Scoil Mhuire, Clane, Co.Kildare.

Artwork by Jacky Sheridan:


A sliver of moonlight, beaming through the window.
The moon
She smiles
She smiles for me only.
The moon
She’s mine
Through the darkest times, she lights the way
A beacon of hope, in times so desperate
Bright moonlight, upon a tranquil lake.
Not a sign of life, left in her wake.
Her wake her wake
In her wake the sun rises
The sun, too blinding, too bright
The moon i miss her.
The moon, my moon.

Did You

Did you ever wonder what makes the sun shine in the sky
Or how every butterfly gently flutters by
Did you ever wonder what makes the sand so golden brown
Or why Royals need to have a crown
Did you ever wonder where your messages go when you press send
Or where the snow that fell last year went
Did you ever wonder who might read the poems that you penned
Or why a broken heart seems to take so long to mend


What do you crave most
Is it love
Is it attention
Is it gifts from the love of your life,
Whom destiny has brought towards you
Is it the sweet caress of their hand upon your cheek, late at night
or is it the sweet kiss of death,
Destined for you.
You can change destiny.
You can cheat death.
You can force yourself to fall in love.
But destiny works in cruel ways.
She takes from you the things you love.
She forces you to your death,
Death cannot be cheated.
It can only be sped up.
So why not greet him with open arms


Starving, starving for validation, starving for acceptance
Crawling out of my skin wanting to be noticed
Not for who everyone sees , the me who’s under the hundred layers
Of perfectly placed personalities and personas of everyone who i have met
Wanting to be noticed for me
The gay me the imperfect me the broken me

Don’t Cry

“Don’t cry,” I tell myself for what must be the trillionth time this month.
“Don’t cry” as I fan my face with my hand to dry my eyes.
“Don’t cry” as your words bite into my skin like a hungry tiger.
“Don’t cry” as I list out everything wrong with me in the mirror.
“Don’t cry” as everyone else’s success surrounds me, while mine doesn’t exist.
“Don’t cry” as my heart and mind crumple like paper meant for the bin.
“Don’t cry” as I choke on overwhelming sobs.
“Don’t cry” ….its not worth it.
“Don’t cry” as I try to piece myself back together before anyone notices the cracks.
“Don’t cry” as I realise that no amount of glue or tape can fix the broken parts of me.
“Don’t cry.”

A Smile

The grass is green, the sky is blue
And i can’t stop doing is thinking about you,
The way your eyes shine bright they light up the room,
The smile you put on my face, it makes me feel so new

We Are

We are told that it’s the best days of our life
We are told what they’re views are and expect us to have the same view
We are told useless things they say we’ll use in our future life
And they force it on use
They expect us to act like adults
But they treat us as children
They make up ridiculous rules
And expect us to comply

Primary School

Always say i miss primary school
Just because i miss being taught like a kid .
Since i came to secondary i felt i had more freedom more responsibility.
Which i feel puts more pressure on yourself to be independent and think about the future
When i think really we’re just kids and we don’t need to have it all figured out at the age of 15 as
This is still a time to enjoy yourself and not stress about what your going to be when your older, or i
If your going to have kids or even when you’ll get married .
So i think it’s time that we take time to look after ourselves
Not all the time we have to follow silly rules and do what we’re supposed or meant to do.
I  think it’s great to have a life that isn’t the usual or what your taught to become.
Even if everyone around you is telling you not to do something or you won’t be successful.

Quiet Again

8.50am every morning
The cold quiet classrooms began to fill
Corridors swarmed and
The teaching begins.
As the sun goes around
And The day comes to end
When the bell rings at 3.45
It’s all quiet again.

What Makes You Happy

I think it’s funny how everyone around you always says you have to do this
You have to live a certain way.
But i think it’s beautiful when you ignore the rules
How your supposed to live and live the life that you want
Do what makes you happy .


Kick of the ball
Boots run on grass
Players call and shout
Emotions running high
Coaches get stressed
Five minutes to go
One point down
The final whistle blows


Please don’t read !
Training every night
No matter the weather
Sweat bucketing down
Keep going it’s not over
It all for the match day is what we’re told
For that final last puck to go over the bar
But as the wind blew it wide
And the crowd sighed
Keep going it’s not over


I hate writing poems
But I love making Gnomes
Art class is fun
We talk until it’s done
Making friends
Until it ends