Pipers Hill College, Naas, Co. Kildare



I remember being carefree,

I’d ride my bike down steep hills

And laugh into the wind

I’d run and chase,

And who cared if I got a scrape,

But one day the hill became too steep

I saw all that could go wrong.

My carefree days are not mine to keep

Because the fear is here to stay.

I can now see all the evil lurking in the dark,

What I would give to laugh again with the wind.

I remember being carefree.


In a World


I live in a world where I’m told to man up

A world where I’m not meant to give a damn

To when I’m made fun of for my looks

Or if I prefer to stick my head in books

Where adults are annoyed when I don’t impress

Or yell if I don’t try my best

They can stereotype me as the class clown

But don’t realise I’m the one who really frowns

Who feels like his life is always upside down

But it goes back to what the French say

C’est la vie, I guess it’s just me


Beyond Our Eyes


Beyond the eyes of laughter and lies

Their lives nothing more than an evil surprise

Of sadness, despair and utter demise.

We live in a broken landfill

Where people simply take a swig and pop a pill

To carry on with this charade of going around with a jig.

I wonder will it ever heal,

Where we don’t have to zip our mouths up to seal

The yells and weeps

Of the issues hidden

Where we simply just drink and sleep it off.

At all of this I must scoff

We call ourselves the most intelligent species

Yet all we seem to do is bury ourselves ten feet under surrounded by feces.


My Garden Yard                                                                 


I played in the prompts of my garden yard

Loved the air and small houses my parents brought to for me

It was gas I couldn’t turn off, fun for ages to come

I stayed out later than usual to see and taste the moon of the sky

When the flightless beasts surrounded me with their pecking beaks

Cawing into my ears like thousands of war vehicles with the loudest sirens

I ran back inside with tears and dread down my face

That is why I don’t stick around the chicken pen or loud sirens anymore




You don’t see me but I see you

And all the men you’re running to

I look at them with worry and fear

When all I want is to hold you near


I sit quiet and watch you pass

With all those men kissing your ass

Don’t you see they’re using you

They would never love you like I do


And yet I’m ignored and I’m condemned

I don’t understand what you see in them

When I see them dragging behind your feet

I can’t compete,

I can’t compete.


As I


As feel my skin I feel yours

As I look in the mirror I see you

As I love myself I love you

As I think I think of you


Waking Up


Waking up to see the sunrise

We drive to the beach

Once our toes touched the sand

We ran to dip our feet


Old tunes on the radio

Were vibing in the car

Singing all the songs

Not a worry in our heart


On the way back home

Were stopping in the shops

Spending all our money

We shop until we drop


Home in the back garden

Were setting up our tent

Were watching movies all night long

Snacking to our hearts content


Stargazing under the night sky

We’re bundled up in blankets

Watching the moon and the stars float by

We sleep curled up in jackets.




Your always falling for the ones who are blonde and blue eyed

Who will just end up playing you like it’s a game

Ignoring the ones who are right in front of

Trying their best to get your attention

But always wondering you keep getting hurt

When the problem is you for not knowing yourself worth


Our World


Our world today is different to the world 100 years ago

Our environment is so bad

We have global warming and the ice is melting on the polar bears

We have racism; people are dying for no reason

Our world is different and I hope the next generation is better


A Tropical Counrty


I’ve always wondered what it would be like in a tropical country

You always being warm and wearing shots all the time

You get cold at night so you bring a hoodie or a cardigan

You would always dress fancy but do people ever think to dress like the locals

It’s always hard to find things to do so you look and book before you come

I wish could stay in a tropical country forever but sadly I can’t


A Virus


Death by a virus

While e everyone is in lockdown

Some are being killed by something very devious

Till the virus get rid of everyone in the town.