Our Lady of Mercy Secondary School, Ozanam St, Waterford

Smile Above the Horizon


There is a new sight, above the horizon

It glistens with the brightest colour white

It could light up a room with the joy it brings

It was like staring at the stars

When there’s no clouds in sight

And that sight about the horizon

It was their smile

The smile that could make the saddest person in the world smile

The smile that could change the way you look at things

The smile that made me the happiest I could ever be

That was the smile that was above the horizon


I run past the flames, past the fire, past the grains

Through the town through the hedges through the road

The pressure the anger the pleasure the pain

The burden of my thoughts, the weight of the load


She follows me i cannot fathom why

I feel her step towards my face

Her auburn hair, her bright green eye

I long and yearn for her embrace


They find us and i leave no trace

I run, and sprint , nowhere , or place to hide in

I see there graze her hand on my face

Our running stops as we see the horizon


They looks we get, the slurs we take

The emotions we feel, the fear the happy

We realise the world we can make

And this is it, the end, the finale


I hold her close, her arms in mine

The hate we take, the fear, the love

I’d stay like this for all of time

The life we live, we float above


The screams and roars dim down to silence

The joy we hear, on the cliff, the horizon

The help we get, the advice, the guidance

We open to embrace the sun starts, its rising


I hold her here, just love, no excuse

I love her here, through the joy and abuse


To Never Stop Running


And like a peasant resents the rich,

She finds herself hating the interaction,

The one she listens to from behind the thorn-filled ditch.

Hate, the only thing she feels towards them in that moment.


The brutal acknowledgment she is below even them, even now,

That she could never soar above and beyond to new horizons,

She hates that she can never stop, never step off stage with a final bow.

Constantly picked from the crowd due to what she was born of.


Shunned from humanity because of her difference, yet they were all the same,

She had been running since a child, never safe, never warm.

All she knew that she was the monster, she was to blame,

While humans lived happily, life filled with laughter, while her family was torn.


Chased through forests and rivers, over mountains and lakes,

Watching the sun rise and set, in a constant dance with the moon.

Running for her life, from those who think she’s a mistake,

Making friends, losing friends, always lost to for so soon.


How she wishes, oh she wishes,

One day she hopes to fly,

To new horizons, above the hate.

To safety in the sky.


The Swallow of Suggestions


Sitting on the sand and looking off into the horizon.

What if that line is eighty years away and you’ll only reach it once your time has passed?

Sitting on soft grass is what you want when you reach your end but to reach the water,

You have to feel the coarse texture of microscopic stone and shell.

Each grain is a shape. A shape of it’s own. A shade of your emotions.

A speck of your future,

Yet all it does is aggravate your skin and cause irritation in both body and mind.

If this is how I’m feeling, will my future feel like this too

And what can my future become?

If this sand can make glass and smash,

Causing a slash where all of my soul seeps out causing the granules to harden and become soft,

But powerful enough to take me down so I sink into the power of the darkness.

Is an island a place of peace and prosperity or a place of engulfing air and swallowing storms.

So as I sit here on the sand and stare out at the horizon,

Will I make it to see the horizon, or will the blinking lights of rescue ever come?




Through the shadows of the clouds

The sun starts to shine through

It shines the light on the faceless crowds

And encourages them to shed their masks

So they can truly be themselves

There are no more lies or deceptions

No more doubt or misconceptions

Only hope and trust and serenity

Because every human is unique

And has their own identity


No One Knows


Clean hair, clean clothes

But it’s the inside no one knows.

Star athlete, star student

And yet their words are pollutant.

Have a drink, have a smoke

If I don’t then I’m a joke.

Your perfect, your great

If its true, why can’t I relate.

Good enough for you but not for me

When will I be ready?

I guess we’ll see.


Time’s Hands


The world is at an end,

And I’m the only one who sees it.

I’m trying to breathe with time’s hands around my neck.

And I want it to stop but they never get tired,

They’re all watching me and I know I’m being hunted.

They tell me they love me but they say her name

And I’m not her but I can see her in the mirror.

They tell me that I killed her now there’s red on my ledger.

But the only blood I see is on my own hands

And my sorrows are nothing and the voices aren’t mine

And I’m crying on the floor

With my fate sealed by time.


On Horizons


Those who make us bleed

Because now I see squirmers whistle a single note across ‘see-mangly’ dark mourning skies

Because on horizons are empty of confined places, fake faces

Do you even care

For the strongest support right now is that of my underwire bra

Because on horizons I see us spidering out utterly ludacris

Us, eternally beautiful wanders failed to be met with eyes but instead mouths of “bitch” and “slag”

Because on horizons inflictions aren’t dished out each stroke of the tick tick ticking clock

Because my eyes do not sit at each pore of your concreted condensed vessel’s existence

Horizons are us, you and me eternally shoving tampons up those who make us bleed


Eyes on the Prize


Everyday I play some sport,

Hurling, football or of any sort.

Hot or cold, rain or sun,

I get out and have some fun.

Each day I play I seem to improve,

I will train until I cause a mountain to move.

At dusk and dawn, watching the sunset and rise,

All the time with my eyes on the prize.


Every Moment


I want to be seen

To make a mark

To have an impact

When I leave this life I want it to be known I was here


A name known by everyone

When you hear it a picture flashes immediately in your mind


Showing the next what is possible that anything can be done


Because my worst fear is to settle, settling for a job I hate because its “good money” to go there 5 days a week    And hate every second, to settle for anything less than my dreams


Because in the end all I will regret is what I didn’t do and I intend to live every moment


As the Sun Sets


As she let out a scream

Thoughts ran through my head

Should I stay or walk away


No one around

I watch as the sun sets

My eyes well up


Nightmares running through my head

Will my life ever be the same again?


In the Distance


In the distance, there is a new day, a new dawn.

Where the sun is setting but gets ready to rise up the next day, repeating this over and over.

Spending hours, days inside repeating the same day over and over just like the sun.

These moments are what make life seem so simple.

Missing out on life, missing out on these years of growing up, missing out on what i could be.

Waiting and wishing on the day that my life will go back to normal

Will that day ever come?

Maybe someday in the distance


There is a Horizon


She feels so empty she’s all alone,

When you look you see a skeleton clone,

Her body feels like the Antarctic zone.


She feels so weak she’s fallen to her knees,

Her only resort was to turn to weed,

So then she could feel she was being freed.


Now she’s tied up in a knot,

Drug rehabilitation was all she got.




Upon the streetlights, I feel my home

Surrounded by my loves,

Laughing and drinking having a blast.

I wish it didn’t end.

The woods the woods the woods.

The woods is the beginning and the end,

Goodbye memories and goodbye friends.

I’m sorry.

I’m different now.


What is Left at the End of the World?


At the end of the world there’s nothing

No friends no food no family, nothing

You’re sad and alone and feel nothing

At the end of the world, there’s nothing

At the end of the world, there’s everything

Your friends, your favourite food, your family, everything

You’re happy and excited and feel everything

At the end of the world there’s everything


Anglo Irish Boy


I am haunted by the photo ghost of an unknown boy, name and moment lost

In the lumber room of the century in the kingdom come of adventuring

So much goodness there, so much delight summer in his crop of hair, boyhood eye bright

O lush Edwardian by picnic peace beguiled, o peach blond empires son for whom your smile


My Name


What is your name?

For me it’s Jane

Not Stupid or loner (I’ve gotten them all)

Its my name, my way of saying Hello

It’s nothing too deep – It doesn’t mean much

I thought it was too common, it didn’t fit me, I wished it were different

Now I realise that its the greatest gift I have received.

It’s mine – It’s all I have

It’s what my Mam gave me-The last thing she said

So I’ll wear it proudly

Just so she knows that I’m ok




I look outside the window and all I see is the bright blue sky.

But all I care about is how I lost you.

I remember all the fun times

As I see people trying to be cool

But all I can do is of ignore them as I do something to distract me

I get on my hoody and run

Run like I never did before

Run from all my problems in this world.

But once you stop running everything will hit once again.

So I run, run ,run

Until there is no more



Golden Rays


When the sun goes and the warm, golden rays shoot through my blinds

I pretend they are stage lights.

I stand on my flat roof,

twirling like Julie Andrews.

Singing with such fervency, you’d think I’m Shirley Bassey.

I try to master an accent, which is nowhere near as convincing as Meryl Streep’s.

And I use such intense facial expressions

You’d think I’m Judi Dench ushering Bond to kill his nemesis.

Maybe someday I’ll be like these women.

But for now,

I’ll just keep admiring.


It Starts With Us


Right here, right now,

This is not who or what I wanna be.


I want to be me

But i can’t be, because i can’t be accepted.

I can’t be accepted by the ones who tell me i can.


They lie straight through their teeth, so they can make their money,

We give them the fame and attention, but they just don’t care.

We are gullible enough to believe those little white lies,

And its not okay.


I refuse to sit here and listen to this nonsense no more,

It’s not fair, I’m sick of it. We need to make a change.


The future is near and we are gonna change it.

But first you have to start with you,

We are gonna be the ones who change this horrific place.


Dance the Days Away


I sit encaged in these four walls

Thinking of pre Covid times in shopping malls

No masks in sight a junior cert that was our only worry.

Covid took over and engulfed us all,

In terror, horror, fear.

I didn’t get to sit a junior cert.

I didn’t think that would be sad.

But now I sit here and cry,

Over lost experiences. Drinking, parties, lies.


I worry about my teenage years, as they fade away

Missed opportunities singing, dancing at the bay.

“This year will be my year” we all say

We’ll take this summer and make it ours

Party away the day.

My teenage years are not over yet

They have not been wasted.

We’ll take them back Summer 21.

Swimming, singing, dancing,

It’s all around the corner.

We take back our fears love our peers

And dance the days away.


Losing Battles


Losing battles

We all line up against the wall

And people start to go

But my name is never called

And soon I stand alone

It’s just PE in the school hall

But what they do not know

That every week, for me at least

I fight in this war zone




Off I go said the tulip

Off you go said the rose

Forever said the tulip

Forever said the rose


I miss you my rose

I miss you more my tulip

Forever said the tulip

Forever said the rose



As her petals dried at end

She said goodbye for good

I love you mother tulip

I love you daughter rose




I look over and I see her

Who is hugging you right now and being there

I was that girl once

But now all I am is a hopeless mess of hope

Hope that you will come back

Come back and say all the stuff that you used to.

But when I see you with her

Her is all you need

I guess I’ll never be



Out to Sea


The sun gets closer to the waves

The fish all start swimming to the caves

My feet dangled off the cliff

The colours fill the sky

Sea becomes calm and still

The boats start to come in

The sun becomes less bright

Lying on the grass in the last bit of sunlight

Looking out to sea, I can finally relax


I Wonder


At 12, it was my birthday

Messages started to flood in

“Happy birthday” would you say

Or are you still determined to win

At 3 I blew out the fire

On the candles on top of my cake

I looked out the window with desire

Because I realised now my hopes were fake

I thought you might have wanted to said it, turns out you did not

So now, I wonder did you ignore it, or maybe you just forgot


Welcome to Ireland

Where girls are stereotyped as tramps

And boys are stereotyped as drug dealers

No matter what you wear

Or how you act your always gonna get judged

We pretend it’s not there, homophobia racism but

In the end, it’s always going to be there and we have to change that


There is a Horizon

After the pain, there is a horizon

Think like a prisoner sittin’ in a jail, we both went down and his bail.

Got the still now, dead up in the grill

Cause when cotton ain’t sellin’ green always will.


Everybody wanna come up when I’m at the bar,

Smoke on light green rolled fresh out’da bag.



The Cold


The sun is setting, the moon is out everyone’s in crying, the darkness makes it all come out.

The horrific weather builds a horrific mood, the clouds remind us of our foggy foggy doom,

The snow comes cold just how we feel when there’s nothing

But the weather to try make us feel better

I wish the sun could stay all day and then the night wouldn’t be so grey


The Sun is Setting


The sun is setting,

Another day has finished,


Life feels like its on repeat,

I’m so sick of sitting on this bedsheet,


Is this even real anymore?

Cause I really don’t know how to feel.


End of the Day


At the end of the day,

No one’s here to stay.

Go and live your life,

One free from strife.

Stop watching the date,

Go and live before it’s too late.




From the waking up early

Or waking up late

No time to have breakfast

Already late

Teachers shouting

No time to be late

From lunch time looks

Not looking forward to this extremely long day

Not being able to concentrate

Ugh this day is not great

Piles of homework not being complete

Not another principal meet