Scoil Chuimsitheach Chiaráin, Barraderry, Carraroe, Co. Galway

Just Two Weeks


Just for two weeks – I said to impress that brown haired boy,

Two weeks turned into 12 hundred calorie ‘cheat days’

Turned into running at 5:30 to punish myself for having milk in my coffee,

Turned into missing social events,

Turned into hospital administrations,

Turned into recovery

Turned into self-validation and forgiveness

There is life at the end of the tunnel


Bombs Bombs Bombs


Bombs, bombs, bombs away,

What a way to keep them at bay,

Instead of peace and talks,

They use everything but rocks,

No fun, no laughter,

Only violence and slaughter,

When will this war ever end,

Said the man who lost all his friends,

Soon soon soon,

Said the politician with no means,

To stop all this money from rolling in.


‘What is the Meaning of Life?’


‘What is the meaning of life?’

One day my son said to I

Whilst he was sitting down on our grandmothers rug

On the grass outside, gazing longingly at the sky

As if I knew, being brought up in a society thriving on success and power

As if, holding the most power was the key to happiness in life

As if having pure emotions as a man was weak and shunned upon by certain others

As if, every man must be attractive and manly enough to get a wife

But what if it wasn’t like that

But what if life was more pleasant and kind

So I told my son ‘Life has no meaning

Life is cruel but don’t be pushed around places you don’t like

And don’t be pressured by ‘The Man”

‘Who is the man?’

‘He’s the person society wants you to be.’




I am bonding tool

That ties people together

When in need

I am a safe space

For those with

Chronic anxiety

But those to whom I aid

Return the favour

As this centuries’ society

Are full with generosity


I Am


I am walked on

I am unappreciated

I am degraded because of my low grades

I am cat called by men

I am slut shammed by the women

I am “asking for it” yet not knowing I’m fridget

I am the friend that asks how’s everyone is doing but is not asked back

I am in a room full of people but feel so alone

I am not known, I am just being assumed


Boys & Girls


We live in a world

Where boys are to wear blue pants

And girls pink dresses


Boys are taught to fix cars

And girls to clean messes


They judge us for how we’re acting,

How we’re speaking,

How we’re dressing


They’re teaching us to create

And live in a world so depressing


We are taught to never let our guard down

And keep on pretending


If only they taught us

Self-acceptance is a blessing




Here is where I flow

And all my thoughts will go

Last time I was happy

I was still wearing nappies

My lips are unable to smile

I haven’t cried in a while

Is there something wrong with me

Or am I just lonely

I can pick up these broken pieces until it makes it right

But there still won’t be any sunlight


There for Me


They think you don’t care when I’m upset

But if they only knew

How much you’ve done for me since we met


You’re always there for me

Whether you’re close or far away

You never leave me be

Because you help me keep my feelings at bay.


You begged me to tell

What I was really feeling

I felt stuck in a shell

Until you helped me start healing.


A Parachute


I am a parachute,

Falling from the sky

Trying not to kill someone

As they try to fly.




At the age of eight

A man was at the gate

He told us we had to leave,

Behind me my mother grieved


I then went into the car

They told me we had to go far

They told me the family was nice

But I was given that advice twice


I arrived at the house

We sat there in silence

All I could think about was the violence

Eight years later

My life is much greater


Speed of Light


He hit the ground running,

At the speed of light,

The star was brightly shining,

Like a neon light.


I hear you calling,

I came back running,

Forgot that feeling,

Been so long coming.


My Voice


Ice caps melting

Animals dying

Children starving


So much happening,

Head won’t stop spinning

‘Just relax’

How could I consider it

When everything’s on the brink of collapse


This Year


Wow what a year,

But were still Here,

We should celebrate,

But we lost so much,

We lost kings and queens.


From Chadwick Boseman to Kobe Bryant,

Almost saw ww3 what horror it could of been,

This world is on the brink and let’s not start with climate change,

We lost so much but we still hold strong come on 2021 what have you got in store


One Day


My mom started screaming, startling me out of bed,

My alarm hadn’t gone off because my phone was dead,

I ran out to the kitchen see the time,

I had 15 minutes to get ready, a hell of a deadline.

I started rushing around like a bat out of hell,

I threw on my deodorant because nobody wants to smell,

I gobbled down my breakfast, brushed my teeth and went to loo,

But while running out I realised the dog pissed on my shoe.




A potion glows,

A dark room now light,

A strange concoction of black and blue,

It was one hell of an interesting sight.


Should it be drank, thrown, closed or mixed,

Leave it be, I shall do,

On a shelf of that’s broken but should be fixed,

I walk away and leave it to glow another day.




I’ve got no dad

It’s pretty sad

But my mom

Is pretty rad

I guess there’s her fella

He ain’t too bad




Spongebob was in its prime

In the early years

With the seasons one two and three

But after the departure of Hillenburg

With the release of the first Movie

Now its a crap show

A show for general audiences and having some incredible comedy

To a crap show for babies