St Caimins, Shannon, Co. Clare

The Times

The times of the past,
From crying to laughing,
And relationships that didn’t last.
These walls of mine, they know a lot,
All secrets kept, no memories forgot.

What rivers carry,
That does not belong, that is there because of you and I
We belong in a world much better;
The world belongs to better than us.
We’ve made this problem and we must face it.

What the world belongs, what history has gone,
These walls of mine, they still remember,
All secrets kept, no memories forgot.

Miriam Quinn

Absorb Everything

Absorb everything for you are not enough,
Your demise, your happiness, your thoughts,
Endless days I have sought through,
Endless nights I stare at the moon,
A breeze of wind in the mirror you see,
On the other side is the tears of insanity,
The ability of affection to whom you once parted,
The ability to learn when all has been decided
Courageous enough to say what you feel
Just to know that it isn’t real
When the world unveils before your eyes
Would you keep it closed for the sake of your smile?
From this, I walk a path unknown
To an endless horizon near a valley of stone

Carlo Carino

The Days

The days of people walking out the doors crying
The days of laughing and smiling
The teachers that are now gone
The relationships that were never going to last
Who was left behind because they couldn’t keep up
What was taught to us, now old and unadvised
What people used believe religiously
What the shadows whisper.
What was left unsaid to those who needed to hear it
What was left out on purpose so they wouldn’t get blamed
Who was left behind for other friends

Ciara Crowley

Life Has No Dress Code

Life has no dress code
You can wear what you wish
To dress really nice
You don’t have to be rich

Boys can wear pants
Girls are allowed too
But it doesn’t matter
To anyone except you

There is no such thing
As girls dressing like guys
If a girl dresses sporty
You shouldn’t bat your eyes

GAA shorts and half-zips
Can be worn by anyone
Dresses and skirts are the same
Don’t make fun

Life has no dress code
To me, that is clear
And I think we improve
On accepting that every year.

Kaci Toomey


The lonely kids in the hallways.
The conflicts between students.
The things that happened in the toilets.
The good moments, and the bad moments.

An escape from an everyday job.
A way out. To achieve their dreams.
To explore the world, and meet new people.

A subconscious fear of constant doubt.
Praying that you’ll make it out.
Never knowing if you’re good enough.



The late night fights, and the loud screeching screams
The times of distraught between the two
The long silence from day to day
When the guests are around everything goes back to normal
But once they leave it starts again

The times out surfing on the big blue waves
The roll of the stones as the waves retreat back to sea
The crash off the waves on the side of the cliff

The times that you think you alone
When you think you the only one with problems
You think you have to fit in with everyone else
But you be you
As everyone is unique

Lee Hayes


The sound of kids
Talking about kids
Fighting with their fists
Lockers slam closed
Shouting down the hall
On how they’re not bothered
To go to school
But knowing how lucky they are
To have one
And still don’t care
Or even to think about the kids with no school
No future
Nothing at all

Jamie Toomey Noonan


The fighting that has happened inside
The lonely kids in the hallway
The manager screaming at his staff for not doing their work right
The teacher shouting at the student for not working

The time the swimmers drown
When it was awarded the best surf spot in the world
The fish getting caught
The sharks circling their prey
That it will be free for rubbish one day

That you aren’t good enough
You have to like all the rest
You’re all alone
You’re the only one with problems

Lee Hayes

The Times

The laughs that were had
The times students were sad.
From the school yard bullies to the sly, judging girls,
The memories that stay in this building are something of a whirl.

Amy Quinn


The crashed berlin walls that were knocked down
The people that came through this area
The fighting that came with 1916
The time it took to resurrect the dream…

Luca Perrozzi


The manager screaming at half time
The look of disbelief of the team
Wondering how they were in this position
But ready to turn it around

The time you saved a friend from falling of the wrong side of the peer
The look of gratefulness on your friend
The relief on your face staring back
Vs the ocean waiting for their next pray

The shadows murmur
You aren’t good enough
But that isn’t good enough for you
You put your head down to make yourself better
Now look, a worldwide inspiration

DaithI Lohan


You’re gone now
Left five years ago
To be honest I never wanted you to go
I see you about twice a month
That’s more than I ever thought I would
Worrying and crying
I ask myself why I even go
You love her more but there’s nothing I can do
Me and mam it will be and only us the whole way through



I remember one of the worst days of my life
Seeing her pale and lying down dressed in all white
No one to talk to, no one to help
No one to erase the damage already dealt
I wanted to cry but I held it all in
My heart sunk heavily as I touched her icy cold skin
Without her I’m empty, a feeling of solitude
I’ll see you in heaven real soon, I promise you.

Jack Moloney


Why me?
Why was I always the one getting hurt?
What have I done that has made people want to hurt my feelings?
And bring me down.
Sometimes I thought to myself “why can’t I be good enough for others”.
I did not want to tell anyone because I felt as if I’d be judged.
Primary school days were not my favourite.
Some days id be happy and included but other days
I felt all alone with no one to talk to.
But now I’m stronger than ever,
It has brought to be who I am today,
So what I’m about to say is,
“There is always a light that shines through the darkness,
No matter what happen, the brightness is always there!

Jade Toomey

Tuesday Morning

Put it all together and use it
The sound of typing fills the room
My school jumper pulled up to my elbows
The echoed sound of student talking down stairs
The taste of gum that was once watermelon flavour fills my mouth
The white computer screen blaring in my face
The unknowing of what this day has to bring
And the thought of what to type on this line
Put it all in
Use it

Kaitlin Harden

My Life

My life isn’t that bad, I can’t complain
Although there are bad things that go through my brain
It happens to all of us when we fall
But some days we could feel like we are tall
But people hold their emotions in a box
Like they are as quiet as a fox
People don’t notice the way people actually feel
Because all of their emotions they seal

Conor Mulcahy


People express emotion so weirdly
When I’m sad I can’t think
Nothing comes to mind
I’m trying to think what to write
But I just wanna cry again
The poem you showed upset me
It hit home in a way
I dunno I’ll be okay in an hour

Audrey Healy

Good Days, Bad Days

Good days, bad days happen to us all
But we have to pick ourselves when we fall
Like the mothers blabbering about the children in Africa
It could surely be worse
As long as your happy healthy and have a little bit of money in your purse
Although the perception of healthy is different for everyone
We all turn out the same when it’s all done

Rob Hanton

I Want

I want to be a basketball player
But all the scouts say later.
I only have one wish
And that’s to make the ball swish.
If I had a 40 inch vertical
Then I would get the call.
I want to be like Lebron James
Then I would have bigger aims.

Naoise Fennell-McInerney


There he was under the mat
There he was the big fat cat
He needed a glass for the milk
Also a robe sitting on that silk
The cat jumped up to get on the roof
The claw marks were the only proof
The cat was gone not seen again
Until the next day my little friend

Darragh O’Neill

The Road

As I walked down the road
I saw a little Toad
He asked ‘what’s the craic’
I wanted a snack
But I couldn’t find the shop
We found the deli
It was very smelly
And I’d eat until I flop

Mark Delaney

The Best

I had a dream to be the best,
But some things just held me back,
The depressing draining feeling lying in my dark bed,
I did not want any help,
The people who were good to me became an enemy,
But now only for them I would be dead,
Its ok, I’m back to myself.
Thank god, I’ll see you again.

Cian Fawl

In this World

As I came to place
I wondered ‘can I survive in this world’
And as the years went by my life kept getting better and better
I met more people and believed that I was wanted
As I try to become one of them
And become better
I sometimes get rejected but sometimes taken
This improves me and my life in this world

Paskal Palka


Home is a warm feeling of security
A familiarity that can’t be fabricated
Home is sick
Home’s future is under threat
Home is my granny
Bring my granny home

Declan Howard