St. Benildus College, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin



From the peaks of desolate mountains,

To the vast plains of the land below

Teeming with life and the promise of a new start.


To once again feel the sun,

Would make this life complete,

To see what I have seen once more,

Would grant me the peace that I crave.


This endless chasm,

Silent but not without life,

Truly a sight to behold,

The wonders that I have missed

While I was away.


Nothing Lasts Forever


I saw a figure coughing in the distance

Hearing the vibrations in the air

The problem prevalent in the world today

Is simply not fair


As cases rise in thousands

Soon to be in my family tree

It’s likely to get to the roots

Next thing i know, it will be me


The figure through the foggy atmosphere

Coughed once more

I shouldn’t be outside, certainly not here

Covid-19 is deadly, and it’s very very near


Endless lines of information

The world has to end sometime

Could Coronavirus be the creation

Of a catastrophic crime?


My Garden of Eden


I was blind.

She is shining as bright as the heavens

The wind twitched my hair, with air filled with confidence.

The smell of fresh cut grass flew into my lungs.

I glared into the distance,

As the vibrant sky whitewashed in an ecstatic azure blue.

It mirrored the perfection of this empire.

My eyes in awe at the lone orchard tree.

The apples drowned in blood,

The trunk as mature as a 1950 Chardonnay.

My eyes locked in, not wanting to leave,

This Garden of Eden.

The lily’s tangoing in the wind,

Hooked me to a stream in the distance.

The golden foothill slopes and weeping willows gave me peace.

This river taking its own course,

Through these everlasting everglades.

There was no lose grass,

No patches,

No drooping dandelion,

To ruin what could not be fixed.

My diamond in the rough.


What is Normal


The crowds seem more common the larger they get

We people set the standard for what is normal

It is we in numbers who define normality

Yet, for a new normal a different must rise

And those who are different we must despise

I hope our world can linger long enough

To see an end to this vicious cycle


The Demon Inside


The two voices bicker in her head

Like a presidential debate gone wrong.

An overwhelmed feeling imprisons her,

As she strives to mask her feelings.


The vast varieties of verbally abusive comments

Are thrown at her by the harsh voices in her head.

It leads to an outbreak of rage and misery

As she feels the whole world turns against her


After chaos and inner conflict

The Arab man comes to help.

The negative comments fade away,

but the scars will always stay.


The look of sorrow fills her eyes

As she heads back to reality

She feels a sense of sympathy

As her children sit and stare.


The Bleak Landscape


The bleak landscape was broken by only the occasional car,

Seemingly trying to escape like those when the oil dried up,

The wooden houses rot and the food quickly spoiled,

The only thing every in this town was flies and the occasional car.




Our hair is growing longer

As the government find their feet

The men and women appointed to lead this country

Too afraid to do what is right

For fear of one less seat


People still wave with a smile,

That quickly disappears

Too much time to themselves

Normal will not return for them

For months, maybe years


In this country, people will not be honest

For fear of being judged they pretend

Making other feel stupidly different

Einstein once said not to judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree

Yet the system does just that

But if the system doesn’t suit you

You can forget about being a fish

You will be considered the lowest of the low

A dirty little pest, a rat




I sit at my desk typing all day

Always working no time to play

I’m sick of being lazy

I want to go outside

But there are restrictions

That prevent me from having a good time


I wake up early and go to bed late

Is this a good thing? Well that’s a debate

My room is a mess and so is my diet

I try to eat healthy but spit it out when I try it


I don’t go on runs because they make me feel queasy

I’m not sure how Mo Farah does it he makes it look so easy

I miss when i could go out and train with my team

Looking back on it now, it feels like a dream


I hope this ends soon, this life inside

But looking ahead there is no end in sight

But I will go out again and walk around town

But this will get easier this life in lockdown


We Haven’t a Clue


We haven’t a clue why I try so hard

We haven’t a clue why I get up this early

We haven’t a clue why they care so much

We haven’t a clue why the teachers give us so much work

We haven’t a clue why they put us under so much pressure

We haven’t a clue why they say these are the best years of our lives

We haven’t a clue why they are asking us questions now that will affect our futures

We haven’t a clue why they think this pressure is easy for us to bear

We haven’t a clue what is going through their heads


2020/21 in Haikus


I am bad at poems

I will write haikus instead

I hope that these will count.


The world is ending

We are not allowed outside

Introverts wet dream


There is a disease

Because someone ate a bat

Now we can’t travel


Also BLM

George Floyd got killed by police

People protested


It’s all China’s fault

At least thats what donald said

But he’s lost his mind.


Thank god he is gone

No more Trump in the white house

Now were all at peace.


His supporters were

Very angry that he lost

Trump said we riot.


And that’s what they did

Stormed the capitol building

That is so stupid.


In 2021

Joe Biden is president

America saved


But in our country

We are all still in lockdown

School is closed again.


I think it is great

That we have to stay inside

I’m introverted.


This is the last verse

Hope I didn’t waste your time

I probably did.




Sport is my path to freedom,

Once on the field

All my problems are forgotten.

The stress and struggles of everyday life

Instantly frozen out of my mind,

Replaced by a calmness and happiness

Like I am at peace with everything happening in our world.


The electric atmosphere, the palpable tension,

Drives us on, right to the end.

There will be no giving up,

For you can’t let your team-mates down.

Resilience is the key here,

Like in sport, no matter what people have to say,

Never stand down – there are no boundaries.


My MInd


My mind is a warzone

I fight the thoughts that scare me

The thoughts I can’t control

I am fighting a war

A war against myself

A war that poses a threat to others

I am losing the war

Self sabotage by way of thoughts,

By tricks of light

I look across the battlefield and see

The inner sanctum I once possessed


Our Battlefield


The dressing room gives out nervous vibes

Tension causes the room to shake around us

Boots laced up, jerseys on, socks pulled up

This is our war to win


The tunnel feels like a long narrow hallway

The enemy lines up beside us

The game day shivers start to kick in

Out we go to the battleground we go


The sounds of cheers and applause

Rings around our place of fight

We’ve come so far there’s no turning back

Let’s win this for our ego and pride


Time Flies


“Time flies”, I despise the line

However it sticks, stuck in our minds

The pressure it builds, anxiety fills

But I just wanna chill, take in life’s thrills


I simply think the biggest thing in life is staying happy,

Block out those lies and lines

That infect our scrambled minds like poisonous vines

Just cruise along and enjoy life’s vibes


The Trees


Never in my life did I think I would see

Something quite as lovely as a tree


They can neither be harmed burnt, or stressed

With their massive big hard wood crests


Some trees, during winter they wear

And birds come to nest in their hair


Most things are made by people like me

But only he can create a tree


I Am


I am the breeze that flows through long wild hair

I am the warmth that graces us with the flame of a candle

To signal when you are there

I am the concrete block smashed by a sledgehammer

Out of rage

The block that could have been a happy home

I am the aul man that walks the streets of Dublin in the long black coat

And we all know him and feel his presence

But you are the light that never goes out

The glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel




Everyone is addicted to something.

Healthy people and smart people go to exercise

Healthy relationships, building a business and just having fun

Others go to drinking, drug, smoking, fighting or video games

An addict is always going to be addicted to something

Its finding a healthy addiction is the hard part

The skies the limit

Don’t think you can’t do it


I Wake Up


I wake up to fall back to sleep trying to escape the pressure of peoples judgment

Expectations and all while trying to be everybody’s version of perfect


Mental health is a daily battle, cutting deep scars on your heart

Damaging love and confidence and self acceptance

Which you can’t give yourself because you feel guilty about being loved

Because others don’t except you.


The future is scary when my past keeps haunting me

Because I can’t understand why I am different

This is because others don’t care about my differences

They only see what they want to see

When all I want to do is live in the present.


Love is complicated because you are told about stereotypical version of love

Yet you have the power to write your own story

Lads are pressured to find love so they can fit in with popular people


People who are not popular want to be popular because they want to be accepted and respected for being themselves


From someone like this to someone who needs to hear something like this


Every Game


Every game has me worried,

Every time they step on the pitch, I’m in doubt,

Every pass out from the back gives me a heart attack.


I have the burden of supporting arsenal Football club.

Sometimes I wish I’ve never heard of them,

Yet I still support them because… Well I don’t really know.


Will we ever return to the greatness I never got to see?

When’s it gonna end.

This is the life of an Arsenal fan


The World on Pause


I grew up on football pitches and campsites

In cinemas and in classrooms

Cycling or walking, luas or bus

I grew up going from place to place

as the world spun around me

But now everything has stopped

The world is trapped indoors

I dont go from school to cinema

Instead it’s my laptop to my tv

I don’t go from a camp to a gaelic pitch

Instead I go from fortnite to fifa

Because everything is frozen, the world has pressed pause

But if any good has come of it, it’s that i got the new Xbox




Sitting here in on a Friday morning

Still in my pyjamas

The day seems to drag of forever

Jesus Christ this is boring


The teachers entertaining

But the subject is really bad

I hope this ends soon enough

Because I’m getting sad