Mean Scoil Nua an Leith Triuigh, Castlegregory.

Art By Lynn MacPherson:


Sleep is the opposite of my alarm clock.
Sleep can’t be scheduled to happen at a certain time.
Sleep doesn’t have an optimistic tune,

But instead a bellowing silence that sends me spiraling.
A staircase descending into the part of my brain
That I usually refuse to even acknowledge.

The part that’s less than perfect, that’s selfish
And to be honest I think that it’s ugly.
The spots that litter my forehead.

Dry Skin on my back that screams to be scratched at.
The dodgy haircut that the barber gave me
Since I didn’t talk up. I couldn’t. I was too anxious.

What about when the alarm clock rings? If I’m too tired
To pay attention and I miss out on something
At some point the worrying went to bed

But I know that before long
It will wake, and resume
The whispering in my head.


I dream of sunburns and tan lines,
And sandy feet and late nights.

Singing old songs with new friends,
And half-ironic crying at kids’ movies.

Sunset cycles on winding roads,
And new places that make me value home.

Fluffy towels left in the sun,
Windows down and cookie crumbs.


Everything said is twisted into something else
They lie to my face and talk behind my back
But the next second they wanna hear the craic

The get jealous when your friends with the lads
But life is so much simpler with the easy going braids
And now we realiseĀ  words will beĀ  words


His homework counters rest
His idiocy I detest

He acts like he could be your friend.
But his dullness has no end.

Here comes the simple creature.
That they call the Preacher


Fourteen years of my life.
Nine months of the year.
Five days of the week.
Seven hours of the day.

Four hundred and twenty
Minutes of the day.
Twenty Five thousand
Seconds of the day.
I spend in school.

Things I Like

I like working with animals,
I find kicking a football
With my friends is good craic
Jumping off the pier and hitting golf balls,
Lambing in spring and calving in winter


Black and yellow
That’s the look
Of a bee buzz buzz
And they sound
Like all of ye