Scoil Mhuire, Greenhill, Carrick On Suir.

 Art by Solus Street Art

A New Height

As if your strapped to
The very top of the Eiffel Tower
Nowhere to go but down
Down into the neck breaking,
Gut wrenching depths of failure
Desperately searching for a way around

A set of wings or a magical staircase
Instead you crawl
Crawl until your knees bleed
And your back aches
You fight your way to the top
To the success that you’ve
Been trying to find for so long

At the top trying to find somewhere
To sit down, somewhere to rest
It’s a never ending fight
You will never reach your utmost best
Your biggest wish is only
To reach a new height

No Map

It’s like climbing a mountain
Yet you never reach the top
Every step is like one big hop
School is hard to even stand

Everyone has different finger prints
People try to act the same
Beauty, money, land and fame
The world is like one big trap
Your given the directions with no map

Thousand Thoughts

I wish I could see life
Through a different perspective
Not one filled with fear
Each move made calculated to look like yours
Every glance at me a thousand thoughts flood my head

My eyes fixed on the floor
My chest always heavy and cold
Everything about me fabricated
I change myself to try fit your standards
I play a character but I am no actor

To The Boys

From the late night walks
To the boys will do talks
From the don’t add him back
To don’t open his snap
From the wear decent clothes
To the yeer all hoes
From the creeps who stalk
To the boys who are all talk


Self love is special
Self love is powerful
Self love is unique
Self love is everything

I Am

I am the romantic book sitting in a cafe with a skinny latte.
I am the goofy, funny and let’s just chat
I am the let’s stand up and talk about things that matter.
I am the your style is a way of expressing yourself.
I am the believer in Equality
I am the doing things to make yourself feel better.
I am me


Why i stopped loving
I didn’t leave because
I stopped loving you
I left because the longer
I stayed the less
I loved myself.

Who We Are.

This is where we wear our mask
Where we all try to hide who we are
I am the one who is too shy
I am the one that won’t speak up
I am the one who keeps to them self
I am the one that doesn’t talk about it
I am the one that pretends

Journey Of Life

I come from a place where people hide,
Where everyone is buried underneath
Their skin cradled with thoughts too shadowing to share.
A place of people a place of minds ,
So why do we go on as if we all have to rhyme.

As we approach the day we stumble
Through the rubble underneath are feet ,
Gasping for a smooth cemented path ,
Not realising that that we are all on
Just on the journey of life


It hasn’t been long since we first met,
Your heart as cold as ice,
Afraid that opening up would make you look weak,
But out of everyone you chose me.
Was it because we both craved the same thing?
We got closer day by day,
And every day that passed by, feelings got stronger.
I love you like I’ve never loved anyone before

Person You Were

For some odd reason, i don’t miss you
I would expect with the amount of tears & pain i felt
I would miss you
But i don’t
So maybe just maybe the person
I actually miss, is the person
I thought you were.


Nobody knows the real me
They might think they know me
But they don’t
And that’s the case with most people
Nobody knows anything
Even if you think you do

Our Best Life

I’m a sixteen year old girl living in a small town,
I grew up most my life with a single mother
And a woman beater dad,
It was hard growing up,
I lived with my dad until i was 11,
I was constantly being beaten down
And being made feel like i was not good enough,
I have so much love for my dad
But its just so hard trying to get him to love me back,
It’s only i realised when i came to secondary school
When i made new friends
That i realised, i am good enough
I am strong i am worth it
And i don’t deserve to be beaten down.
No one deserves to ever be hurting or
Suffering in silence,
It’s such a hard a difficult thing to go through
But with everyone coming together
And being there for each other,
We’ll be living the best lives


From hurleys to dancing to swimming to Gaelic,
I never fit into any sport.
Sitting on the bench watching people
Clash hurleys as they did when they were 3.
Judgement warped around my head
As I walked onto the soccer pitch.
Never even kicked a soccer ball before.
I was amazed by feeling this relief
When I scored a goal, even on my first day.
Everything that stressed me out,
Was kicked on this soccer ball
Elbowed into people’s shoulders.
Nobody could give out to me.
I could actually do it at fifteen
I thought I’d never find a sport
I belonged to, but I did.


I want to break free.
I want to break free from the fake life I’m living
I want to read my books and
Stay where I’m comfortable in the small nook’s.

I want say my thoughts and not be called sensitive
Because it’s the honest truth and no one seems to say anything.
I want to not be gaslight by the people who are important
Because I’m different or I’m not experienced with boys.

I want not to be contradicted for everything I say.
I want not to be walking on egg shells every day
I want to be who I am without being judged
And to be who I want to be

I want to be a girl in a small town
Where it’s considered weird to wear a different style
I want to break free from the need to be normal and not loud.

I want to break free from the fear
of hurting others even though I never mean it.
My anxiety is holding me back from being me.
I want to break free.

Someone To Talk To

I come from a town is quite small
A place surrounded by four walls
An interment so loving i feal my best
But yet there’s still moments when i feal like death
I feal like i can open up to my friends

But now i feal like I’m loosing them and all i want to do is mend
I feal so helpless that i cant do anything
Yet there’s some part of me that knows what to do
I come from a big family and there’s always someone to talk to
Never any judgment or nothing to worry about
Thats when life is great amen

Build A Wall

I come from a generation where it’s only okay to be normal
Don’t show your having a bad day unless you want to be called hormonal
Who you are doesn’t matter nobody cares about that
Just make sure your doing Chloe tings workouts to get a fat arse
If you want to survive you must build a wall
Because nobody’s there to catch you, there trying to make you to fall!

Confidently Tall

I love being tall
I love being taller than most of the boys across the road
Put them in their place
Make them feel like they can’t walk all over me
It makes me feel confident
So yeah

Cat Calls

From getting Cat Called in the street
To being Followed back to your house
What’s your name, Come over here you
Doesn’t matter if you ignore them or walk away
You get called a bitch and a slut either way
Cant go outside after 7pm
It’s too dark to walk alone by then.

Without It

I hate coming to school
It makes me feel like such a fool
Teachers don’t like me
And try tell me what i can and can’t be

People like to judge
And I can’t help but hold a grudge
School is so stressful
But without it I’ll be unsuccessful

Loud One

I may not be the one
Who sits in the back
Not making a sound,
I’m the loud one

Who’s always jumping all around.
Being different isn’t ever easy,
But all I want to do
Is to make you feel pleasy


Every step I take
How many calories
Every meal I make
How many calories

Too far in to ever look back
to far too ever try
To get my life back
Calorie obsessed