O’ Carolan College, Nobber, Meath

Autism, Hate & Zen

They call it a disorder,
Molded by development.
I never really found that
Or cared about what they meant.

I never told anyone
About what I had,
Because I knew it would come
With just hate and slag

Because one day,
I was handed a label
By someone sitting
Opposite a table

Who thought he knew
Enough about me
To give me a label.
Well, now we’ll see

Like everyone else,
I’ve grown since then.
And left behind hate
For just peace and zen.


If you ask a parent if any of their children h
ave the same type of brains they will say no.
And for dyslexia people,
the bigger side of the brain might be the right,
but for school not right.
And we do not suffer from dyslexia,
we live with it.

Those Who Stand Too Close to the Phone

I wake up, another puddle of sweat,
Look into the mirror and I look like death:
But that’s nothing new to me I guess.

I wear this mask all the time,
and I know I’m not the only teen
Who pretends that everyday is Halloween
And wishes not to be seen,
Who look at their phones too awkward to look up
The shit we read that seems so obscene but feels like it’s real.

I don’t understand
Why we want to ‘Stand Up’
But push each other down
How we need to ‘Speak Up’
But need to raise our hand

So tell me, how do we expect to pick each other up,
When the people writing suicide notes are the ones closest to the phone,
So my words to all of those out there who wear the mask,
Don’t forget that your truth, is underneath



Even if not profound
Or Not with Sound
We can make
The world go round
No matter how dark
Even with just a spark
When we stop tem going astray
They will in turn light the way

Division 8

What is this place
It is a place that I hate
I cannot escape

I have to play on World-Class
Even though I’m the one that’s class
Solid defence hard to pass
Winning Streak – I know it won’t last

It’s pay to win, it’s pretty funny
You can only win games if you have a ton of money
They say ‘pack luck’ but I know that it’s skill
Some day I’ll be UNBELIEVABLE, just wait…

I will


Sit and stare,
Watch the time tick away,
You look outside,
To see the young children play.

They laugh and smile,
Not a care in the world.
While you sit and stare,
And wish your life was as pearled.


On the 27th of March
Screams and shouting
No more school they scream
No one knows what’s going on

Months at home
Online school
Not seeing our friends for months
Is there a jc they ask

We are now back in school
Have to wear a mask all day
And sanitise our hand to the limit
Will we ever go back to normal?


I’ve been pushed,shoved and shunned away.
Not accepted by the sporty, the smart or the popular.
Alone, not anyone, nobody

The darkest days strike hardest when you feel like you have no one to turn to.
Nobody to help so you press on with a straight face.

But it’s those days that make you realise that you are good enough,
you can be who you wanna be, make others doubt their decisions and opinions,
make them doubt they way they see you, make them doubt about how they have wronged you.
I can prove them wrong.
We all can prove them wrong.


I have two sisters
one older, one younger
I love one with all my heart
But the other has let me down
more than i can count.

I have two brothers
one from a separate mother
With one, i make fun of his bruises
but don’t talk to the other
because of what he uses

don’t feel sorry
or pity me in anyway
because i already think that for them
every single day

The sesh

The sesh is just great
The lad’s best nights
Drinking till sunrise
Getting higher than kites

The brotherhood that was built
Stands strong to this day
As we get pissed out our minds
We know everything’s okay

So this is what we get up to
When we’re out n’ about
Who knows what’ll happen next
It’s best we don’t find out

Production Line

As another long day passes
And another long day of classes
Growing up in this day and age
I turn my anger into rage
Each day I try my best
Sometimes I try less
But as I wait awhile
I always fake a smile

Late Nights

late nights,
netflix and snacks,
no exams no work,
masks and hand sanitizer,
300 cases each day,
catching up on the news,
six months later,
we repeat.


I have no job, I have no wife,
I have no friends, I have no life,
My whole existence-a disgrace
Expect that disc with Neymars face

My eyes are red, my fingers sore,
That disc though calls me like before,
I will not quit until I win,
It’s in the game, and I’m within.

Books upon the table,

worryies left behind the door.
People wearing masks,
our reality is no more
We may not seem to worry.
We may not seem to care,
but the life we know is ended,
theres been changes everywhere.

if only

i could show her how i loved her everyday
but her presence is so far away…
her smile warms my heart in a way the sun never could
nothing every made me feel so good
no matter the darkness in her mind
she never fails to be anything but kind
she’s mine.


I hate fut champs
I nearly broke my lamp
From the referees
To bullshit penalties
There’s lots of own goals
And also undeserved goals
I’m a good player
But I can’t wear
The kit I like cause it’ll clash with the opponent
And all I do is be moaning
Mbappe is too good he’s so fast
And when I’m against him I come last
Most of the time cause he could’ve just got lucky
So I slap him silly with my team that’s worth no money


I’m through on goal
Its a 2v1
I sweat it across
It’s Hugo Son
Open goal
I can’t miss
Varane makes a block
Your taking the piss
Now he has it
With ben yedder
I wish I could hit that prick with a header
He bangs it in top bins
So I bang his mam like Johnny sins

D- Day

Going out onto the battlefield,
with 13 mentally and physically strong soldiers.
The opposition were very much so our competition.
When the whistle blows, it’s hell for leather and all guns blazing.
The screaming and shouting from the trenches is as loud as the crowd at longitude.
I gave one look over to the end line and starred at the Copper cup.

This battlefield is different. Hand in Hand with hurls, helmets and sliotars.
I want to be on that winning team.
I am on that team

The Game

The sound of the whistle gets my heart going
And starts to prepare me for all the elbowing
We start the game quick and strong
On that pitch is where I belong

The game looks like it could go either way
The ref is making sure is it fair play
We win the game at the final straw
If it wasn’t for me, it would have been a draw.

Paralysed Dog

Playing amateur squat battles.
Losing 3-0
See the open window
The controller has got to go
Pegged it straight out
Heard the dog Yelp
Rushed out to see
A paralysed dog,
It’s gonna need help

My Best Friend

My friend is my best friend
she is the funniest person i know
and always makes me laugh
even when i don’t want to
she the kindest girl
who’s been through so much
but will always have time for me
although she leaves me open, i still know she loves me the most
our little chats and shared views mean so much to me
ily 🙂


Shrek is my favourite movie
It makes me feel groovy
Shrek 2 is the best
I dont know about the rest

I dont like Prince Charming
He doesnt know anything about farming
Have to go to mass
Grass on hai


Bench Press

Bench press is my favorite thing,
You can do it while you sing,
It helps me build muscle,
Take me to the league with that hustle.

It brings a lot of relief,
And gives a lot of self belief,
You can do it with a friend,
I want the gym seshes to never end.

sitting on the toilet

opening some packs
hoping for gullit
unwashed mullet
blue lights flair
guess who’s there

My Friend E

my friend e has brown hair
my friend e has green eyes
my friend e smells funny sometimes
my friend e loves gino dicampo
if my grandmother had wheel she would have been bike

My Friend Z

Z changes her hair every week.
Z has two dogs, with a combined total of seven legs.
Z loves Vernon Kay from family fortunes

And our survey says…….
Z is my best friend x

Transition Year

Most days were boring
The most interesting stuff is when I woke up late
Or if we got no homework on the weekend
Teachers making us worry about the junior cert for 3 years
For it to be cancelled and for us to be given predicted grades
Until I started TY
Every day is something new
New classmates, new subjects and new opportunities
You never know what’s going to happen
And thats what makes every day a new experience
I’m not sure how it’ll be when I start 5th year
At least I’ll have had made the most of TY

FUT Champs

Headed into the weekend
with a fantastic team
a hope of going 30-0
but that would be a dream

Finished with 17 wins
Emil Forsberg is the goat
He is my favorite white person
Better than Mollet