Regina Mundi, Cork.


Everyone wants equality
They want a life of quality
We live in a world where women are less than men
Black is less than white
Some love is praised, some love is craved
Some love is prayed away.

But we seem to know what we want
Without knowing what we’ll get
Placing all our money on an uninformed bet.
You give a rich man money and a poor man the same
The rich stay rich and the poor stay in pain
Equity is the only way we’ll be truly free.

Give more to those with less and then you’ll see
The only way to be equal
Is not to be given the same
It is to have the same
Rid the world of pain and show refrain
To love and love and love again

Itchy Scratchy

Love is like an itch.
At first, you notice it
Feeling a nagging, clingy pain
Scratch scratch scratch
Trying to alleviate the pain
Only worsens it
Yet you can’t stop

Lovesick addiction.
It continues
Until you’re left with just the pain
And the eternal, raw skin
Deteriorating, scraping
Until nothing beautiful remains.
And they say that time heals all wounds

Feeling Good

Feeling good in your own skin
Creates happiness within
Being confident and powerful ain’t no sin
Teach people this way of life
You’ll find the majority of us will strive
See how great the world would be
Without no goddamn insecurities

Never Repent

All these personalities forced on me will never relent
Never repent, if you’re beautiful be ashamed
If you’re ugly get better
Isn’t it sad that every girl
Thinks that she is the only one suffering

It takes this long to realise
that we’re all trying to stop ourselves from drowning.
We came here off the beach and walked into this ocean calmly.
It hit us upside the head and dragged us under.
Spinning, unable to feel because if we did it would hurt too much.

And I’m tired. Tired of talking about this
Because if I stop, it’ll come back
But if I start I’ll remember

When I didn’t find the boat in the ocean of silent screams .
That boat of soft curled hair and Disney movies,
That boat of pizza and Fanta, of laughs and
Fun that welcomed me with open arms.

Through The Mist

There! Over There!
Through the mist
That hides the sturdy land from the shaky sea
Quick! Paddle, Paddle
Before this light escapes me.

Push against the freezing current
Escape this looming death warrant,
Wash up, gagging, choking
Cough it all up, rip up your throat
Stand up sweetheart, here take my coat


I catch myself staring at her more than I should
The eye-contacts and little smiles that make my heart flutter
The scenarios I make up at night,
It all leads to her
I cant help but think about her

She probably likes someone else
Does she like me
I don’t know what to do
I don’t even have to courage to walk up to her
Am i allowed to feel this way?


Scars on the outside heal but stay stuck like tar.
Scars and cuts on the inside stay open wide and
Hungry like a bloodthirsty animals jaws.
What happens when you have both and

You can’t look in the mirror or inside yourself for comfort
For all you see is pain.
Your outsides heal and gain
New skin but inside you’re bleeding and
It’s too much it feels like it will seep through

In Our Soul

Blue Thick and strong waves rushing in and out
We scream and shout
A steep hill running down to our happy place
The high cliffs and rocks that encase
Looking out at the horizon that never ends
Juts the ocean the sand and our friends
Through the huge waves we dive
Each time we survive
Coomenole , always in our soul.

The Caller

I despise door to door callers
There cheesy smile and
Overdose of hair gel
The way they call at the most inconvenient times

Opening the door to a corny quote
With a scent of lynx
Hitting you like a ton of bricks
There awful pitch
And when you reject them

The walk with confidence as
They think of how much they hate you
And that’s five minutes of your life
You’ll never get back


My heart starts to beat
When i look up the street
A figure on the other side
My anxiety starts to rise

Hands start to shake
I feel I’m about to break
Wishing i could be anywhere but here
About to face my biggest fear


Surrounded by those who mean the most to me
I can’t help thinking this is where I’m meant to be
A park, a house, an empty classroom
The sound of your laughter, echoing like a boom
I feel accepted, my heart is light
Like I’m soaring higher than a kite
Life is hard, sometimes our hands are tied
But I know I’ll be okay,
I’ve found my tribe.

To Fit

We enter, they expect, we accept,
They assign, we comply, with the only motivation,
Avoiding their crude face,
The look of dismay when you refuse to leap through their eternal hoop
To fit in a box which will never fit .


Stare straight ahead,
Don’t worry, don’t bother them.
How. How? How did I let it come to this
Sitting and smiling.
Pretending. I’m actually falling deeper and deeper
Into insanity

My Doggie

The moment I saw you
My day got brighter
I smiled and I haven’t stopped since
The naïve unknowing always makes me laugh
As you bound through the door

Every single time you see me
Even though you’re cheeky sometimes
And I give out
We’ll forgive and forget
And I’ll love you forever

A Masterpiece

All too well is ten minutes long
It is not just a song
It is a piece of art
Taylor is so smart
I’ve watched the short film
It brought me to tears
This song is amazing
It’s music to my ears

I Am Here

They organise talks for us but never talk to us because
If they did they’d see how they’re killing us
How to them we’re just brains and eyes,
No opinions, no thoughts, all lies
Guys if you’d look up at me and see that I am here and
Trying to be seen.
Where are ye?

Different Beat

My bars so sick they belong in a hospital
I sneezed on the beat and it threw up
Had to take the beat to bed and help it recover yuh
Me and the beat became best friends
Took the beat to dinner yeah I paid the bill
I’m working 9-5 to take pay for the beat
I spend too much money on it
This relationship is going downhill
I think we should break-up.
Good riddance,
I’ll find a different beat.


School is not cool
It kind of smells like stool.
The principle stands at the doors as
She checks our uniforms
To make sure we’re not disappointing the school.
The main doors are locked as we stare at the clocks
Waiting for the last bell to ring.