St Coleman’s College, Claremorris, Mayo

In Fields of Thought

We plant the seeds of change,
Where knowledge grows,
and wisdom learns to range,
through discipline and focus
we cultivate the land,
and train our minds to understand.
Train your mind.


Growing up

Growing up lots of friends I did make
Lots of risks and rules I had to break

Growing up was tough and unfair at times
But i made it through thanks to those that were kind

I got a part-time job, paid well for a young teen
With my new found wealth i was on the dating scene

Found the love of my life in the local pub
every Friday night we danced at the club

Grew old together had kids of our own
I hope im alive long enough to see them grow



With their tractors and ploughs,
Work the fields from dawn till the cows,
Sweat on their brow, and dirt on their face,
The land is their life, and their work is their grace.


What is the meaning of life?
Is the question on the end of everybody’s tongue,
Why are we alive?
Why do we take air into our lungs?
What is this earth?
Of land and sea,
Why are we here?
Is it just meant to be?
We must enjoy this life,
of work and play,
Because it wont last forever,
It will be gone one day.



When the gates of the school closed for the summer
There is time of freedom
There is time to kill
The seems to be a lot time over summer
But you may be wrong
3 months may seem a long time
But the clock goes tick tock tick tock
Without anyone noticing
Time does not stop
It flies.



from the wall of the college to the essence of home
from the goalposts of the pitch to the barstool in the pub
from the gaming chair to the exam hall

life teaches lessons and life is hard
in the end we all have fun



Will make you want to do art projects like painting,
sketching, modelling etc. about our love.
Love will always be inside of us
in all our hearts, family, friends and neighbours.

And when you grow up to be a very brilliant artist
and excellent work, they’ll be loved.
And imagine if artists like Leonardo DaVinci
would still be here and see these new arts.

Lonely Country

In the lonely country
where it is a hurry
everyones busy
and everyone is in a tizzy
where theres always work
and the stench is rank.


Ave Christus Rux

Whose bible is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite happy though.
Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,
I watch him laugh. I cry hello.

The bible is holy, importanyt and deep,
But he has promises to keep,
After cake and lots of sleep.
Sweet dreams come to him cheap.

Tool Kit

From the chisels to the squares
The joints are joined in pairs
The deliveries and snags
With the client there’s always nags
Working with tools controlled by fools
Early Monday starts
Helped by the early Friday parts
the trades are always funny
thank god there’s a lot of money


Im doing a hair course to cut hair
i need money
so its only fair
come to house its my lair
hiding little kids under the stair
im big and black like a bear
people be waffling like they dont care
you wanna fight but its clear i gave you a scare
why because im a winner i eat people like you for dinner.



meetin da bois for a quick bite
before hell breaks loose in the night
the crowded room
the smell of smoke
gives way to booming music choke
afraid u wont make it out alive
so you decide to only stay till five
never again i always said
knowing well ill be back after a quick nap in bed.

Pure Skills

When i come from school i drop my bag and head outside
find a good football to play with,keep kicking it against the wall
learning the skills i was told to do keep on doing it
I go inside for half an hour and i will come back and to keep trying the skills i need to learn
i never stop trying i only stop trying until i get tired.

I love a bit of hurling

Its the only way
I try and improve myself
By practicing everyday
The feeling to play is unbelievable
You can feel it in your veins
The way I like to play
Is by pucking that ball away.

Yea Mantra

Yea Mantra, selling dear fanta,
All the girls do is chat s*** about ya
Looking for the ride all night,
When you go to shift all they do is bite.
The bouncers come towards you all they do is shout,
Get that girl’s tongue out of ya mouth!!
When you get up everybody is staring,
Looking at her saying ‘what’s she wearing’
She pulls down her dress as quick as she can,
But she’s already up on only fans


Life is not about what is on the outside
But more of what is inside
deep lies within the soul there lies a place
where love and beauty reside
people should not be judged from their appearance
but instead for their personality and perseverance.

i like playing football

feel like smashing my head into a wall
i play wing back
my team is like a pack
we like to win
carras in the bin
but at the end of the day
we all love to play

From the school yard

on a Monday morning
to a building site 3 years on.
Not bad at school
but cant stand listening to tools.
Make your money quick
and dont waste your money on drink.
Back broke at 50
Bank broke too


I work in mace
you should’ve seen your face
after i laced up dish for trish
who was a bish
smealt like a fish
wasnt gonna give her nish.

I work in supermacs

i make alot of racks
i write alot of tracks
adam mac ordered a mighty
mac with cheese
and he said please
and i gave him a little tease
and i said ill see you later
and he said
oh my god
yes please.



Life is like a box of chocolates
If you eat all you will not get fair
Between the post you will not succeed
From kicking the ball over our score under neath