St Joseph’s Community College, Charlestown, Co. Mayo

Trapped in a World

No one is the same
So why do we all try to act the same
Wearing the same clothes
Saying the same things

Doing what people tell us to do because we don’t want to be different
Never standing out and being ourselves
Afraid to do things in case we are judged
Trapped in a world where we cannot budge

Amy Mahon

They Say

The best years of your life they say
Pressurised to do your best and
Study for tests that don’t really matter
I would much rather stay at home without the need, to do any work
Play video games and eat junk food
Pressured by society to look your best and wear your best
Made fun of if you wear cheap brands and drive crappy cars
To look your best and act your best

Keelin Devine


Dance is a poem itself, you dance with joy,
Sing with a big voice,
Not caring who sees or hears,
Dance with light feet enjoying every move,
Dance is a poem of which each movement is a magical word.



Technology is taking over the world
Apple making millions
Google making billions
YouTube is enormous
Online shopping is the way to go now
And how the world works

Adam Maye

The Good Old Days

The good old days were as a child
At the age of four, the world was my playground
This magical place always put a smile on my face
My life was full a grass stained clothes from rolling in the garden to
To bows with pigtails and flowers

When I was young, I played all the games you could think of
From hide and go seek to stuck in the mud which is why my imagination is so wild
So wild that it was something I could not hide
When I was a child, they were the good old days

Leah McDonnell


If you smoke,
And think you’re sporty,
You may drop dead,
Before your forty.

If you smoke,
You’re damaging your body,
So don’t smoke,
Think of everybody.

Leah O’Grady


Sitting in the field
Not a thought in my head
I just want a woman
The time is near
The bed does be cold
I hope I get a woman before I’m too old

Kevin Mccormack

We Beat Them

We beat them
Sweat, rain, fake tan dripping
We beat them
Hard work, training every day
We beat them,
Celebration, cup, pints
We beat them
And we will next year

Sarah McEntire


There I was anyway
Looking around acting like I was busy
From the times I was meant to be tidying my room
To the times I was meant to be doing work in school
I just could never be bothered with it
All the effort at school all so you can have a good job
And make money but even all that money will
Give you stress the same as the people with crap jobs
So ya only have one life live the thing

James Conway