Loreto Secondary School, Co. Kilkenny

Under Pressure


Under pressure, overloaded with work.

Wake up same routine, go to school get food.

Get compared and degraded, we are lucky.

Failure, bad grades that determine our future.

Try harder be happier, fit into the box.

Summer body, have time to workout.

Eat healthy, don’t stuff your mouth.

Why do you complain “when we were you’re age..”.

Longing for touch, longing to be pushed in a crowd to be free.

But we can’t change it and that’s how we feel.


I am a Teenager


At 16 years old,

I am a teenager.

Not happy yet not depressed,

I am a teenager.

Not a kid but no authority,

I am teenager.

No motivation equals lazy,

I am a teenager.

Constant judgement and expectations,

I am a teenager.

“Your teenage years will be the

BEST of your LIFE”.

But if this is the best,

I don’t want to live.

I am a Teenager.




An art form mastered by troubled minds

Background music a constant,

The colorful notes,

“Inspiring quotes”

The media’s nonsense.


Allowing the mind wander seems painful,

First instinct; Distract

When worlds news is dreaded,

People become numbers,

Lives upon lives stacked.



I Chose?


A reluctant yes no

You don’t know who you are

Yet you know where you’re from

Not realising that is who you are

You are the reluctant yes

Because you are to afraid to say no

You want to be alone

Yet at the same time a clone

The battery you hold drains so quickly

But you can’t say I have to go

Because the fear of leaving is too close to home

Moving from one place to another

Never staying to long

Letting people you hold close go

I chose?




5 years old, my days of freedom cut short

School begins

I sit there 8 hours a day

Children should be seen not heard


Cherish these years they say


8 years old, we are taught “boys will be boys”

An excuse for their behaviour

But as young girls we should know better


Cherish these years they say


12 years old I am taught

To cover up as

Boys can’t control themselves


Cherish these years they say


14 years old

When did nose rings and necklaces become

More important than scars on your wrists


Cherish these years they say


16 years old, Covid hits

All alone with the thoughts in my head

Anxiety was at an all time high


Cherish these years they say


18 years old, off to college

The stories become reality

Darkness becomes my enemy

Always clenching the keys in my pocket

As I walk alone


Cherish these years they say?


Thank You


When someone let’s it slip that you share half your blood with five others

That the father you know can do wrong had left them for your mom.

That they people you call family knew but didn’t dare to tell you

That now you know and you can’t tell your brother because you can’t make more foes.

That your father didn’t think you should know

But your mom does and so she tells you more.

When your don’t want to think about it but your can’t not because

Of masks and distance and others fate.

You want to go out and have fun with the family you chose

But you can’t because of the air in their lungs that could be infected.

So you sit in the silence trying not to think about the secrets and the lies

And you say think you its better to know

Because it’s better to know and to have that in your arsenal

Then fight the next war with only your fists.

It is better to have the cogs in your head spinning before hand then being caught unawares

And those cogs shut down because they don’t know what to do and can’t come up with the words.

To the person who told me

Thank you.


I Keep Waiting


I keep waiting for the feeling of life to click into place,

For something to fit me like a back brace,

I keep waiting for my main character moment,

To feel the laughter; to not feel so broken.


I don’t want to be normal, I want to be different,

But how can I be, when I feel so insignificant?

I keep waiting to be genuinely happy and pleased with where I am in life,

But my own words can cut me like a knife.


I want to be out there living my dream,

But i’m so afraid of judgement,

It could make tears gleam,

In the eyes of a girl who once could fly

And now all she seems to do is cry,

And pray and hope that life will change,

That she won’t be lonely for the rest of her days.


She won’t give up. She won’t give in,

She’ll keep trying and pushing till the world caves in,

Because she wants to look back at this awful time,

And say wow I made it through halftime.




I always knew there was something different about me

Whether it was how I wanted to look at girls

Or the way I’ve wanted to kiss them since the young age of three

I’ve never really accepted what I am but I have to accept that it’s who I am, it’s me

My thoughts say ‘push it down you still like boys’

Maybe the thought of loving her is one I can dodge and avoid

I fill my head with lies, saying maybe you just want attention

But how is that so if it’s something nobody knows

But why hide this there is no shame in being who I was born to be




What has the world come to

All the hate, the negativity

What are we gonna do?

We just have to learn about acceptability, responsibility,

Love for humanity.

But I’m only sixteen and I’m “just a kid”,

I’m unskilled and I haven’t lived-

Long enough to know what’s right and wrong

Because “I’m too young”

And “I can’t change the world”.

But watch me make a difference,

I am magnificent.

Don’t be concerned, I will be heard


Why Not Me?


Why not me, why haven’t the boys chosen me

Am I too short, too tall

Too fat, too skinny

Do I not look like the girls they see on their porn sites

I don’t look like Kim, Kendall or Kylie

Why not me?

Do I need exercise, eating disorders and explicit pictures online

Do I need the blonde hair, blue eyes that they want

Do I need to cave and lose all the morals I stand for

Why not me?

These demands they put on me

Suffocating in this society I have to live in

These boys they will never understand

Their insults like knives never stop

Why not me?




I’ve made many mistakes already in my life,

And I know I’ll make more when I’m a mother and a wife.

I try to remember to learn from the mistakes,

That people will forget them and some people are snakes.

People will talk behind your back or through a phone,

But always remember they too have mistakes of their own.


A Father’s Lullaby


The Lamp of day fallen from our sights

And the moon gives off a glow.

A day of fun, playing in the sun

And it’s off to sleep I go


Tiny, bright stars, dance in the sky

As the crickets replace the birds.

Singing to everyone sound asleep,

With their melodies that can’t not be heard.


But the only melody putting me to sleep

Is my Dad singing the song

Of Caledonia by Dougie MacLean,

With his voice both soft and strong.


I sometimes miss those summer nights,

Of him singing while the nights get dark.

But he’ll always be my best friend.

My whole world, my whole heart.


Frustration and Desire


I live in a world

Where all I did it’s wrong.

I’m just trying to live

With all that is going on.

I just want to go out

But all I can do is shout.

Frustration lives in me.

Why I can’t be free?

I’m missing my fifteens

And I can’t be seen.

2020 almost finished me.

2021, what is going to be?


Fourth Year at Its Finest


The best year in school, they said

Be busy, don’t waste it

Submit projects, don’t copy and paste it

“This is your time”

Then why doesn’t it feel like mine

New friends, new classes

What was wrong with the old?

I liked it there

But I suppose I’ll just do what I’m told.


Teenage Reality


I lie awake thinking in a cold dark bed,

“Life is just doom and gloom”

As if it wasn’t hard enough before a pandemic,

“When is my next zoom?”


So now, there are two masks that I must wear everyday,

Maybe I like keeping everyone away,

A mask for COVID and a mask for no questions,

Maybe these are just the thoughts of a teen with depression


Being forced to open up and forced to talk

But they don’t understand what I’m going through,

Trying to fit in like a herd of sheep,

But still I am not “cool.”


Too Young to Understand


Sitting around,

Day after day

Listening to all they have to say


The bad comments, sly remarks and more

Yet when I correct them they call me a bore.


Why is it your boring, to correct someone who is wrong?

When they say these things, racist, homophobic and all,


But if I were to say shut your mouth,

They’d say shut it, you’re young, you don’t understand


But why is it because I’m young I mustn’t understand,

That these things being said are getting out of hand?


So I won’t shut it, I never will

For if nobody speaks up these things continue to spill.




I’m always amazed

How you stand so very tall,

How you never give in.

You bend, but do not fall.

We are all so different,

And yet so much the same.

Everyone, in some way or another,

Will experience a kind of pain.

And even though it’s hard

And I may struggle through it all.

You may see me struggle…

But you will never see me fall.

The dark days are necessary,

Just as important as the rest,

For if we didn’t have the worst,

We couldn’t recognize the best.


The Best Times of Our Life


The best times of our life…

These are supposed to be the best times of our life

Yet here I am trapped in these four walls

Not a notion of the time

Or day

I dream of being at concerts, nights out, sleepovers

Will I ever get to experience it again?

We say we will have the time of our lives when

“This is all over”

But when will it be over.

Spending our days staring at a screen all day just scrolling through Instagram

That isn’t life

Watching Netflix day after day

That isn’t life

Having to wear a mask unable to smile at strangers

That isn’t life

Isolated from friends and family

That certainly isn’t life

Everyday I wonder

When will I get to actually live the best time of my life?


Panic Attack in an Extrovert


I throw my head back in laughter,

Listening to my friends talk.

Masks on faces but smiles are visible

We chatter giggle and squawk.


But then I blink, and I am all alone, in a different place.

My mind grows fuzzy, palms sweat, heart begins to race.

I can feel the tears coming down as I stare blankly at the wall.

Something’s wrong with me “pull yourself together!”

But I still fall, fall, fall.


Who We Are


They’ve told us what to say and wear

Don’t ever look back or shed a tear

Be brave and stay inside and hidden

Be as pretty as a kitten


Don’t show yourself and be afraid

You won’t believe what they will say

They’ve come to lurk

So stay away

You’ll never see the light of day


But what if we stand tall and brave

And fight the social sight per say

And show what we are made of now

And finally take a stand


We’ll show the world what we are

And they’ll try to push us down

But we will all one day go far

With our beautiful crowns


Nowhere Else to Go


She sits there on O’Connell street,

Wrapped in an old jacket.

She’s wondering if she can take it anymore,

Wondering if it’s worth it.


People pass by her every day,

Trying not to lock eyes.

Until that one person comes along

And sits by her side.


Because that one person understands.

That one person knows,

She is a sister, an aunt, a mother,

With nowhere else to go.




Tell me, what is it?

Everyone seems to know

Well I simply don’t

I have to admit it


And people tell me about it

Say things about it

Say what they think

But do they truly know anything?

I doubt it


Cause they don’t say the same

Some say this some say that

But I think they just claim

Like they know where they’re at


People think they know everything

While I’m just sitting here thinking

“I don’t know anything”


And I feel like that’s wrong

I feel like I should

But figuring things out just takes me so long


I don’t know what is right

I don’t know what is wrong

Does life have a sense?

Do we ask the right questions?

Or is it all just some big coincidence?


I really don’t know

I don’t have the answers

“I know that I know nothing”

Now I gotta go


To be Mature


I’ve been raised to believe that drinking was the norm,

I’ve been taught what should not be worn,

Since young, I had to be mature

Taking the role of a parent to a child who was not my own


I never blamed them for wanting to be young,

But if I mentioned their responsibilities, I was told to hold my tongue

I should feel lucky they said

but every day all I felt was dread


Friends would tell me I was too serious

I agreed and tried to be less mysterious

“You overshare too much” they would say

And I would think about my mistakes all day


If you want to be treated like an adult then don’t act like a child

I took those words to heart and smiled

I now live with regret, my childhood lost

Because I believed that everything I was told, was the norm.


“Ireland isn’t Racist”


Ireland isn’t racist!

But Black children hear their peers scream the n-word singing the latest popular song

Ireland isn’t racist!

But teachers read slurs from books because its “of its time”

Ireland isn’t racist!

But People of colour are told they should just “go back to where they came from”

Ireland isn’t racist!

But 58% of organisations said they wouldn’t even consider Asylum seekers for the job.

Ireland isn’t racist!

But being Irish is seen as having white skin.

If you believe that there is no racism in Ireland you are part of the problem.


Opportunities and Moments Missed


A poem from the past


It feels like I’m sinking,

I can’t stop thinking,

Of all the opportunities and moments,



They say these are meant to be the best years of your life,

But mom I’m struggling,

To keep up.

Labelled an over thinker,

I can’t argue with the truth,

But still my head feels heavy,

My arms and legs are weak.


So much stress, I forget to speak,

I’m so tired, of all these thoughts repeating,

It’s too defeating,

All the opportunities and moments missed


Little Sunshine


Life is like a little sunshine coming through your window,

Sometimes it so bright you can feel it on your skin burning,

But sometimes it just like a little Firefly and doesn’t stand out from the other light.


Everyday you can see a different sunshine,

A different way the sunshine brights

Everyday even though you’re not noticing it,

Even when it just seems to not shine it all,

It is there

You’re happy that the sunshine is there


Second Best


I’m tired,

Tired of never being chosen.

Everyone has their person,

Yet no one picks me,

Maybe I’m hers,

Maybe I’m his.

But not for certain,

Someday I will.


No One


Not being understood is as unbearable as being unloved,

The feeling of empty eyes boring into you

As you speak your heart ever so carelessly

Hoping someone will care,

But all you receive are the words of those who will never understand

How devastating it is to have no one there.

No one.




Who am I to know what I want

That’s been for teachers and parents and adults all along

I know nothing about the world yet they want me to decide

My future, my life, my success, my pride

I think about my future and all I see is black

There’s nothing there for me except sadness and a panic attack

I feel as if I’m falling, deep into a hole

This falling had been damaging, damaging my soul

I think of all my friends, how I will lose them all

Of all my happy memories and my immediate downfall

I wonder what will happen, what I will become

Whether I will live to thrive

Or join the marching drum


Scroll, Scroll, Scroll


Tap, Tap, Tap

My phone sitting in my lap

Seeing my reflection on my screen

Wishing I looked like all the girls in the movie scenes

Why is the beauty standard sky high

Making all these young girls cry

When will we, the girls of our society, be loved for who we are on the inside?




Thinking of something to write

Is like deciding what I’m going to do with my life

Ten short lines of rhyme

Like the lines I find so boring in school

That take up so much time

But now I miss them

And I don’t know what to write

Or what to do with my life

So I guess school is fine for now

And that’s all right




Of all the people in the world

I may not be the tallest,

Of all the voices in the world

Mine might not be the loudest,

But anyone can touch the stars,

If we reach up high

And we can all change the world,

If we give it a try.


What’s Within


Kids skipping by

These streets of mine

Not all but a clue

What’s within you


I stare out my window

Wondering how to tip toe

Wrapped in this tale

But I fail

Without gain


I don’t suffer

But I stutter

Telling you the pain

Of what’s in my brain


A Wall


I am shy

I find it silly

I don’t lack confidence

And I can be witty

Its like a wall

Blocking a lot of people

People from my character

One day I hope

To make this wall crumble



Match of the Year


Packing my bag, I think

The possibilities

The outcome

Of the match of the day

The match of the year


Thinking of the team

The opposing team

The team that got you here

How you will work together to win

To win the match of the year


The sport we all missed

During the tough time

The rough time

Being locked down

Stuck at home


Scoring goals

Scoring points

The way the match can go

Nobody knows how

The match of the year will go


From the quarter final

The semi final

Winning all the way

The big final is here

The match of the year.


My Hope


What is my hope

What do I do with the bit I have left

Everything the new lockdown broke

I am started to feel a pain in my chest


When will I ever get out

Will I ever feel free again

I want to be allowed

When tell me when


Sick Of


Sick of looking in the mirror

And hearing my friends’ calorie intake today

Why do girls have such a fear?

Media and others structure us in too many ways

Sick of feeling like I should care

Sick of feeling like I shouldn’t care

Not the best days of our lives but it should get better soon




This is about a girl who seemed to have a perfect life.

She had a great family and great friends and almost anything that she might like.

She never had to deal with bullying or family drama.

And growing up this girl was told how strong and fearless she was.

They would ask ‘is there anything that actually scares you’.

The problem with this question was her response.

It was always ‘no I’m not afraid of anything’.

But oh how wrong she was. Little do they know that fear is eating her alive.

Along with fear comes it’s friend sadness and I’m afraid to sadness is her friend too.

Sadness has a very strong presence. And she wishes more than anything that sadness with go away. But what she feels more than anything is guilt.

She feels guilty that she is supposed to be strong and brave and fearless

But she cannot be anymore, as sadness and fear are eating her alive.


I Fear


I fear what others think of me

I fear that lack of security

I fear the humiliation in school,

But its not the schools priority.

I fear the darkness after life,

Like a never-ending tunnel

A daughter, mother and wife,

Disappeared into eternity.





We wander about meaninglessly searching for purpose,

Our parents would be so disappointed if they heard us.

We obsess over the lads who treat us like crap,

They’re terrible for us even though its hard to admit.

Too many goodbyes, anxiety on the rise, so called “friends” filling us with lies.

It’s just hard to find a balance of it all,

Life’s a mess and there’s no one there to call,

And appearance still remains top priority,

I’m too fat and too flat why can’t I look like the majority.


The Pressure


The night before is scary

Parents acting all cherry

The mother telling what to do

The father telling me to be strong from his point of view


I can’t deal with the mood

Have I ate enough food

Is my body all ready

I don’t feel all that steady


I imagine the game

People calling me by my surname

I somehow fall asleep with my eyes shut

I wake up to a pain in my gut


The nerves are stronger

How much longer

The whistle has blown

I’m back in my zone


With all my heart and sole

I’ve scored the winning goal

The final whistle just was blown

The other team have let out a groan


Its all over now

I took a bow

When the ref calls my name

You hurled with great passion, you played the game


The Joys of TY with Covid


I sit at my desk wishing I was away

Waiting for the first assignment to start my day.

Alone in my room all to myself

Wondering if this could be any good for my mental health.

My grades are slipping i have 20 assignments due

As I look out the window and try and admire the view.

You’re in TY they say enjoy it while it lasts,

Oh sorry I forgot I’m supposed to be having a blast.

With long days and only work to do

It’s hard when the only ones available to talk to are few.


Get outside they say while they pile on the work


To and Fro


I really like to see the best in some people

But there is nothing there to show

All is there is a face and a body

And a scowling look to and fro.




I find peace in the numbness

Everyday is the same

Yet I find beauty in the stillness

It has put my life into frame

Covid has thought me much

Life begins within

If you look for negatives, it puts your life in clutch

So lighten up girl

Life is lush


I Remember


I remember that summer’s day

When all my worries went away

The sky was blue, no longer grey

All I had to say, was “come what may”


We played outside till the end of the day

All I wished was for you to stay

All I can say is may the memories of that day

never fade away


Down the Street


You walk down the streets everybody knows your name

You question the people, how they really know my name?

You see them laughing, what they really laughing about?

It’s like every other day without a doubt.


You have hope in your self don’t give a crap know

Hate all them people don’t really care now

They say all they want nothing stopping me now

Just focus on yourself and stop being selfish now


It’s funny if you think anybody cares right now

I’m sick of this pandemic don’t hold me down now

I want to see my homies really miss them right now

Just let me live don’t stop me now


I Come From


I come from the countryside with grassy fields and mucky puddles.

I live in the city, with city lights where streets are bright.

I come from the old lane ways, the misty mornings and farmers calling.

I live in the bustling city where trains are chooing and horns are beeping.

I come from the comfy couch, the fire side and rainy evenings.

I live in the modern chic, the busy streets, the fashion queens.




We’re in Lockdown

Which is a bit of a let down


It feels like it has been going on forever

But so whatever


I have to go online

All the time


I’m quite tired of it now

But I want to see my friends but they will disallow


Online School can be quite cool

But Lockdown and Covid has been cruel


My heart aches what’s going on in this world

And now I’m feeling quite swirled


Covid is Here


Covid is here, when’s it going home

That’s what were all talking about on the phone

Life’s not fair, people dying

Teachers talk but they all are lying

We’re sitting down

Acting a clown

When will Covid go home

We all don’t wanna be alone

These times are sad

Which makes me mad

I just want Covid to go home




Green fields and potato peels

Beautiful views and mammy’s stew

School skirts and leaving certs


Disco lads and funny dads

Flat 7up and Liam McCarthys cup

Hill Sixteen and Roy Keane


Sunday mass and the 3Arena pass

Works strain and young loves pain

Girls cliches and hurling sticks


Being Irish is something I love

And not all Dubliners are rough

Being Irish, I am proud

Being Irish, I will say it out loud


Disco No.1


It was their first dance,

There was raving,

And lots of misbehaving,

And some found a cheeky romance!


It was an experience some might say,

Girls orange with fake tan,

Trying to convince the doorman,

But that’s a story for another day!


Most Men are Pricks


Most the men I’ve met in my life have been pricks

They’ve hurt me, or someone I love

Or have no control of their mind


People make excuses, “oh boys will be boys!”

But men need to learn that women are not toys.




The pandemic that stripped us of our dreams

Discos, holidays, meeting grandparents

I think it’s fair to say we have had enough

Our patience is running out

However, we will get through this


We’re all in this together


Hurl and Sliotar


Hurl and sliotar in hand

As the familiar calm feeling spreads around the body

Is there a feeling like the feeling of racing through the land

As of the rest of the world was foggy


My Pet Dog


I have a pet dog who messes about

He has pointy ears and a scrawny snout

He has brilliant hearing just like a horse

And I must say he’s really fast!


He is really fast

And loves to play ball

But eating is his favourite thing of all!




When the rain came

The drain was in pain

It flowed and poured

Until there was no more

And it all went to the shore