Loreto College, St. Stephen’s Green, Co. Dublin

The Shadows

In the darkness of the night,
While you are trying to sleep.
Thoughts are repeated
Over and over,
Sticking in your mind.

They tell you things
That you don’t want to hear.
They tell you things
Until you believe them yourself.

And it never stops.

‘You are different.
They are judging you
For everything you do wrong.
You didn’t say this,
You didn’t do that,
You don’t look like this.

You will never change.
You are not good enough.
You will never be good enough.
They won’t miss you when you’re gone.’

And then it stops.

The Ocean Sings

What the ocean sings
The whales whistles
The sharks grizzle
And the dolphins giggle

The big blue waves
And the cold dark caves
We swim in the shallows
To our deep, deep graves

Secrets and Lies

All the secrets and lies,
The rumours made up,
And each petty fight,
The promises broken,
And laughs and the smiles,
The things people said,
That were forgtten with time,
The jokes that were told,
The memories made,
The people who hurt us,
But all hurt overcame.

The Bright Light Shines

The bright light shines,
As it lights up the night,
They say I’ll be alright,
But I’m not quite sure.

There’s red and blue and pink,
They reflect in the fresh rain,
Seeing them helps me forget the pain.

But as I said,
I’m not quite sure,
How will I go on,
When the light is no more.


What the darkness murmurs
Is always heard,
Is spread by words.

Whispers by strangers almost stay closed
Until the darkness’s whispers are finally told.
So remember, the darkness murmurs
Are always heard.


A world without darkness
We played together
Where words couldn’t harm us

I loved those times
Without any worries
Now so much has changed
My head’s in a flurry

The Ocean

What the ocean sings
Are tunes of the waves
That are always there
Ringing in caves

What the ocean sings,
Is transported to the sand
That will always remain
On this earths land

What the Darkness Says

The covers cover the streams from eyes and the screams,
That are silenced by the fabric on mouth’s touch.
The mind races to control the thoughts of the days,
Where the sun and the sea break at breaking point.
Where horizons were blurred by the foggy memories of a dewy Saturday night,
And pupils dilated with the glimpse of a future of where the bond became art.
Here the only sight of black draws the ugly, perfect thoughts and dreams,
But to miss someone and miss the potential you had with someone are two different things.

A Time

A time before heartbreak
When laughter echoed the hall
And voices filled the air.

These walls remember
A time before sadness
When footsteps made the floorboards creak
Before the door was shut and the people were gone.

My Generation

My generation is destroyed
So much that it makes everyone paranoid
The way we’re treated is unfair
And it’s upsetting the fact it’s normal to have an affair
Growing up in this way
No man will stay
By your side
Unless you let the things they do slide

These Walls

When it’s doors were first opened as a school
When the boarders went through the red door for the first time
Not knowing that students would still be walking through that door today

Remember the big sleep in once a year
They remember the big fire of 1986
These walls are survivors
These walls mourn there loses
And celebrate there graduates

These walls love and hate just as we do

Too Many Nights

Remember the 6 th of September
Nights full of joy wonder and splendour
Too many nights yet not enough to recall
Sometimes I wonder if anything happened at all
So I made a decision, I decided to save
Everthing that made me happy that made me want to change
Despite all this, there’s one thing that brings me pain
Is the fact that I’m beginning to forget your face


What the ocean sings
And the blue whale sees,
When the royal queen brings
The hive of dead honey bees.

Alas, no more can we smile and wave,
As we place the bees inside the grave.
The queen must tell the king
That the ocean shall no longer sing.

The Beautiful Sea

The ocean, the vast mass of water
The beautiful sea creatures, fish, seals and otters
The seagulls squawking, hoping for food
Flapping their wings in a never ending feud
The flash of the lighthouse, guiding boats back to shore
The sunny days at the beach, you don’t have to pay for
The lapping of the tide, on the golden sand
The people laying on the beach in hope of getting tanned

This Generation

My generation is
Who is it calling to
Or speaking for
The Lord, Mother Nature ,
The people who wander with love and awe
Or the ones who destroy

It’s sharing their beauty when it was pure and full of colour
While now we share for self beauty


The thumps and the hits
And the loud calls for help,
And all I could ever do was welp.
Remember the screech of the nails
And the screams of wails.
Remember the sound
Of my body hitting the ground,
And then next I was found
Face flat down in the cold hard ground.

The Pain

The pain you felt the day he died
The sadness you feel
Growing and Growing
Day by Day
The tears that ran down your face
Like the rain the day of December 16th
Your times with him
You will always remember
The hole in your world that day …
He passed


Remember the day I first arrived
Two days old, my parents brought me home
Remember my first words
And the day I took my first steps
These walls remember
The day I put on a school uniform the first time
And they remember the day I last put it on
Remember the day I packed my bags
And left the house for good
Now the walls don’t recognise me

The Shadows

Are untold truths
And untold lies
Conversations that have been heard within your absence
And not your presence
Your absence is noted but not forgotten
Forgotten by those who are invested in talking and noted by the silent who seem to care.
Harshful words spat back and forth creating a frenzy of hatred in the matter of seconds
A team effort made without a thought passing by
As it all melts away the next time they say “hi”.


When I was born
The walls were painted pink
And the room was decorated with all things pink and fluffy
Painting of fairies and princesses hung on the walls
When I turned 13 the pink was turned to grey
The painting were taken down and replaced with posters and pictures of friends
The walls remember when I moved on to college
And the grey was turned to green
For my little brother to start his own journey inside these walls


Every scrap and fight
Hungover morning after each wild night
Gossip and rumour spread
Test cheated and class to be dread
Friendship turned sour
Your left feeling dour
Memories to last forever
Relationships tested
We wish we could sever


When you moved into the home,
When you said your first word,
When you made your first step,
When you cried on your way
To your very first day of school
All these memorable moments in life
Were captured and hung onto these walls
You look at the wall when you are old and grey
To recall these moments
You can’t remember but these walls can


When the kids would scream
And their voices echo,
When the teachers would teach
And the children would scribble,
When the chairs used to creek
And the tables would squeak
And everyone still believes


It wants to be used for good
To defend the defenceless
To keep people safe
But instead
It is the wand of conquest
Taking over countries
Killing thousands of people for power
Fuelling wars
Maiming the innocent
But no one realises
What the cold steel wants


Remember the old
Remember the new
Remember the good times
Remember the bad
Flushed red
Awkward sad
Remember everything!