St Joseph’s Patrician College, Nun’s Island, Co. Galway

Heart Pounding

Bent over in pain
Hear my heart pounding
Through my brain
Nothing left to give
I must want this a lot
There’s time left to live
Hear the crowd screaming
I got something to prove,

I love it

Joseph Coughlan


In this life people are misunderstood,
Others judge people by their looks,
Or their social status or page,
People are judged before words can even come out of their mouth,
Others don’t give people a chance,
People are left out,
People are picked on,
People are treated different.
I am people.
I am misunderstood.

Stephen Nally

School Acrostic Poem

O-n time
O-outdoor fun
L-ots of learning

Ethan Fifita


Life is like a video game , you can succeed, give up or die trying.
The haters in life are like the boss fights they can stop you once or twice
But they cant keep you from succeeding on your goals.
Your parents then are like the narrators or hints in the story mode of a game,
They can help you at certain points in life by teaching you how to do things
But you are the person who actually has to set an example
Your mam can’t clean your room for the rest of your life,
You will eventually have to do it yourself.
Your friends are also a big part in your life,
Like when you’re playing Nuketown on Black Ops 3
You can’t kill 6 people by yourself in a game of search and destroy,
You need your friends to help you like
You need your friends to help in life through good times,
Tough times and times that show who your true friends really are.

Cian McGrath


I like music.
Some songs can make me feel,
Happy and alive.
Some songs can make me feel,
Sad and lonely.
Music can make us
Feel in a certain way.
Music can helps us
Get through tough times.
Music can change us
And make us who we are today

Alvin Zhang

The Man

The man, greatly revered
From all over they came to see him
But yet, some had a fear
Turned to anger, envy, and sin.

To assist him, he chose the twelve
One betrayed, and gave him in
But after, he couldn’t live with himself
Despite the prize given to him

Therefore, you must always be true
Faithful, kind and loyal
To all of those around you
Because you never know who might be royal

Conor Salmon

They Jumped

They jumped from the steaming windows,
Hoping for less pain,

Police receive calls
About some burning planes.

The ones who lost their lives
Have been remembered every day.

Jules Poliautre

Newborn Bird

I feel like a newborn bird in a nest
Seeing the new world all the new sounds and smells
Seeing mother and father come home
From a long day’s work with only me in their mind
The only thing on my mind is learning
How to spread my wings and learn to fly
Mom and dad can’t help me with that
It’s something I have to do myself
But nothing is stopping me in this world
The only thing that could possibly stop me is myself

Oisin Allen


School may not be fun,
There are more important things to hate
But a person’s beliefs is not one.
Most people can be great,
But the people who are bad,
Can come to power
Who can make the helpless sad,
In their hour of need.

James Egan


To think that I was giving up,
I didn’t have much hope,
Until that one day came along,
I didn’t believe in me.

We all went down to Shannon,
Expecting only the usual,
However unexpectedly,
I bumped into you.

Just like that, we became great friends,
As much as anyone can at 4 am,
But from there on you gave me hope,
And only for the best to come.

It’s been 10 months since we met,
And I’m glad to say you were there,
From all our ups and downs,
It still confuses me how we’re here.

Oisín Walsh


I would hear life is not fair,
But life is there for a reason.
No one said life is supposed to be fair,
but their is a life goal for the taking.

You’re the only one who can pick yourself up
When you’re feeling down whilst giving a frown.
But starting over is part of the challenge,
Leading you down a new passage.

Edward Grealis


Poems are hard to write,
I would prefer to write about a good night,
Where I can find interest in what I type,

I find poems boring but see the stories they can tell,
This poem is a bombshell,
Oh well.

Liam Joyce


People who dont leave their house,
Are the people who drive me mad
Couch potatoes who socialise as much as an alligator
They should do something with their time
Instead of binging Netflix as a past time.

Cian Carrol


When I was at a young age,
I was taught that no matter what I had to be smart.
That without my education, I was worthless.
That if I wanted friends, I had to be able to be able to solve pi
And to be fluent in multiple languages.
That was when they started to build the walls,
Brick by Brick, layer by layer.
Then I started school.
I was made fun of,
Someone who had barely any idea how to speak to people was
Pushed into a corner, compressed under the weight of my prison.
So the next day I copied.
I followed everyone else,
Until the wall game.
That was the day I would remember for the rest of my life
The day of the fall.
The day my nickname was born.
The day no one wanted to be my friend.
The day my prison began to shrink and compress.
The day I thought, it was all over.
But it wasn’t,
Instead, it was a stepping stone towards a better person
That was the day that I learned that life was more than just education.
But it is also about pushing yourself to a limit,
To make a story for yourself.
To destroy the case that everyone builds around themselves
Though sometimes it’s slow
Even Brick by Brick


Life of a Schoolboy

Wake up in the morning and feel the cold on my chest
Hop out of the bed and throw on a vest
A slice of toast and I zip up my jacket
Full day of school, don’t know can I hack it.
At the school gates, I jump out the car,
silently thinking that home is so far.
Inside the building, long dreary halls
Fogged up windows and boring cream walls
Students are moaning, there’s a chill in the air
They’re staring at books on static blue chairs.
As the day the draws to a close, I pack up my things
Cause it’s all over when I hear the bell ring.

Evan Forde

I Don’t Know What to Say.

I don’t really have much to say,
I haven’t ever had a hard life in fact it’s been pretty comfortable so far.
We had a class today that illustrated to me to me the troubles of others.
I don’t have any brothers but I have a sister and that’s enough for me.
We don’t get on like the best of friends, in fact we fight a lot about the little things.
Like who gets the charger or who ate the last biscuit from the tin.
It’s the little things that rile us up like this.
But after today’s lesson on the troubles of others,
I’m going to try to be a better older brother.

He told us today about the children who have been passed around from home to home.
Looking for anything to make them whole.
They get addicted to things that aren’t good for them.
But its all they have so they have so they stick with it.
After learning about all this today,
I’m going to try to make the little things better.

Conor Moran


Bring down the oars,
Get the shell on the slip,
Tie yourself in,
And push off for a trip.

Oars pushing through the water,
The sound of water rushing below me,
And on my skin is the rainwater,
Coming from the dull sky,
As my cares float away,
As do I.

Daragh Clery

Fame and Glory

Man’s gonna start off slowly all I want is fame and glory
Life is short so I’ll make it quick I don’t know how to stop or quit
I need some motivation to improve my lives and tips
Im distracted by sports when I step on the field I feel like
All my worries and problems disappear for 90 minutes

Joseph Ewuruje

I Play

I play Sport
I play Hurling
I play Golf
I am good at sport but bad at some
I ping balls all day every day like the golf brand “Ping”
I have friends and family that take care of me
I take care of them aswell
Family and friends are more important than money and wealth
You have bad days and good days
That’s life
Enjoy it with your friends and family

Andrew Byrne


Hurling is a sport
Played by men
In the fields with sticks they play
Puking and blocking
Hurling away
Hurling is a sport
That on the fields we play
Sleight or snow
We hurl away

Dylan Joyce

You See

You see, the wishes that I asked for
They came true, every one
You see, they came with their own revenge
“Be careful not to care for me” he said, when we
Saw each other again, I thought it had been so long
But he, didn’t even notice I was gone
You see, I’m kind of like my own prisoner
Trapped in the wishes I whispered
But it’s not like I don’t choose to stay

Jamie Lennon

My Life

My life didn’t start great. I was always the talkative one.
Every time I got my school report it would always say he talks to much.
I never taught that was a bad thing because I wanted to be social.
But according to my dad it was a bad thing.
He would be really mad with me every time just because I talk with other people in my class.
When I started 5th class, school wasn’t great.
I got called names for example (chatterbox)
And people never liked me or wanted to hang out with me.
I was one of the people that got picked last in sports.
A lot of the time I wanted to take my own life but I tried to stay calm and ignore them.
When secondary school started things were the same,
Until 4th year when I made new friends and have a lot of fun.
I have learned to stay calm and ignore people who make fun of you.
Because they might be jealous of you.
I’m enjoying TY and for people who are experiencing the same thing.
You are not alone.

Sabit Ahamed

The Dan

My name is Dan
I am a Man
I have sandwiches which are mostly Ham
I have appliances at my house one that is Fan
A baby sheep is called a Lamb
Some times river water is Calm
I drink drinks some from a Can
Pigs give sausages which are cooked on a Pan.

Daniel Brennan


I come from hard work
I come from dedication
I come from long days
I come from a passion and my passion is rowing
I love the things I do
I like to do everything that I can do
I am happy for everything
I am happy for my health
My well-being
And my friends

Shane Carroll

My Time

My name is Churchill I’m 15 years old I like food money and clothes
My favourite sport is soccer I’ve been playing since I was 10
Ever since then I don’t want my soccer career to end.
I’m tryning make it in the soccer its all I want to do
Trying bring all the family to spoil them with the food.
Ive got people tryna hate on me but thats alright I’m going to prove em all wrong
By doing everything I can right.
They say hard work beats talent and that’s what I stand by
So next year is my year and my time to shine.

Churchill Idemudia


I love to swim.
The feel of water rushing past you as you go up and down the pool.
The feeling of being able to stay on top of the water is great.
The feeling of passing people out in a race.
The feeling of actually winning the race.
The feeling of pride for your club and country.
The feeling of being the best in the water.
The feeling of joy to be able to swim.
Love the feel of water.

Daniel Kearns

I Love

I love soccer.
I love to watch and play soccer,
To feel the energy in the game
And the ball beneath my feet.
The crowd roaring and players shouting
Barging and crunching tackles,
The sound of the ball rustling into the top corner and the
Whistle of the referee.



Wake up in the morning late for school
Just after the weekend I’m tired
Can’t forget about it, it was lit
Get dressed and washed I’m in a hurry
Ask my mum what’s my dinner, she say chicken curry
Come into school principal ask me why I’m late
I say mind your own business I haven’t even ate
He gives me detention, hit him in the face he gives me a suspension
That my Monday

Ethan FIfita


Yeah life does get tough everybody knows,
Even for those with big houses and bitches and hoes.
And the way I interpret tough is different to the next guy;
Some people think I’m weak if I break down and start to cry.
I could get upset over something apparently minor
And all of a sudden I’m not a ‘man’ because I’m not a fighter.
Or I could catch feelings for a girl that I think is pretty,
But then I get let down ’cause I’m too short or too skinny.
But all you gotta do in life is do what you enjoy
And enjoy what you do

Luke O’Gorman

All a Dream

It was all a dream
Went from down in the dumps
To getting out the limousine

Used to causing a fuss,
Wondering why Christmas missed us,

Now schools starting to stress me,
I still wake up every day stress-free
Trying to get my degree

Harry Browne


Rugby, what a beautiful game
Its not just about the fame
Its just about the humble game
You get a sense of unity

A war that is fought on a field
We are all fighting for the shield
Finally the game is over
We have won!

Kyle Brogan


Phil Jones is a baller
He scores goals for the dollar
He has the team on his back
In defense and the attack

FellanI with the sexy hair
He’s a beast of a player
He can head the ball into the ozone layer
One day he’ll be the mayor

Darragh O’Leary


Some people can’t stop
Until they see all the hurt they’ve caused
It’s all the hate
That they can’t erase
But they wouldn’t stop even if they could
Broken, bruised, lost and stuck in the asylum
Bricks of depression
Hallways of hate
But they’ve been told
Meet me at 7:06
Where hatred lives and love dies

Emmet Naughton


This is what I wrote
MustafI is the goat
Defending like Maldini
Dribbling like Houdini

Don’t let me start with Pukki
He’s always moving booky
Scoring bangers
He leaves debate of golden boot
On a cliff hanger

Maitiú O’Toole


School teaches you things that are miniscule,
These things are useless when you finish school,
Students are getting stressed over exams,
They are ruining everyone’s plans,
We are not learning any life skills,
Instead teach us how to pay our bills,
The school system should be retaught,
More helpful teachers should be brought.

Muhammad Imran

No Problem

I have no problem with school,
School has a problem with me,
It wants me to be all sorts of things that I cannot possibly be,
So if you’re feeling down,
Do not wear a frown,
There are plenty more like you,
Plenty like me,
I have no problem with school,
School has a problem with me.

Evan Thornton

A Game

Football is a game
Yet it’s all about fame
Skill and talent are second
Behind money and pay
Behind luxury and cliche
It’s necessary they reckon
Entertainment is more valuable then health
To these men with so much wealth

Eoin Coyne

Bitta Chocolate

Chocolate is moist in your mouth, chocolate comes from the south
You can buy chocolate in a house, you can feed chocolate to a mouse

Chocolate milk, more like chocolate silk
Chocolate is smooth sliding down your throat, it tastes even nicer on a boat

I went to dublin once to see my friend, I went down to his ends (bruv)
He gave me some chocolate which made me glad, he said that he got it from his dad

Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur
I like chocolate so much that it makes me hurt

Dylan Mullins


Laca is going to give a L
Romelu Lukaku really smells
MustafI plays like a sloth
Lingard slipped on a wet cloth
My rhymes don’t make any sense
I rarely use self-defense
That is enough rhyme for today
Soon it’s gonna be my pay-day

Aaron McDonagh

Last Night

Last night I was outside beside the sea
I saw the ocean and I used some lotion
My girl was emotional about me kissing her
While a whale was dissing a pale man
We decided to go home and I used Google Chrome
I got lost in her eyes and she cried.
Later we went outside and saw a clown
Who was wearing a brown crown
The night came and we played and laid in bed
It was fun and we couldn’t wait to do it again.

Carlos Molnar


Everyday I wake up I thank God that I am United supporter,
And that I’m not some stupid Liverpool match reporter,
I aint no plastic Chelsea or Man City fan,
But no I choose Man Utd because of one old wise man,

That man would be Sir Alex Ferguson, The Great.
Whose was the man who opened the floodgates,
20 league titles, 12 Fa Cups,
3 Champions leagues and 1 Super Cup.

We had many greats who helped us gain this success
Some would include The Magnificent George Best
We had King Eric and David Beckham, it was all in their jeans
But no greater leader than our boy Roy Keane.

Josh Hickey


Liverpool is the team that will always be in my blood
Man U love to lose
Man city where shite but money made them take flight.
Chelsea fc are dyslexic but the owner likes to flex it.
Arsenal claim to be gunners but take most of the shots
Everton not even in the conversation.
Spurs are a bunch of bottlers

Oisin Keane


When I play on my PlayStation
And I feel the agitation
I wonder what will be the effect of this causation

I start to get mad I’m not feeling so glad
I feel like there is no comrade who could be so rad
To make me feel glad then I hear my granddad
The funniest lad that I ever would hear
The man cracks a joke that nearly makes me choke
And I have never met such a bloke


The Reds

And once again the reds shall play
In the Premier League today
Alex Ferguson was the goat
When they won he liked to gloat
Some day we will the again
And then I will be happy then

Sean Heaney

The Best

The best club in the world
That’s just me being honest
Stevie G the man is a goddess
The best fans in the world singing from the Kop
The best manager in the world in our German Jurgen Klopp
Torres Suarez Firmino all top class in their prime
However VVD the man is a dime
Klopp turns average players world class
Like Hendo who covers every blade of grass

Calum Loomes


I have spent half my life playing hurling,
And of that half I spent a quarter sitting on the sideline,
But I wanted change and I took change,
I trained every day,
I trained harder than anybody on the team,
I broke bones and sacrificed blood,
To play on the that hurling pitch,
To have one chance of changing a result to a win,
To change the mentality of the losing players into winning players,
And this is the greatest achievement we all have earned.

Evan Sugrue


Best manager in the world
Jurgen Klopp
Hear his name chanted from the Heart of the Kop
Turned Bad players to the Top, Not one single flop
From the days of Rafa
To the days of Klopp
We`ve conquered all of Europe
We`re never gonna stop

Daniel Coyne

The Clash

The clash of the ash
Hail or lash
All Ireland day
We`ll find a way
Train or bus
Hurling comes first
And after the match
We`ll go away
Only to come back another day

Jason Monroe

I Train

I train day in day out in my local pitch
I train and believe I can be the best
The one shot in Croke Park is all I want
To climb the steps of the Hogan Stand
The only thing that is achievable to me at this m stage of my life
It may be an amateur sport
But for myself my family this is my jackpot
This is my pot of gold
The wet rainy days in the astro at the back of my clubhouse
This is my pot of gold
This is my dream

Niall Mcginn