Meánscoil San Nioclás, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.


Idyllic blue skies
Sea as clear as day
Beautiful scenery everywhere you go
Yet darkness at the same time
Sadness and depression
Anxiety over friends and family
Sickness and worries
Behind all the lovely bright beautiful facade
So much darkness, sickness and sadness


Full disclosure I must make clear, you did not clarify,
You did not give a topic for this poem or a reason why
I make excuses for others pretty much on the daily
I find it hard to believe I’ll change before I’m eighty
I have “too many” journals and I’m also an overthinker
I don’t mind in the slightest though
I’m happy with who I am
Those characteristics make me a better person

No Rest

How Times have changed
Things will never be the same
Happiness comes and goes
But stress and pain always stay
The long corridor will never end
The thoughts in my head flood my mind
All day everyday is exactly the same
No rest no rest no rest

Tis The Season

Christmas season starts
Warm in everyone’s hearts
More announcements released
Of the sick and deceased
Wishing it was the last
Wishing for the past


I was always the smart one
the one who’d do great things
I feel like I’m slipping
And won’t be good enough
I want to meet the expectations
I want to be good enough


Running through fields
And riding our bikes
Stuffing our faces
And enjoying life
Messing around,
And making new friends
Starting on new journeys
And just enjoying life.
Live the life you dream
And enjoy it to the fullest


I wake up to go to school
I wake up and dread
I wake up only to go back to sleep
I go back to sleep
I go back to sleep and i dream
I don’t wake up and think
I don’t wake up

The Past

I come from a perfect family no drama no problems
so why do I feel like this I don’t have a reason I don’t have a reason
But I don’t know who I am
I used to
When I didn’t care about what I said or what I ate
But she’s gone
The time when I used to play with Barbies and Lego is over
I miss it but you can’t turn back time can you


Why me
Actually for once in my life
Try me