Sacred Heart Secondary School, Drogheda, Co. Louth


Sitting alone with thoughts flooding my mind
Waiting for the world to pass me by
With no motivation to live my life
I listen to music to clear my head but only makes me worse
Pretending to be okay is tiring especially when my mind keeps me up at night
Being the light of the group is ironic when I’m suffering the most
My relationships are withering away like leaves in autumn
A simple conversation is a hassle
I feel stuck with no way out
I guess I have no choice but to ignore and pretend like always

Emily Loughran

You Hurt Me

You hurt me.
Why? Why? Why?
So many questions, how could you be so heartless
Treating me like the brick wall at the front of your house,
Did you mother really raise you like this?
Or is lying, cheating, and distorting people all you know?
Is this really your idea of love, partnership, respect?
So many questions, I want to ask
So many things, I want to say
But I don’t have the heart to make you feel that way.



They can be deceiving
Sometimes having meaning
Just words.

Allowing us some prejudice
Barely making any sense
But just words.

Always taken to far
Given way to much power
But still just words.

But words.
Clouded by words
Full of words
But still, always just words

Aoife Lynch

Second by Second

She stares at the speckled ceiling of her bedroom,
The darkness suffocating her second by second,
The mirror across from her has slowly turned into something to avoid,
As she doesn’t have the time to breakdown again,
She lets the water run over her face as she closes her eyes,
Trying desperately to escape her own mind.
The mind that whispers she is not good enough, she’ll never be enough.
Slowly she pulls on the clothes that drown her small frame, hiding her secrets.
She packs up the homework from last night,
She didn’t finish, cursing herself for not being smarter,
She’s not enough, she’ll never be enough.
She grabs her bag and opens the door, the cool air hitting her freckled face,
As she prepares the plastic smile, she always practices and faces another day.


I Write

I write a lot,
I can write three words,
But at the end of the day,
Everything will be forgotten,
Dismissed, abandoned.

Words mean nothing to teenagers,
We say things to make us look cool,
We look a certain way to be popular,
We bully to make us feel better,
Superior, powerful.

Why? I ask myself every day.
Why do you act that way?
Why is it that manners are forgotten?
Why can we not respect one another?
Why could we not say thank you?

We must think deeper about the words we say,
Change our actions for the better,
Be yourself or you will be shadowed by the people around you.
Appreciate the things given to you,
Say your opinion,
7 billion people in this world- be the one to make the change.

Dina Abu Hantash

I am Me

Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jew
I am me and you are you
But none of this matters you see,
It doesn’t reflect on your personality.

Holly Brennan

A “Different” Childhood

Have you ever thought of your childhood?
The backbone of your life?
Think of your family, are they “happy”?
Well you think everything’s great,
Then you grow up.

You learn that everyone has their own stuff,
And honestly don’t care about yours,
It’s hard to say but you just gotta keep going.

Imagine finding out being lied to your whole life?
Would you find it hard to believe?
Well yes it’s hard to believe and it’s sad,
Before you go spreading your problems remember this:
No one honestly cares,
Welcome to the world of growing up.



Dear to the ones that are fake
What are you doing
You think you are real
You think you are true
But the only one fooling yourself is you
You want to be this you want be that
You tell people this and you tell people that
But who are you
Someone that lies
Someone that is untrustworthy
Someone that judges
Someone that care about what everyone thinks of you
Someone that needs people to like them to feel like make them feel like they belong
Someone that is scared of what people think of the real you
So you hide the real you trying to be someone that you are not
Because it’s easier
Because you don’t want to be classified as weird, not cool, different
But go ahead live your life being someone else
And never let anyone know who you are
But I’m gonna live my life being who I am
Because life is too short, too be worried about what people think

Roisin McEnroe

My Name, Not my Story

You know my name not my story
You claim we’re friends but don’t act it
You hear about me and all my wrongs
You don’t know I’m not the one you should fear
I won’t hurt you with words
Nor with power
But with my heart
And all that’s sweet not sour


In My Heart

Not a day goes by
That you’re not in my heart
Not a day goes by
That I feel we’re apart

Some days I think about you
Sitting next to me
Talking about the good old times
Sitting underneath the bottom garden tree

You’re the only one that gets me
That feels the same way too
But when I needed someone
I’d always turn to you

Not a day goes by
That you’re not in my heart
Not a day goes by
That I feel we’re apart

Aoife Moss


The pain in my throat gets worse
Try to cover it
I don’t have a voice
I buried my voice for you



From when I first I saw him
I knew he was he one
Although I was with his cousin, I just knew
Knew he was the one for me
Didn’t take us long
To know we had something strong
From the first kiss to the last sight
It ended up being the best night
I can promise u for the rest of my life
He’ll be the love of my life



Known by my accent
The biggest Northsider Drogheda ever seen
People always surprised when I opened my mouth
All these fake hoes with their fake accents, fake mates nd fake clothes
New fella every week but I’m the slut
A knacker, a bitch and a sket
Been called it all
But at least no one can say that I’m fake


The Mirror

Perfect eyes
Perfect face
Perfect nose
Life’s a stage

Perfect hair
Perfect reflection
Prefect mouth
I am perfection

In the end of it all
It’s just an object on a wall

Katie Lynch

Time and Again

Times became difficult
Food became minimal
Water seemed subliminal
And the clothes looked unbelievable

But a brave face I put forward
Being the mother of my siblings
Concealer became a familiar face
For my tears where not for public display
Or so I have been told to say

Things decided to look up
But I’ve been made think I’ve no luck
My undeserved motherhood came to an abrupt end
As a second wash cloth
Came to the stand

She wore that ring with a smile
Knowing it was only for a while
Day and night in my room
Making sure I made no move
Time and again

Tracey would often say
Why is my dad taking sugar with his nose
I told her it’s a talent we are yet to unfold
Time and again
She would come to me and say
Little man Anjis is asking again

16 years on earth
And times hadn’t become any sweeter
Almost 13 wash cloths and had come and gone
Adding the sugar dad took through his nose
Tracey began to see and started to emulate his talent; Anjis teased

Now I’m 43
No time to sweep
Or even breast feed
Time and again
They said time would be sweet
But as it seems
It never beamed

Princess Mogaji


Animals they mean so much to me. I care about them so much.
I like them better than humans. They can’t talk back to you or judge you.
All they can do is sit there and listen. Listen to all your problems.
But they can’t do anything about it. But sometimes it’s better that way.
It’s nice to just let all your feelings out to something that won’t judge you for it.
Animals make everyone feel better.
Every time I see my dog, I get a burst of happiness
And anything that was bothering me just goes away.
They do a lot for us but not everyone knows they do.
I want to work with animals, make them feel loved,
Take care of them and help them as much as I can.
And I feel like everyone should work together
And help animals instead of destroying their environment.
They do so much it’s only right to give back.



Italy in May
Oh how fun
Just the girls and me
Chilling in the sun
No short shorts
And no string top
Still who cares
We’ll be having a bop
To the Isle of Capri
And jumping into the sea
That’s a holiday I’d like for me

Rachel Fitzpatrick

Moving Schools

I was always the shy one yep that was me
That’s why I think I attracted the bully
They hurt me in every which way
But I got through it everyday
Then I got the news about the big move
New school, new girl, yep that was me
But that made me the best me I can be



I fell in love with a boy who didn’t feel the same as I did.
And I was taught that I shouldn’t wear my heart on my sleeve ever since I was a little kid.
And I’ll admit that it hurt me when I did.
That reality hit me like a brick.
With tears forming in my eyelids, I hid- from the world.
I cursed the day I followed the strong smell of coffee down the street and bumped into you instead.
I was naïve, so of course I let him in.
We were best friends until the day you asked me to marry you.
Now we are just strangers with different families and I remain left undid.
Right now, I’m staring at the lid of the box that holds your locket that you gave to me.
This should really be a sin.
I fell in love with someone who didn’t feel the same way as I did.

Esther Olojo


It happened so quickly I thought it was dream
No one had what we had not even our fav meme
I knew you were the one when my sleeping pattern changed
I knew things would be quickly arranged,
I knew it was bad when the late nights turned into early mornings,
I knew it was sad when we went to talking about our fears to me ending up in tears,
From getting buses to get getting caught
I never thought we’d never talk, from being best friends to being more than friends
From us traveling to each others ends, it’s safe to say after all these years and all this time
All I’ll ever want is you to be mine, but in time I learned the truth,
It set me free it let me be, I learned that it was never really me,
I don’t care, let me be fair, in time I learned I deserve proper care


Barbie Doll

Maybe not all girls wear size 0 clothes and
Maybe not all girls have stick thin legs
Maybe not all girls’ eyes are as blue and don’t shine as bright
Maybe not all girls have hair as blonde and silky and
Maybe not all girls have a thigh gap
And maybe we’re not all perfect.

But no matter how pretty you are
Or how perfect your life may seem,
Even Barbie dolls can break.



I wake up each morning wishing to stay a bit longer in bed
I walk to school so anxious and scared that I don’t look right
Afraid that people driving by are judging and laughing at me
But don’t know why.
A million thought rushing in my head and each time I walk to school I worry about something new
Seeing something new each time that reminds me of something bad
The worst one is when I see a little girl with their dad
It’s a constant reminder what I don’t have that anymore
And my mind flashes back to two moments where my once normal life fell apart
The first being told my dad had cancer
And one year and 15 days later learning that my favourite person was now gone
Now I’m known as the girl who lost her dad to cancer
And by god I really hate it


Wake Up

Wake up



In the library doin course
With some lad up from the north
All the gals getting to go longi
I think I’m gonna go get me some Money



Hi my name is Jane,
I went to Spain,
Got there by a plane,
Just me and him we’d obviously have to use our brain,

When I got there I went to the beach,
We went alone so we could have some peace,
For a snack we ate a peach,

That night I went to the Indian and I ate a chicken bacora ,
Eating it made me remember about the times in bora bora,
When I came home from that trip I looked like Dora.

Next morning I went for a swim,
The morning after the night before I was feeling grim,
All this time I’m glad I shared this trip with just me and him.

Jane Kinsella

Death by Education

From worrying about careers
To dealing with our peers
School days are rough
You have to be tough
Every act defines us
There is no such thing as trust
Your body is always judged
Eat as much as you “should”
We are told to make life decisions
Which our determined by our revision
Teachers get angry when we fail
When we go of the rails
Don’t define us by our learning days
In the grand scheme of life, it’s just a haze

Ellen Brady, Ruby Moore, & Lauren Wright


I tell myself I have to do this
Achieve this
Be this
And do it all without complaint
Because that’s what makes me great?
I’ll do my best but maybe not always
We all have to make our mistakes some days
My friends and family love me all the same
So today, I’ll have fun and give myself a break



You have been given to
Words that piss me off
Generosity that comes with a price
When you say I did this for you and now
You have to do that
One day I will get a lot of money
And pay you back what I ask of you
And then I will do nothing else you ask of me

Faith Mzemba


They say your teenage years are the best time of your life
But that’s a big fat lie
The struggles you deal with growing up
Make your teenage years the worst time of your life

Family arguments put a damper on my day
Causing a bad mood in the house

But my best-friends stand by me through it all
And that’s what gets me through
Having my best friends by my side
Is the only thing that gets me through,
The roughest times of my life



Doughnut was a guinea pig
He loved to run and play
But one day he got ill
And then he passed away
Doughnut lived happily
He hadn’t any fears
But when he died he left
Jessica in tears
Although Jessica knew that she had to move on
She still hoped that she would see Doughnut again.



I’m crying
Must be that time of the month again

Being red
Makes me feel half dead

Chocolate chocolate
It’s the only cure

Along with hot water bottles
And naps

Becky Woods


It started out as a spice bag
But turns out he’s the only spice for me
Tall dark and handsome
Declined my picture
But not my love
The free bpm is oh so good
To the man in mace
I love



I want to go travel in Europe and Asia and eat the food
Visit and take a picture put on Instagram
I want to go England America Spain Italy and France
Because beautiful countries have a nice weather
And I want to try a food
In Asia, I want to go to South Korea and Japan
Because I want to try their food and travel
Take a picture and enjoy my travel

Arriya Thiamkhokkruad

I Want

I want to travel the wold,
Instead I’m told to study in school and pick a career for life,
I want to see cities, cultures and the natural beauty of the world,
But the closest I’ll get is documentary’s on TV,
I want to pick a job that will make me happy
But I have to worry about things like money, bills and insurance,
I want to do things in life make me happy,
Instead I’ll have to do things expected of me.


The One and Only

Yo Big Shaq the one and only
Man’s not hot never hot
Skrrat skidi-kat-kat

Hop out the four-door with the 44 it was one two three and four
Chillin in the corridor your dad is forty-four
And he’s still callin man for a draw let him know
When I see him I’m gonna spin his jaw
Take man’s Twix by force send man shop by force
Your girl knows I’ve got the sauce no ketchup
Just sauce raw sauce
Ah yo boom ah

I tell her man’s not hot I tell her man’s not hot
The girl told me “Take off your jacket”
I said, “Babes man’s not hot” (never hot)



Glasses are on,
Eyesight’s alright,
So why is that I still have a twitchy eye.

Alice Ivory Rogan


My name is Jane
I am very vain.
I just went to Spain,
On a plane
I walked down a lane
And I saw a big flame
I didn’t know who was to blame.
I got hit by a train,
The driver called Shane
Who was taking cocaine
Was to blame.
I felt a drop of rain
When I screamed in pain
I couldn’t feel my brain
I think I went insane.