Skerries Community College, Skerries, Co. Dublin

I Am


I am myself, not the sequel to your story,

You say “until you prove you’re an adult”, but there’s never a result

Being strict causes a leash that can never be held

I’ll lash out cause I can, cause I know the reaction

But you’ve taught me that obedience does nothing but prolong

I’m not a child, I’m becoming person

Treating me as such isnt just awful, it’s wrong

I am a person, not the sequel to your story

I hate the roles that you’ve laid for me to follow

Your words never feel, always falling flat and hollow

You can’t hold me forever, it hurt when you tried

But this is the result of my responsibilities denied

I don’t want to hate you, you’re my own flesh and blood

But my anger and pain are crashing out like a flood

I am an individual, not the sequel to your story


What to Do


She stood there tall, looking down at me

Her face looked angry but her eyes said different

She was hurt, How has this happened

I did everything I should have, right?


Now I feel scared, is she going to walk out?

What’s on her mind? Why wont she talk?

Is she mad? Upset?

I don’t know.


Now she’s crying, I don’t know what to do

She won’t stop, its hurting now

I feel warm to my chest

I want to cry too


Disabling Anxiety


I can’t go outside

It’s too loud, too bright

Mouth’s dry and I sigh

From the window, I know

It’s getting cramped in here

But my massive fear

Consumes my mind, my being, my sight, my feeling

It’s knotted and pressing on my heart, my chest, my hands my legs

All shaking and sweating it’s all so upsetting


Anxiety quietly eating my thoughts, my mind, myself my time

And I can’t quite find a way

To delay this eventual decay

I can’t find a way from this

Confusing disarray

But I hope and I pray that i’ll be okay

And I know this is edgy but I have so many

Feelings and ideas for when I can finally be free from this anxious pit

Trying not to quit

I know I exist

Just not for this




New technology, development every day

Us getting more addicted wasting our lives away,

Phones are needed, tv’s are fun,

Laptops are essential, we’re missing the sun

Tightening the spiral,

But the twists never close,

Normalizing the overdose

Ignoring the issues for a brand new iPad


More than a Reflection


I don’t mind when they call me by my twin sisters name,

We look alike and can often be found side by side.

People apologize when they get our names wrong,

They act as though they have disgraced our honour.

I don’t mind it all, we are identical

It bothers me when they treat us as identical people

We have much in common, but we don’t like it when

We get matching gifts or compliments.

They never apologize for this

We are our own people




I come from housing estate where the dogs howl at night

Where fireworks are let off and lads on scramblers ride with delight

I come from a school where teachers teach and people preach

But do nothing to understand or help you

I come from a house where dad works tirelessly and mam is tired

All I can do is stand and try be strong and not show when the inside of me feels wrong

I come from a family where we try our best, but sometimes we just need to rest

To sit down and try some talking instead of going out the door

And not focusing on anything but walking

I come from a group of friends who are great and the lads I would call my brothers

For them I would always be there for and not replace with others

I come from a place which is not all that bad and people say they will help you

But they cant change the hand that was dealt to you




With coronas return making the rounds,

Lockdown is back and shaking the grounds.

The schools are closed, the year is wasting,

What little time we have in ty, is quickly decaying


But people have changed, since this time last year,

There is unrest and protest about the rules they fear.

Riots in the city, disobedience in the streets.

The government being cagey about the info they leak.


But here I sit at home, with a pile of work.

More than I got in school that is just absurd.

By now we’re all tired of this and we want it to end.

Because it will be at least april, before we can see friends.




You ever look out the window from the bed where you lie?

Wishing to leave from this place, to soar and to fly?

Wanting a life above all the stress,

A place to not feel like a mess,

But you’re stuck on the mattress and you can’t move your head,

You’re alive but at this point you might as well be dead,

A body made useless cause nothing seems fair,

A body feels trapped when you lack too much air,

So you lie there forever alone in your room,

But at this point you may as well call it your tomb.




Europe a society? A civilisation without a country.

Broken without hope, without dreams of growth.

Lost in the dark without a torch.

No common identity to guide the way.

Industry and wealth with no time for the proletarian.

Socialism, Capitalism, Fascism too they all failed Europe and its people too.

Hate racism anti-immigration hatred of the unknown, the misunderstood.

Britain is gone along with their trade goods.

Why do the populists hide from the truth that we are all people who inhabit this earth.

We share together and should help one another but we refuse to sacrifice anything of any measure. How can we find a voice in the world if we cannot help others find a voice?


The Announcement


When the announcement comes back out and the masks comes off,

We all run out celebrating in the bare streets,

Meeting people we haven’t met in a while,

Seeing the things that we haven’t seen in ages,

Doing the things we love with the people we love,

And life slowly getting back to normal from those tough/weird times,

Thinking to ourselves will things go back to normal.




More work,

Trapped in a confinement,

‘Don’t stress,’

As they throw another assignment,

It will all be ok,

Inspiring words,

We’ll all be ok,

Has it ever occurred?

Suffocating, trapped

Work loads and more,

Same everyday,

It’s all just a bore


Sitting Here


We’re sitting here, inside all day

As the days of our youth fall far away

We’re stuck here all alone

Doing nothing except being on our phones.


We see people protesting in the streets

For what?

An end to the lockdown that’s caused us much stress



There’s people out there dying alone in the ICU

While we sit here complaining we have nothing to do


Maybe we need a new perspective

Reflective of the true situation

Of our nation

Of our country as a whole

The Lads who protest are probably on the dole


Do they not see the Irony?

In their stupidity?

For the lockdown, they protest will only cause there to be more and more

Who knows what’s in store?



That’s just my opinion




It’s the middle of July,

Everyone’s smiling and I know why,

The masks are off,

Now I’m not afraid to cough,

As I head down the sea lane,

I already feel the change,

The beach is buzzing,

And everyone’s hugging,

I finally feel alive.


The Exam


There was tension in the air

With no time to spare

People cramming others silently praying

When the exam started friends parted

Some people scribbled while others fiddled

When the exam was done you could hear the pens fall

But the stress was not over yet

because they still had results to get


Once This Is Over


The tunnel seems very long,

And the light very faint,

But it is there and approaching,

And I’m not sure what I’ll do,

When it finally comes,

Honestly, I don’t want to do much,

I just want to talk to people,

Not through the written word,

But in person,

That feels more real,

But as we all know,

The tunnel seems very long,

And the light very faint,

But it’ll come one day,

And that gives me hope.


“Teachers’ Pet”


What a lick!

You make me sick,

That’s what they say

When I get an “A”

If only they knew

The night before its due

Nightmares about fails

Obsessing over details

“Good student”

That’s all I get?

I guess that’s just how it is

For Teachers’ Pet


Late Night Chats


The late night chats with the boys,

Is simply just unmatched,

The slagging and the banter,

Just brings us all together,

Though the past year it’s been online,

Hopefully we can all aspire,

To soon have cans in our hand,

Laughing in front of the campfire.


Curtains Drawn


Curtains drawn.

I can’t sleep, or see

My skin crawls with the thought of it

An ugly shiver down an ugly spine,

And an organic fee for an organic crime

I can’t live like this

And I am so sorry

For the mirror that has to see me every day

‘Another day will do me good’ I say

But my thoughts are somewhere else




I’m spending my best years trapped in layers.

Trapped within the confines of what my family wants of me.

Trapped within the confines of a school that belittles me.

Trapped within the space I am meant to neatly fit into within the world.

Trapped within the cycle of each day passing by just like a train passes by a stray dog

Who wonders if it is safe enough to cross the tracks.

Trapped within the role I need to fill within my pier’s groups.

Trapped within the confines of my own head where I should be free

But am weighed down by my own self doubt and teachings of hating me.

The best years of my life are trapped with me too.

The best years of my life stay pinned down

As they cannot survive if there is no one there to live them.

I cannot live them because I am not living my life.

I cannot live them because I am trapped in layers.


Time Wasted


Time wasted is commonplace

In the New Age of sitting inside to wait

For the invisible killer to make haste

And leave alone the human race,

Can’t stop to catch my breath

When each passing second brings more regret

The things I could’ve done or said

Instead just go to die in my head.




Happy birthday COVID

Thanks for it all

A year ago today

You made the world fall

3 lockdowns in

And you’re still sticking around

Stuck indoors all day

But a vaccines been found

Summer is coming

It’s time for a break

So please COVID

Go away for gods sake




When this is all over there will still be depression

When this is all over people will still question

When this is all over we will still have a recession


When this is all over at least we can have a rap session

When this is all over at least we beat it

When this is all over at least everything in my life won’t be crap

When this is all over at least we can hug

When this is all over at least we can be free to live our lives


Music Sets me Free


The rhythms and beats ripple through my mind

With the melody, harmony and words entwined.


All these things allow me to escape

To a world where I’m free to create,

And listen and learn to the melodic flows

That bring me emotions of high and low.


The world of music is the one true place

Where I can get away from the rush and the race

Of life and family and people around me

Music allows me to set myself free.




Not thinking until months later about the things that I’ve done, mistakes that I’ve done

Just wishing I could change what I’d done

To go back and unsay what I said, what I did

To go back do things different and stay different cause I need different

But I can’t go back, can’t change what can’t be changed


In the Trenches


I tie my boots, and say my last prayers

I will fight for them till I die

We walk onto the pitch,

Ready for war,

It’s like fighting in the trenches,

I can say no more




Well I heard that joke before and it never made me laugh

Every day that we once lived has been split in half

I’ve seen you in that place before, I should have known

You fed me with your lies for too long.


Your pretty face doesn’t fool me anymore

I should have kept my soul behind closed doors

I know why you smile like you do day after day

Soon, you will know what it means to be afraid




When the testing was just in school,

When school was not a screen,

When masks were Halloween


When lockdown was not a thing

And days weren’t on repeat

When empty was not the street

When travel was everyday not anymore


We don’t recognise ourselves.




I didn’t know how I felt

I wasn’t sure how to react to when she texted me

I didn’t know how I felt when I turned to we

I didn’t know what to do to keep it up

But I prayed to someone that she never found out I was a pup

I still don’t know how I feel, and she’s gone now

I still don’t know the how


The System


Subjects have to be picked

A life changing choice

Yet I have no idea about any course

They teach us every formula

Except the one for life

Because geography is important

So we have to get it right




I am sitting here alone,

Waiting for you to come home

Thinking to myself “why am I here?”

While trying to fill myself up with cheer,

I’m sitting here waiting for you

While thinking about all the crap you put me through

One day I think I’ll die alone

While watching the flowers die that you had grown.

While I pass away, I think of all the things I couldn’t say

The day I was waiting for you to come home.


Mirror Mirror


Mirror mirror on the wall

The one thing that decides it all

What I wear what I feel

Choosing what I eat for every meal

I wish the person behind the mirror would stop judging

But I know the person behind it all will never stop criticizing who I am and what I feel

So I walk out every day choosing to feel the way I’m told to feel




We are strong fast fit and powerful,

We have an oval ball and we through it behind us,

We tackle people to the ground and call it playful,

We work together as a team to help it shape us,

When we score a try it makes us hopeful,

The drive that we have is extremely powerful,

We support each other endlessly with pride and joy,

We are proud of who we are and all our glory,

The bruises that we have truly make us,

And when we’re on the pitch nothing can break us,

From the back line to our forwards,

Even in the scrums and line outs they cheer for us.


Social Norms


All the social norms are annoying me

Why do we all have to fit into a certain box

Labels are for clothes that’s what I always say

But institutions all say differently..HEY!

Why have war if it only ends in tragedy

All conflict is just a big calamity




I’m living in a world of masks and negativity

My mental health trying to get the best of me

Bored anxious and overwhelmed

Not knowing when its going to be over

I’m praying for a four leaf clover

Battling a crisis, a war

Im just gonna stay in bed a snore

Same four walls all day


Every Day


Every day I wake up

Every day is the same

More online assignments nagging at my brain

Every days a cycle

When will it end

I’m so sick and tired

I just want to see my friends


Cup Final Day


The stakes are high and the crowd is electric,


The teams enter the field, ready to fight.


The whistle is blown and the game kicks – off,


The roars of the crowd energize the players.


Fouls are drawn left, right and center as we enter the final minutes,


The local lad strikes the ball from 30 yards.


As the ball rattles the roof of the net the crowd leaps to their feet.


The title is won and the game is done.


Lockdown Days


Lockdown days

Every day I wake up

The same

Everytime I look out my window

The same

Same old routine

Same old people

Same old life

Rinse, wash, repeat


We can’t see each other

We only talk through a screen

It’s just not the same as it once was

Same old crap

Different day




Gaelic is fun

It makes you run

You search for the ball

While trying not to fall

You play against another team

Who often can be mean

When the passion kicks in

You know you’re onto a win




Armies ride upon the hills, guided by their King’s wills, it is with their intent to make blood spill.

As the cavalry flanks the sides agilely with apathy, levies armed with sticks and forks,

Ready to launch their bodies at the enemy line like a cork.

The army marches on, facing ahead.

The army marches on, hanging with dread.

The army marches on, knowing that most shall be dead.

The charge begins.

The large groups, led by knights,

Ready to fight their way through the enemy.

The cavalry rides along, infantry falls behind, their lances and swords and shields are primed.

The enemy army runs along, their gongs dong with the might of a lion with their foreign weapons planning to injure the horses with many-a crepane.

100, 75, 50 meters, some more.

Charging like a boar with both sides intending to win the war, but does it matter?

The chatter, the clatter, as infantry and cavalry and archers and men of all shapes and sizes, clad in silver. Steel. Armor. Led by a king or count or duke or prince or vassal. 20. 15. 10. 5.

The battle is nigh on arrival as lances protruding from the front of each line clash

And bash and impale. Finally as the maces come, and mash you to bits.

As the war begins, the foreign army, with their foreign skin tones and weapons and clothing,

It’s all quite barmy, quite an odd party indeed.

The clatter picks up, the bodies fall down. Clad in armor, maille, coifs and others, as arrows fall like hail onto men on both sides, their skin turning red like freshly cut hide. Sabatons crush the dirt and the mud and the grass as the battle continues. And by the time the cavalry, washing down the enemy lines like the King to his throat after a hearty meal with wine, the enemy are in decline as the swords and shields hit one another with the force of an angry mother who lost her son, there’s lots of them now. Waiting at home for their brave men to return is what they yearn but the only thing that shall return?

Is a box.


Will it Ever End?


Everybody’s locked at home,

Stuck in our online classes all alone,

Wish we could be somewhere like Rome,

Instead of opening google chrome.


When will it ever end?

This isn’t the time we want to spend,

Will it ever mend?

I just want to see my friends.


What to Write


I genuinely don’t know what to write,

So here in this poem I will site,

My creativity is shot,

This poem is for naught,

And the thought keeps me up at night.


The Match


I walked into the football dressing room ready for the big match

It was the biggest game of the year

So I made sure I had all my football gear

I said a prayer before we went out

To have a kick about

The match finished and we won

So lets all go celebrate as one

Everyone is delighted

And also very excited




We stay in bed all day

Don’t even get up for our birthday

Getting work thrown at us

Feel like we are getting hit by a school bus

Not going back to school till April

Feel like we are last on the list

Even though this school year should be bliss.


To the Shop


When I walk out to the shop

Arrived to the shop I stop

And check if I have a mask with me


Its not surprising that in the pocket I have it

At this point it becomes a habit

To always have a mask in my pocket

No matter what I wear


I put it on, I bought a snack

Went out of the shop

And to my house I went back


I got to my home

And washed my hands

I went to bed

And ate my snack




Why do lockdowns even exist

The kiss of death, “they save lives”, that’s a myth

Saving lives but killing others

Is one that much more important than the other?


Sitting at home talking through a screen,

Is that our true purpose on this scene?

I live my life to leave a legacy,

And legacy I want to leave.


Casual Sexism


I’m tired of this

I went into this course with low expectations

I thought it would be academic and boring

Instead I’m hearing about arbitrary separations


I’m tired of hearing about how women are quiet

Women are smart and uptight by it

Men are loud and lewd and only care about sex

They are normal, silly people not so complex


He says women are confusing

Which is confusing to me

From my prospective cruel irony


He says he’s impartial talking about gender

But talks about men more than women, from beginning to end-er

He’s not being 100% sexist, but overall


In his Room


Locked in his room

Or locked with the lads

His paracetamol is a big bag of cans


He says what he’s thinking

But doesn’t know what he means

He stutters and always falls short of his dreams.


His confidence is boiling

Can’t blow off the steam

He flows like a river

But he feels like a stream.


Same Boat


We are all in the same boat they say to me, but to me it doesn’t feel like that

Because I like to think I sail a different sea


This feels unnatural, this feels uncommon

Like an asthmatic horse, like a bird that cant fly, like a tree with no leaves,

Like a baby that cant cry, like a sea with no waves,

Like a powerpoint that cant save, like a year without may, like a man that cant shave


Like a pizza with some pineapple, like a soldier that cant battle,

Like a farmer that doesn’t own cattle, like a maraca that cant rattle


Now I don’t know if you feel the same, but this whole lockdown is quiet a shame


No more running outside, seeing people around,

No more walking the streets and hearing a sound




Each day I wake to another gloomy morning, to go out with my friends is what I am yearning.

My calendar is packed with assignments, and I’m stuck inside under forced confinement.

I talk to my friends on the playstation,

But it’s just not the same as being with them on a special occasion.


Sunday Night


It was a Sunday night, one game left, one moment to win

Gold one is on the horizon. I’m sweating, panting.

I gaze into his defence as I load in

and I’m greeted with the horrid look of Varane and Mendy fear dropped through my body.

The first half was long like digga ds nails. It was tense but still 0-0 I only have one option left

I must call on sir Eric Bailey mbe to save me

It’s the 90th minute. It’s 3am. I need a goal.

There’s a corner and Eric is charging up with some swagger it’s his moment.

It’s taken quick. Eric leaps up with a power header rifling into the roof of the net.

The scenes were on par of an Amy schumer show as there was no crowd or it’s just the Etihad.

End of gold one was achieved


A Day


Walking down the street,

On my way to get a treat,

Going into the shop,

Looking to buy a yop.


Leaving the shop, I got the goods,

The radio is playing the flood,

Heading home to eat my lunch,

It was a whopper munch.


Heading up to bed,

I have a pain in my head,

Sneaking down to play PlayStation,

Playing GTA looking for the location.




Here I am lying in bed because I have a sore head.

I was on the cans last night

Then it turned into a fight

I threw him a hit

He fell with a fit

We dashed from the scene in our big green machine

It was a mad night

It gave me quite a fright.




Willian is a dreadful footballer.

Maybe he got 3 assist in the first game,

But he still plays, and thats a shame.

If only he was stronger,

Or if he was taller.

If he knew how to kick a ball,

Or even cared at all.

Maybe he’d make a decent footballer.


Little Kid


Well look at this little kid from Skerries,

Grew up reading bout Magic and Fairies,

Though the wonder was lost on him when

He was Introduced to politicians and governments failing with 10,

Newsflash, no hash, card not cash, playin a bit o clash,

But not playin the people, bring it down, bring it round

Straight to the ground, where humans have found,

A metaphorical, metaphysical layer of dimension, 4d but not 4 d’s

Send it all, balls to the wall,

Dont open the gate, but try be great

Coverin part of the self,

But tryin to have health

In this world where the only thing of value is wealth.

I say thanks universe, for this existence

Cause I’m definitely enjoying the current distance

Cause I am human and i am in this instance.

Thank you


EA Sports


It’s addictive frustrating its costly and sore

It’s annoying it’s amazing and so much more

With werner ben yedder and prime moments zola

AI blocks and gomez I break my controller

Year after year sucked into this game

So good yet so bad it’s always the same

Ea rake in money disregarding their fans

And still I grind out for inform Varane

We care way too much its not even funny

EA sports stop taking my money


I’m gonna be honest,

I dont know what I am submitting,

All I know is that,

Im gonna be spitting,

Bars of rap and grime,

I’m not quite sure what to say now,

So I may have to leave with one final bow,

Cos calling you my slime was my only line that felt so fine,

That felt like mine, that felt like time.

I’m gonna be honest I’m just waffling at this stage,

So I may have to turn onto a new fresh page.




Why have one girl when u can have many, mum always said the more the merry

I’m not a player thats just cap, iwl I can barely rap

But this is a poem so im chilling , ill still run a man down tryna score a killing

Idc if im toxic 2 plus girls thats normal, ill take both yous to dI nner im that formal

One gyal called megan another called stacey timo werner cant finish hes only pacey.

Reminder to all arsenal are crap, chelsea the best in london if u disagree lets fight.

Isaac and chido thats my slimes, on the weekend we dont do no crimes,

Malahides the sesh whatsup whatsup, any mwasI outstraight haha yup.


Isaac’s Daily Duppy still


My hand ting coming like corona if it coughs twice then itll turn you pack

My daily duppy you’d swear it was from santan dave or tupac

Stuck in lockdown only looking forward to the matches on the weekend

Same thing every day unable to see my rasclart friends

Waiting all week waiting to watch the reds

If gang pull up are you gonna call feds

Lockdown is making everyone clapped

Turning everyone tapped

Havent got a haircut in time its peak

Online classes in ty the absolute cheek

Fut champs is so peak

Coming up against varane every week

Harry gains all I have to say

The man who defeated the bunsen burner

50 million flop like timo werner

My guy stephen murray

Gonna disform like fc bury

Gonna end it here

Isaac grimes nect up season 3 episode 43




My favourite food is pizza

To get good pizza you go to ibiza


My favourite drink is coke

It was made by American folk

And all the big folk drink my coke


My favourite side is bread

You can slap bread on your head

But don’t get slapped by your friend

Cause he will end up dead