting across from you,

And you knew

That your love was a breakthrough,

You two beat covid together,

And you knew that you two were bound to stay together…forever.


This Year


This year has been like living alone

Boredom, emptiness life on my phone

Looking around the world stood still

Hoping things change hoping they will

The silence is loud makes you feel small

I feel now everyone’s waiting

To return to a life that makes us feel alive

Wishing to live to the full




I’m so sick of people judging me,

If them wanting me to be something I can’t be

Of having to hide my thoughts,

Cause what I think matters not

To them, the people who think

That they control everyone like how they blink,

They get to speak and yell out their minds,

I have hide mine behind curtains and blinds,

Because I mightn’t agree exactly,

And that just means it’s wrong actually,

Because that how it works right,

Why else would they be uptight,

I love everything and everyone,

But those who love me are only one.




Standing solo over a sea of sin,

Feeling weak, temptation to jump in is closing in,

Feeling trapped and worthless

But on the outside perfect

Happy, content with my mind at ease,

This is not my reality someone help me please.


I Wanted


I am too bothered when I think

My tears could fill the sink

You wanted a chance but our love could not be

For you were just not right for me

I wanted to be his other

But his heart was for another

I’ve nothing left to loose

You left me with sadness and blues

All the notes you left I’ve read

And all the thoughts of you in my head

It was too good to be true

I wanted you to love me and sadly, I still do

You do not want me

You are not mine


You are You


I tried to fit the standards

That we have set

Only to realise

It’s all in our head.

Photoshop, airbrush, nothing is real,

Stop and think, “how do i feel?”

You are worth more than a like on a post,

How you are feeling is worth the most.

I know that it’s tough

But please don’t forget

You are you and you are enough.


In an Age


We live in an age where we are told to be happy,

Yet people are always complaining about others.

Wether they think that their sexuality doesn’t exist,

Or will send them to hell.

That people don’t know what their own gender is,

As if, their happiness is on the line.

As if it was their lives being lost and their rights being compromised.




I only ever wanted to be enough

But I have to be strong and I have to be tough

It feels goddamn impossible to satisfy you

I want to love you so much why the hell don’t you love me too?

I just want to prove to myself that I have something here to do

Gritting my teeth, training hard in the shed

Just trying to be happy and to get out of my head


We Survived


We’ve survived this life so far but how far have we really come

What stops us from finally feeling complete?

The time I’ve taken to myself has left me with the feeling I’m fine alone


A Light


Out in the distance a light.

In the dark its so bright.

It holds back the cold.

An invention oh so old.

It fights it destroys it burns.

It kills the trees the hedges the ferns

But it finally stands alone

It dies


Taking and Taking


Everyone’s taking and taking

I’m breaking and breaking

Voices keep screaming

Arms keep bleeding

No one seeing

These are fragments of my very being




I’m stuck in a shell

It feels like I’m really in a monsters hell

I can’t express who I really want to be

For my insecurities always get the best of me but

I say that I’m fine

So nobody will ever see past my invisible line




The world is screaming

Information beaming into my brain

I’m supposed to care about everything

That’s insane

It’s overwhelming I need to stop caring

Stop staring

At my screen all night

Watching the world fight

Nothing will be alright


A Small Village


I come from a small village with not a lot of people,

From a young age, I was never idle

Working and helping out my family,

I played football but was never very good

And the same with hurling,

I found who I was when I first sat into a tractor

And that’s where I am most happy

And any spare moment I have

It is on a farm or in a tractor.


Every Day


Its the same thing every day

The sun comes up and then the kids play.

They have thoughts of school that they keep at bay

By training and grinding and taking scoops of whey.


The grind is tough but it’s worth all the while,

You look around and all you see is smiles.

They work harder than anyone and run for miles

Just to stay busy and live for this lifestyle.


The World


The world is crumbling

Buildings are tumbling

People crying in pain

Everyday is the same

Countries gone corrupt

The world stop abrupt.

The world full of despair

Torture and begging everywhere




Love will move on,

Get over it and continue to succeed.

Never give someone the satisfaction of watching you suffer.




Trapped in the same 5 kilometre square,

That for everyone seems so unfair,

Heaven for some and for others despair,

Eventually peoples brains start to tear,

The walls they start to stare,

All in that same 5 kilometre square.




Football makes people go mad

If your team loses you might be sad

But when your your team is on good form

Your day to day life will be a storm

Football is like my religion




I hate school,

I love it though

I like the way my friends and I grow

We have been through a lot

But TY has been a though shot

We are trying to make the best of what we have got




IM 16,(WHAT)