St Geralds DLS, Castlebar, Mayo


From school to friends my life can be a misery,
But when I’m at home I get treated differently.
My autistic brother, with a shine in his eye,
If far better than any fake friends who would walk over my grave if I was to die.
There is no one quiet like my brother,
Although he can be a bastard and lots of trouble.
It’s calming to know that I could lose all my friends and be and outcast,
But my brother would still look up to me until the day I pass.

Mirrors of Masculinity

It is near impossible to be yourself in this country. The media is nowhere near an accurate reflection to what really happens in this country, especially regarding young men. What is never talked about is the pressure young men face in Ireland, the emphasis on material possessions and your social status is amplified by these self improvement gurus online who claim they come to save masculinity. What we really should be talking about is how men are seldom open to talking about how they feel. We need a fresh new viewpoint on what it means to be a man, to be courageous and strong, to be open and accepting. We need change.

I watch the clouds

Move through the hazy grey sky
I hear cars move by the road as the move by
I hear the rumble in my stomach aching for food
I think of my training tonight and i change mood
I think of the speech i heard in the last 2 hours gone by
I think about others hardships and it
makes me want to cry


She ended it in June
I felt like such a baboon
When no one was near
I did shed a tear
people asked if i was okay
but i didnt want people to think my masculinity strayed
that was a huge mistake
i just needed a break

She laughs

When I call her my baby,
But I’ve been getting chills just hearing her lately.
She wants to go out, I told the girl maybe ‘cause I really don’t want her to hate me.
And its true – I’m scared; I don’t know what to do
All you gotta to say is “Yeah Manny, I like you too”
But, nah, I definitely didn’t write this poem just for you.


Listen up to my big mouth,
no one’s gonna tell you what I’m on about,
We see things they’ll never see,
I’m blind so why’d you disagree,
So here’s a thought for every man who tries to understand what is in his hands,
It always seems to me,
You only see what people want you to see,
You know what some might say,
But you and me will Slide Away.


Too many thoughts and ideas,
flying around like planes in the sky.
Too much to do with too little time.
Too much time spent writing in bad fonts
doing things you don’t want.
Sometimes life passes by and you just feel like a star in the sky,
with nowhere to go and no time to go and nothing you can do to make more time.

So handsome,

young and charming
Theyre in New York and Boston now
They should be home here farming
My own true love has sailed away



I have the chance to say to her i dont take it,
and left regreting it,
moving from one to another,
It happens all again,
Leaving me regreting for months,
But cant change it.


points and wides whatever Is done we all should have fun.
But it feels deeper than that through every win every lose and draw is a team.
And after all is done there are 15 lads that go home with there hearts broken.
Why people do It?, They ask is because it make u feel a different feeling that can’t be explained.

In Castlebar

Where laughter’s bright,
A town that fills your heart with light.
With rolling hills and skies so blue,
Memories made, both old and new.

Friends and family, always near,
Sharing stories and spreading cheer.
From Main Street’s hustle to peaceful lakes,
Castlebar’s beauty, no one forsakes.

So let’s celebrate this special place,
With love and laughter, let’s embrace.
Castlebar, forever in your heart,
A hometown that sets you apart.

The rain

The clouds the sun the wind
This is where the world begins
The media the money is where it’s controlled
But imagination prospers from worlds untold


Our imagination was aloud to run free
Once we were free from the judgement of others
Once we questioned our inner thoughts and not of others.

Now our imagination has run dry
Now we judge all who do not fit into the status quo’s
Now we no longer question our thoughts, rather we accept others.

Hopefully one day we’ll be free in our endless train of thought
Hopefully one day we’ll accept everyone for being their own individual self
Hopefully one day we’ll ask the thought provoking questions in order to get answers
Hopefully one day it’ll be ok to be you and nothing but you

Skin Fade

I travel to the black jacket and the skin fade, I jump at the bold personalty and the harsh language, I run to the “cool” guys and the grey trackies with the socks up too high. The fags and dust are just another thing in my pocket on a night out. However, I shrunk from the kindness and died at the light, I forgot the boy I was and turned my back on who I was. This is the story of the boy who killed himself and became a “lad”.

The Plan

I had everything planned, thought about everything except for what actually happed. My beloved homeland is burning. The place where I grew up, the place that made me me. The family is now scattered all over the world, my family is now scattered all over the world. And it’s because of a war all because two people couldn’t simply talk, millions of lives lost, millions of lives ruined because two people can’t just talk.

One Girl

There was once this girl I used to like and she would brighten up my day. A few months later we stopped being friends and I felt so much pain that it drove me insane.
We talked to each other every day and night it was the best time of my day. When we stopped talking my heart sank and I just felt astray. She was just the best and I just felt obsessed but when we fell out I just felt depressed.
It’s been 2 years now and still haven’t gotten over her I still feel upset and have a gush of anger.
I didn’t know what hat to do I jus haven’t been me I’ve found life very hard jus now recently.
These memories keep coming back of her and me and I wish I played my cards right just perfectly. She thought that I was just too obsessed so we didn’t talk as much and gave it a rest.
She is all I can think about every night she is the only girl I ever loved at first sight.

I come from a small town not much happens, its not too small but not too big but its just right

Even my house is not too small but not too big its the perfect size

That’s why I’m happy with my life not much happens but not to little happens either, it’s just right.

The Bridge

As I stand on the bridge
Where many people have smoke and drank in sadness
Thinking of the messed up world while on the edge
The world under me

And it’s all just madness
The world doesn’t know what’s wrong with me
I show a brave face but inside I fell little
Wanting to jump into the sea
And drift away into the black night sky.

I come from a small town

Not much happens,
its not too small but not too big but its just right

Even my house is not too small but not too big its the perfect size

That’s why I’m happy with my life not much happens but not to little happens either, it’s just right.


Scruffy alleyways to junkies in those alleyways, green fields Gaelic pitches, the Gaa pitches are gold they are my green fields,
When I go down in the day,
Gaa is there to stay.


Oh school, full of rules,
Books, pens, and learning tools.
Knowledge grows, like a flowing brook,
In every nook of a textbook.

Many students don’t have much fun
And often would prefer to run .
Straight to homework when they get home .
Always makes the students groan.


On the basketball court I slide,
With skill and grace, like a bird in the sky.
The ball in my hands, my mind focused,
I dribble and score, the crowd excited.

High jumps and dunks, a high spectacle,
Fast and dynamic game, a real adventure.
Basketball is passion, it is art in motion,
And in every play, I feel a happy heart.

When i look at you

the sky turns blue.
When you look at me,
I fall into the oceans of blue.
And when i see you in real life,
I just wanna hug you till i die.

The Key

Music, the key to my mood
Listen to it while I eat food
Sometimes may be the reason why I’m rude
And also the reason why I’m moved
With Icons like MJ and Kanye west
Whose words I listen to and digest
Music what will I do without you
Probably have friends with just a few

Down here in mayo

in the west, the people here claim we do it best, the drink the hugs the scraps the buzz, the Snapchat stories “add up the cuz” but behind all this this there’s more that lies, the risk of slagging from all these guys it’s hits like a car when it happens to you, yet people never get that they do it too, so thinking before you speak might be smart because before you know it thing might turn dark.


Teenage years, a wild ride,
Friendships, dreams, and joy collide.
Exploring life, finding our way,
Memories made, forever they’ll stay.

I come from Ballintubber,

A village so fine,
Where rolling green hills and history combine.
I come from a place with a strong sense of pride,
Where community bonds cannot be denied.
I come from a land of ancient ruins and lore,
Where stories of the past forever endure.
I come from a village with a warm, friendly heart,
Where neighbors come together, never apart.
I come from Ballintubber, my home so dear,
Where cherished memories will always be near.

Rolling down the road

Cbar style
Green trees swayin, suns shining all the while
I’m not sipping on gin and juice but feeling so free
With Rhys by my side we the gs of the century.

I love sports,

Sports is fun, I play mondays and thursdays after school, I came from a great family with great parents , great friends , everything is great. I’m very grateful for this. IM FROM SNUGBORO. AND I LOVE IT AND CHERRISH IT FOREVER

You don’t have to look very far

To see that this is Castlebar

You can clearly see the shit weather
Hopefully it will get better

From loch lannagh gym
To spencer streets swirl

We have everything you need
And all sorts of girls

In 1st year

I was 5 foot 2
In 2nd year we still felt new
3rd year was a year of stress
4th year surely brings work less
For 5th year I could wait and wait
The end of 6th year decides our fate


Trying to match expectations
Don’t think I’ll have the patience
Try hard to make it
Don’t want to fake it

I come from green fields

I come from long days and hard work
I come from early starts all year
I come from late nights and hard fights

I come from

the west of ireland,
My place,
my town
my country.