St Joseph’s Community College, Charlestown, Mayo

No Sheep

Life goes by quicker than we know
We judge people way to quick
We don’t allow them time to show
Who they are or what they pick

We have normalised categorising
We judge by religion colour or gender
Our job is to be ourselves truly amazing
Be yourself not a follower

Change is a good thing

We should reward the good,
Not punish the bad.
Rewards are just objects,
Words change lives.
Grades are numbers,
Opinions give insights.
Schools need to change,
but so do our minds.

The Little They Know

Little do they know what’s actually behind this mask I wear, they see me on the outside think I’m all fancy. They want my life. They think they’ve it all figured out ….. but do they ?

Not to complain but they don’t know me they don’t know what I do what person I am what I think how I feel, they think they do, but they don’t.

So who I am they then ask but I’m too afraid to give a real answer I just say what the mask would say, say what I think they wanna hear sometimes I’m shamed sometimes I’m not .

There’s probably other people who think like I do, feel like I do but I don’t want to make a deal outa it, there’s nothing wrong with me but just some books are better left unread.

My book/ feelings, that should be title Handle With Care because I amnt everything they think I am there’s more to me than the money the clothes the house and the cars.


Why do we all have to look one way,
The perfect body, hair, face,
To me this is the biggest disgrace,
Why do we we let people knock us down,
And let them do it without calling them out,
And we wonder why teenagers are depressed,
anxious,self conscious and you judge them for that to

Perfect Gaslight

Don’t come from glory, gold or glitter
Was born a average pitcher
Boring, bland and somewhat bitter
Blame it on not having a babysitter
A fire igniter
That’s a equation for a perfect gaslighter.

I Wake

I wake up every morning
But I’d rather sleep
Because I am in pain

Everyone treats me like I’m the same
But I’m not
Because I am in pain

They call me a freak
But they’re wrong I am beautiful
Because I am in pain

All they care about is fake
But he loves me
Because I am in pain