St. Brendan’s Community School, Birr, Co. Offaly.

More Than a Reflection

Never trust a mirror, for they can be so misleading.
No never trust a mirror, for they’re often so deceiving
It doesn’t see your kindness your tender love and care.
No never trust a mirror for a mirrors never fair.
Never trust a Mirror for that mirrors never true,
It makes you believe your image is the only important part of you.
You look at your reflection and pick yourself apart.
It only sees your surface not the bottom of your heart.
Never trust a mirror, it feeds your imperfections.
Never trust a mirror your worth more than your reflection.


While you were in your room, sound asleep
They poked and prodded, the needle stuck deep.
With a smile on my face I greeted them with glee,
then the switch in my head flipped and out came she.
She laughed and giggled, it didn’t matter who stared,
She screamed and shouted “your fault you never cared”.
She left in a car and hummed all the way home,
I woke up the next morning, head pounding from the night before
She was gone

Pretty Eyes

Those pretty eyes
Hold lies
Just like the mirrors
Were we see our cries
Those pretty. Eyes
Show pain behind them like mine
Those pretty eyes
Took there last look
As she took
Her last cry
Those pretty eyes


Love is complicated,
And it changes.
Trusting is difficult,
But it happens.
But the most important trust is the one from ourselves.
And it’s the one that complete our needs.


I like dogs
There good at catching logs
I like taking them for walks
It’s annoying that they can’t talk
They jump in rivers and lakes
And they never need a break
It seems easy to live their life
To try it would be nice

Land of Free

I’m from the rural land
where your everyone knows everyone,
And your ma telling you about your one
Knowing their whole family tree.
But there’s a place far far away where people don’t care
About the colour of my hair
They don’t know me.
Their not saying ‘would ye look at your one
They don’t know me from my sex to sexuality
The land of free


I came from late night shouts and tears begging to stop
And the mornings after with normal cups of tea which unhinged me more than the night before
Today i come from laughing in the evening and playing board games
Today i come from waking up and being able to smile
Today i come from a safe home

Things I Enjoy

The little things in life that makes me happy,
Some people may think these things are very crappy,
I love waking up late in the morning,
I love going to school though some say it’s boring
My favourite person in this world is my dog ,
I like to run when it’s only a jog.


This is me
A sixteen year old teen
That teen has a dream
To have the nicest cars and a beautiful girl
Wait no, society
Putting pressure on the youth
Constantly trying to diminish what I’m truly worth


Every second someone watching looking judging those eyes
People are worse off than we are
But we still create are own scars
Why are those watching
The anxiety is scary
The world is scary
But we gotta keep in going to achieve it
Our dreams

Walking down an alleyway

Scared what might happen.
Who’s watching from a distance,
Waiting for there chance.
Why should I be scared?
Am I not aloud walk this alleyway?
But I am, I’m scared.
I’m scared if I look at someone the wrong way,
They’ll hurt me.
I’m scared if I wear something revealing,
They’ll hurt me.
Here she comes,
In a short dress.
It’s dark but it’s her, just me and her.
Now’s, my chance


She plays camogie for
She just is a different breed
He is dreamy
His football skills creamy
I’m a poet
I didn’t know it
If she’s green
Can’t be seen


Imagine a pig
In a purple wig
Imagine a car
In the shape of a star
Imagine a bear
Wearing pink underwear
Imagine a fox
Wearing red fluffy socks
Imagine a shoe
That always stayed new
Just imagine!


Think you’re a. bad man to the fullest cause
You’ve got a couple of shotgun’s bullets
Don’t wanna ever see me act hard cause
I’ll shave you up in the par cark
Tell your girlfriend to leave me alone and
Stop ringing my phone
I’m serious it’s gettin on top jeez
Can’t even shop to the bops I’m slim but i don’t have anorexia
I spit like I’ve got dyslexia
You don’t want to see me get vexed
Or you’ll find out about my Tourette’s

Clash Of Clans

I love Clash Of Clans for life.
I have a level 10 town hall
Rage dragons is the best attack.
What do you know about your base being raided by electro dragon.


Me I am free free to be to be me
I am me and you are you
So just be you don’t be who people want you to be
Be who you like
I am me be free