St Jarlath’s College, Tuam, Co Galway


Imagination is the father of joy,
And joy is conceived in games.
From learning lore to bloody gore,
The digital world is our oyster.
Gaming is a way of life, which some cannot understand
But joy and gaming always go hand in hand.
From thrillers to killers, the open world to weapons hurled at enemies, we crush our foes underfoot.
This makes us feel happy.
Gaming can make you happy, and happiness is the key to life.


That place is like heaven

that place makes me forget about everything and anything , something about the bright lights gleaming down at you on a cold winters evening or a warm summer night , that place holds a special place in my heart a place you can’t erase even if I lost the race, that place is what keeps me running not just in a physical way, that place is like free constant therapy, that place is the pitch.

Yellow Bricks

Those yellow bricks
Then lads with fists
Around the corner a concertina crashes
There’s boys in black that work on the tracks
The others go while the early lads get the bag
I find it obscene that they don’t look back
And if you’ve got nowhere to go you can go on your own road and not come home.



My grandad is the kindest man with the coldest gaze.
You pass on bad news he will go purple as if he was somethin else.
Unrecognizable at times of stress or grief but is the man i turn to with sorrow.
His smile worth a thousand but has no meaning to himself but only others.
He is the man to turn the cold shoulder to death but will never let go or process.
He lights up a room with his amazing way to make people laugh but he wishes he could treat grief the same.
His worst enemy is something inevitable.
How i love that man.


I come from a land of green plains,
A place full of people and a shop called Keanes,
Few kilometres from Tuam,
Flowers on that road ready to bloom.
A small community full of passion,
A football team in action,
And a great place to live and be.


Go For It

Do your best,
Try your hardest,
Set a goal,
And fight to acomplish it every single day.
Remember why you want to win,
How proud you will make those that beleived in you.
Think of how happy the people who laughed at you would be if you failed.
The quote goes like this:
“One day,
Day one.”


I am Contradictions

I am complicated yet simple

I am pain so deep it can’t be measured

I am memories so repressed my childhood is a dream of a dream

I am fear of the future so polarising it’s effecting the present

I am too young for responsibility yet too old for freedom

I am the first raindrop of the flood and the straw that broke the camels black


I am the reason some people haven’t died

I am the reason people smile in spite of a bad situation

I am the reason someone has the confidence to face the day

I am human.



Imagination is the father of joy,
And joy is conceived in games.
From learning lore to bloody gore,
The digital world is our oyster.
Gaming is a way of life, which some cannot understand
But joy and gaming always go hand in hand.
From thrillers to killers, the open world to weapons hurled at enemies, we crush our foes underfoot.
This makes us feel happy.
Gaming can make you happy, and happiness is the key to life.


Massey Roars

The roar of the Massey broke the crisp morning air
the only thing on my mind the jobs that needed to be done
the smell of the fumes intoxicating
the dread of the day ahead overwhelming
the thought of the jobs ahead tiring
all in a normal morning


Who I Was

I’m willing to admit
that i’m not always right,
i’ve been toxic,
but i’ve also been a good person,
and I think that’s the part
I’d like to focus on in this life.


These Halls

In halls of learning, minds ignite,
Each day a canvas, knowledge bright.
With every book and whispered word,
New worlds emerge, unseen, unheard.

In classrooms buzzing, thoughts take flight,
Chasing dreams from morn till night.
In school’s embrace, we find our way,
A journey unfolding, come what may.


Deere John

Driving my John Deere,
spring is now near,
lambs are being born,
and calves are now here
the days are getting longer
time for winter to go
and spring to its glory


Be Yourself

I love being myself,
it’s the best feeling off all time,
it makes me who I am, what I do,
how I think and how I talk.
It makes me unique just like everyone one else,
no two people are the same and that’s what I love,
everyone has a different story to tell.
That’s what makes being myself brilliant,
there’s no point in trying to be like everyone else
when there is no everyone else.


What did I do wrong?

I met him at school,
Thought he was tall and cool
We went out together at night
God it just felt so right
I wanted him to be true,
But When he left I felt so blue
I’ve asked this question for so long
Just what did I do wrong?


Annoying Questions

I hate annoying questions
The constant nagging
Makes me feel like
My brain is lagging
Sometimes I just want things to go quiet
But yet at night
When I’ve finally got by it
I need the questions
To keep me trying


I don’t understand

I don’t understand why people judge you.
I don’t understand why people act like they’re never blue.
If people were never blue,
People could never do what people do.
When people are seen as people,
They’re weak, sensitive and too real.
I don’t understand why people are people.


In realms of thought

where visions freely soar,Imagination takes its noble flight.
Like Superman, with powers to explore,
It conquers limits, banishing the night.
With Kryptonite to tame the mundane days,
Schools of knowledge feel its potent sway.
Imagination’s force, a brilliant blaze,
Ignites the minds that wander far away.
Through realms of fantasy, it leaps and bounds,Unleashing dreams that burst with vibrant hue.In classrooms, where conformity abounds,Imagination breaks the chains anew.
Oh, let us cherish this majestic power, Imagination, like Superman, towers.

The Shed

Tractor’s park for the night
after a days of hard work
it rolls into the shed
where it will sleep
like the cows that have been watching it
all day
like a cat
waiting on it’s prey



Pheasant Park on top
Just dropped 10 kills
Just found a pump shotgun
Rolled up to tilted Towers
Boxed a player
And 200 pumped him
Trick shot the last kid
Fortnite on top


Emerald Embrace

In Ireland’s embrace where emerald fields unfold,A land of legends, tales of olden gold.
From Dublin’s streets to cliffs so steep, Whispers of history, Secrets to keep.
Friendly faces, warm and wise, Underneath the vast, Celtic skies. Harmony in song, a dance so free, Irish spirit, a proud decree. Mystic landscapes, cloaked in green, Ireland’s beauty, a timeless scene.


Where Legends are Made

This where is where legends are made
Where goals are scored
Where matches are won
Where tackles are tough
Where friendships are broken
Where reputation is lost
We are grateful
But the day will come when we won’t be


On the Field

On the field the game begins,
With players full of hope and nerves,
They dribble, pass, shoot and fight,
Chasing victory day and night,
Fans chant and sing their names,
Soccer, a sport of grace,
Bringing people together all over the place.



Donned in red and white,
the Arsenal take to the field,
From Highbury to Emirates,
Their legacy stands,
Arsenal’s spirt in every fans hands,
With skill and passion,
Their fate is known.


I go to school in tuam

and when I grow up I want a car that’s goes vroom.
I do jujitsu out in carlastran and when the school bell goes out the door I ran
I live on a farm and we have lots of sheep
Whe have to the the rats out and put them all to sleep
the winter is setting in now and all the crops go dead.
And all this feckin school work is getting to my head.


Painting is

my hobbie but some people like to paint with there thoughts
sum bad paintings and sum good paintings but never brilliant paintings
only a few people have brilliant painting in this world
the ones with brilliant or good painting have good intentions and good thoughts in there mind
the ones with bad painting have bad intention’s and talk rudely or gossip


Here in class I sit

Waiting for four o clock to hit,
I have to stay until eight,
I don’t know if I can bear the wait,
I’m tired and want to leave,
but that I’m not sure I can achieve,
After I eat my dinner,
I’ll realize that I am the winner.



I come from a farming background
All of my dads family farms
Farming brings me peace
My house is surrounded by green fields
The fields where my dads tractor ploughs through the thick grass
I love farming
Farming brings peace and happiness



When the tractor roared on a nice sunny day
there was truly one thing on my mind.
the slight wind brought the smell of silage in the air
to every country person this could
go down as the best moment of the year.


I was playing fortnite,
Then I went for a bite,
It’s an amazing game,
And it’s also insane,

After the the bite,
I said that I might,
Play another game,
And be in the hall of fame.

In Anfield

In Anfield they play,
A team that shines like gold,
Liverpool FC they say,
Their story will never grow old.