Presentation Secondary School, Mitchelstown, Cork


Midnight when the night is still
and the street lights glow
is when it starts to show.

Laying in bed my head starts to spin
and I find myself in a field
of thoughts once again

Twisting and turning my
thoughts intertwine and my sleepless self
starts to wonder why

Overthinking fills my brain
with it’s silly stupid games
and creeps up each night to do the same.


When you’re weary and full of dread
And would do anything to remain in bed
Wake up for who you want to be
And not the faults only you can see
Don’t think about your past mistakes
The worries you have
The challenges you must face
No matter how hard it is to
You are worth it

My personalised poison

that I only know
I think everyone has one, but nobody shows,
Sitting at home, might aswell be doing pills,
The damage to my head, just as bad, it kills
My personalised poison, that I only know,
Feels like I’m doing my own version of coke,
It’s like an addiction, I just can’t stop,
But nobody sees it,
Till I’m gone and their not.


Beauty is a pain
Beauty is a strain
On everything
The cause of every little fling
Beauty should be more
and then the world world will adore
Just as everyone has a duty
Everyone has beauty

Body Image

Short , tall , big or small
everything is critiqued
from the length of your hair
the clothes you wear
your natural physique
Your not good enough.
Never will be
when will you learn beauty comes from the inside
a state of mind
a difficult thing to find.

A Sad Excuse

People are a sad excuse
In my head talking only abuse
And I’m left sitting there wondering
What is my use ?
The constant nagging about how
She downed that naggin
Or how she got caught shagging
Well what’s it all worth in the end
When she’s left there with no friend
All alone vandalised with her mistakes
Littered with hate
Nobody has anything nice to say
But when that one boy says hey
It all goes away she is perfect to him
But all she can think about
Is how everyone else sees her


Centra alley

The place where the first years meet
The place off the side of the street
Where bags of cans and used condoms lay
Where people with rollies and vapes are during the day
You’ll see them all Friday after school
Going down the alley thinking their cool
Going into the corner shifting faces off each other
Just hope that the person who drives up isint your mother

I look up around
there’s students sitting with pen’s and books on the creaking desk and phones in their palms. I gaze up to the board which displays black and white inspiring words.
Wine and nazy uniforms we march like an army under commandment. Outside I view the glourious sunlight and the flowing leaves which sway side by side by the echoing wind. Tall building, small people,. Small building, tall people. We all come from the same home town share the same amenities and are all unique in a variety of ways. Which we all love


I wake up each morning,
And decide to skip breakfast.
I tell myself I’m not hungry,
And leave the house with my neck flushed.

Not eating in the morning,
Carries into the afternoon.
But for teenage girls this is “normal”
And to the hunger I’ve become immune.

It’s so hard

Waking up in the morning, going to school,
Pretending that I am happy about something when I am not.
It’s so hard,
Covering up and hiding my anger,
Using it to do well and motivate me in sports,
letting it all out on the field.
It’s so hard,
Going outside to my friends and smiling at jokes I don’t understand, pretending to know what they are saying.
It’s so hard,
Going out and meeting new people, socialising,
Trying not to be self-conscious and be myself.
It’s so hard,
Being happy during the day,when in the night I rethink about everything I did in the day,
Wondering what I could have changed or done different.
It’s so hard,
Living as a teenager, wanting love, wanting someone to care,
However, there is always someone on my doorstep waiting to help me and make me happy.

Foster Care

Children in foster care don’t need a house
they need proper care.
Taken from their family
all they need so familiarity.
Born into a world where they were unwanted
from day one,
Their dad not knowing they exsisted
and now loving care from their mum.
Coming second best to alcohol and other addictions,
waking up everyday wishing there life was al fiction,
Social workers making them feel trapped and alone,
crying all night with no one to talk to in the phone,
counting down the days to their eighteen birthday,
so they can say screw you and walk out the door way.

What’s going through your head,

right before the whistle blows?
Catch the ball, run, shoot and score.
When she runs fast, I’ll run faster, could this be a disaster?
Head in the game, eyes on the ball, be careful incase you fall.
The score stood four to two, but WAIT there’s more to do.
Final whistle blows, omg that was such a show!

Staying up late

And talking to my mates
All because of corona
I’m not in Barcelona
Could be seeing my idol in April
Corona is just really hateful
Lockdown starting soon
This is round 2.

A stanky town

is where I’m from,
full of judgy elders and alcoholic bums.
Where the only important thing that everyone talks about
is the lads sport even the priests give them support.
The only proper restaurant is the hunters
even though they would give you the runners.
Where girls are known as messy and a target
and the majority of them are not even on the market.
Do not be fooled though they are not even treated right,
they only use each other so they look good in the limelight.

My favourite thing to do is bake

Making all the buns and cakes
I love the smell from the kitchen
While i feed my dog some chicken
Be careful as the tray is hot
But look at the buns i got
I hope you love to eat my cakes
Because its what i love to bake.

Sleeping in

Tiktoks ,
Netflix shows , zoom calls ,
Cancelled exams ,
Online school ,
400 new cases ,
Watching the news ,
6 months later ,
About to repeat .


I come from the country

I come from a house with 3 dogs
I come from brown hair and blue eyes
I come from a family with a small mean sister
I come from an over tidy room