St Fergal’s, Rathdowney.

Art by Jacob Stack:


All the foes we defeated,
All the darkness we have banished,
None of it shows who we really are,
People think we are great and powerful,
Yet we use relics, and weapons
Shields and amour and spells,
All from a forgotten world,
None of it is ours,
Yet people think it is,

We are recognised by it,
Praised for it’s usage and mastery,
Yet none of it, we made,
Sitting around a fire,
In the wilderness, being ourselves,
Messing, shouting, joking,
Telling exaggerated stories about our pasts,
That is who we really are.

Culture and Career

The culture i come from
Its very different than Ireland
I come form Pakistan to Ireland
Every day i love to play sport

It would make my day could play for Ireland
To make the country i live in Proud
I love to play cricket has for all my life
I try to play cricket for Ireland if i got chance


Everyday i eat my dinner my favorite dinner
Usually a concoction of chicken ,potatoes and things
My favorite things to play are banjo and soccer
I support Man City i just love Haaland and he scores
I don’t have a favorite subject at school


Everyday on the field,
Helps my thoughts to yield
Kicking ball, off the wall
Clears the head for me
Everyday , i like to play

The warm weather in may
Helps me feel okay
When Tottenham score
I shout out more
Harry Kane hurray

The League

I play FIFA 22 everyday
Just to make my day
Every time i step on the field
I try to win the community shield
I support Man united and
Try to win the league
And sometimes I try
To win the Champions league
It always makes my day
As I try win the League in May


Every week end i play
Soccer with my friends
Celebrating with a roar
Cooking for a distraction
From the week of bore

Corn on the Cob

I play cod
I don’t eat corn on the cob
My brother doesn’t sob
I will lob a book at him