Newport College (JCSP) Co. Tipperary.

We Are

We are freestyle dancers at the age of thirteen
We are sassy but don’t like to make a scene
We are the best small people in the school
And Ya you guessed it, we are really cool
We are clever and intelligent as you can see
And if you want one of us, the other one comes for free
We are the reason you’re able to see
Being small has benefits, we feel so free
We are angels from above, according to the teachers
Because we are so flexible some people think we’re creatures


I am a bright light that shines in the night
I am admired by everyone
Yet hated by some
People love me and my stars
The shines to let the foxes out
The hoots of owls in the sky and screams of foxes
I am the moon and will always be the moon

I am

I am the darkness of the night.
I am the reason there is no light
I am the reason you can’t   hide
I am the pride
I am the reason you drown
I am the creeping  in like a clown


I am my own shadow
I mimic my every move
I feel unseen yet seen by everyone
I dress dark like a mourning widow
I disappear at night then reappear at day
Unseen by myself

Subway Surfers

What’s the hassle,
Ill buy the castle that lies on a brass hill
That often dazzles,
We live on this earth
We know how much its worth
The miracle of child birth,
Subway surfers, life preservers.


Me on the mic
Going around cc on our cycling bike
Stop at the shop and get munchies
Buy a slushie and get a brain freeze
We are the boss
Don’t go school cause we will just doss
We from the cc crew
We have nothing to do
So we are chilling
Chilling yes just like a villain


I am a video game junkie
I am the beginning
I am the reason your alive
I am the bravest person

Who I Am

I am the lord of the underground
I am the god you left behind
I am i am the lord that runs wild
I am a idiot
I am a man of the underground the souls
I am the one that runs the world

On This Bus

I’m a seed with a magical bead
I am flying through the air whilst my hair is in the air
I’m feeling quite sus while I’m sitting on this bus
I’m singing you this rap while my lyrics are cap
I’m enjoying this zoom while i hear a bomb go boom

Devil in Despair

I am the devil in despair
I am the one you all fear
I am the goat the god the myth
I’ll put ye all in a pit


Its about drive its about power
We stay hungry we devour
Put in the work
Put in the hour
Take what’s ours


My man you are great
I hope you get no hate
This is because….
You are GREAT!!!!!!