St Joseph’s Community College, Charlestown, Mayo


Everyone acts the same,
They say they’re fine and just walk away,
Deep down they hide who they want to be,
They wash away their feelings for someone to see,
They go around, day and night,
Balling up their feelings so extremely tight
When really we just want to see,
The bright bubbly person you want to be.


I grew up here

But was not born here
but where I grew up
is what formed me
what made me become me
everyday I walk around
I see me and what helped me
become me.

This Place

This is where you feel unsure,
But, this is where it feels like the cure,

This is where you know what your doing,
But, this is where you think everyone is booing,
This is where everything is fine…

But you feel like you like your about to stand on a landmine

This is where your in a state of certainty,
where your in a state of fumbling absurdity,

It feels good to be with them,
But when your apart,
Your unsure if this is good for your heart,

This is where people are great
But the people around you feel like a great weight.


Echoes of Laughter

This is where the halls echo with laughter,
Where friendships are formed and dreams take flight.
Where knowledge is shared and minds grow brighter,
And every day is filled with pure delight.

This is where we learn and discover,
Where teachers guide us on our way.
Where challenges are faced and overcome,
And we strive to be better every day.



This is Charlestown, where emerald hills embrace,
This is a haven, steeped in Ireland’s grace.
This is where rivers weave tales untold,
This is a landscape, a treasure to behold.

This is the warmth of the Irish smile,
This is history spanning mile by mile.
This is Charlestown, where tradition’s flame,
This is a place that etches its name


This is where I

go each day
This is where I learn they say
This is where I’m insecure
This is where no lads heart is pure
This is where egos fall
This is where you lose it all
This is where I go home at night
This is where I cry when no one else is in sight
This is where I go to sleep and my thoughts become a little deep
This is where i seem ungrateful and have too much to say
So I keep quiet and prepare myself mentally for the next draining day.


House of Cards

This is where your life starts to become a lie
this is where you act hard just to get by
Where your friends are all girls but could any time stab you with hurls
This is where you have to be funny but your also laughed at
This is where your not good enough for boys but where your too old for toys
Where you struggle with overthinking but always have to wear pink
This is being told off
This is where you grow old


A Sporting Life

In this town sports is life
Without this people think your shite
Perform every time
Let parents criticise you or take the next flight

Like football or disappear
Judgemental parents ,silent stares
Don’t be different you will live in fear
This need to change before the town goes up in flames.



This is where the cows are put in the winter
This is where I got a splinter
This is where I found the sheep
And where the farmer said beep beep.


This is where

Everything has to be a certain way
This is where you are judged for being yourself
This is where teasing and picking on one another is normalised
This is also where I grew up
This is where I made my life long friends
This is where I learned to read and write and count and blossom in so many ways
This is my home