Jesus & Mary Secondary School, Gortnor Abbey, Crossmolina, Co. Mayo



Isolated, stuck watching the world go by in a glass box,

Friends grown up, now I’m stuck with my own thoughts,

Spirit shackled, empty, lifeless,

Is this meant to be what life is?

But there must be a reason I’m seeing out of these eyes,

For we will have nothing left if hope dies,

So hold your head up high,

For its always brighter on the other side




Skin like glass

I’m a silhouette

Troubled by the emptiness


Crinkled paper

And the slight taste of despair

The light of dawn breaks;

Yet I’m in sleepless reverie


I’m standing in the rain

Drenched to the bone

Grey coloured glasses distort my reality


Numb, I heave a sharp breath

The frigid air fills my corrupted lungs


And as my glass silhouette

Returns from my muse

I go back to pretending that the world is renewed.


Life to Come


Sunlight dances on the leaves

Of trees we have yet to see


Waves gently kiss the shore

Of oceans we have yet to explore


Stars twinkle in the skies we have yet to be beneath

Angels sing in the songs we have yet to hear


Smiles sparkle on the faces we have yet to meet

Pages turn in our favourite books we have yet to read


Hands slowly intertwine

With the love we have yet to find


Please, stay alive.




I’m put together in my mannequin mind

No one can discover my plastic crimes


But I’m unravelling my faux smile

Being watched by a thousand eyes


It’s not easy being of this type,

My head is heavy, I cant hold it high

My mind is racing, I want to hide

Can someone just give me a sign


I’m trying to pull it together

I’m trying to make it better

I’m trying to be perfect for you

But plastic melts too.


Make me a mannequin.


Backward Progress


Compared, scared, eyes over your shoulder,

The dogs chasing a hare.


Learning, burning, always moving but not going,

Never knowing what’s ahead because God knows the people that knew are dead.


Everyone’s better, we can talk about this later, speak your mind you labelled a hater.


Never ask why, get sky high, don’t deal with your problems and think of a lie. Why?

Because you must, because you can’t trust, too many thoughts your head WILL bust.


Why aren’t you like your brothers, don’t talk like that to your mother, go to your room.

The future looms.




Laying on your chest listening to your heart beat,

The metronome to our connected souls,

Our body heat collides as our young hearts love

But yet hand in hand with suffer and pain,

The foundation of the true meaning,

Only then do you realize the true connotation,

True love, must come with agony


Always Expected


I bet you got an A

That’s what is said

Or if I did worse than them

My failure is their achievement

I can’t wish others well if I did better

You’d probably cry if you got this letter,

Got this grade so how can you say that?


Yet I’m never proud

Never proud of my grade

It’s what is expected

It is always expected

So what should be a reason to be proud

Is a relief that once again I have not failed




Growing of age in a house,

Where it’s just the two,


There used to be four

But they slowly flew,


Off to collage goes one,

And the other to AA


The liver dying, slowly fading away.


The depression you feel is nothing in compare,

To the pain of your mother, tearing her hair


Many lives lost from drink, in this family alone,

This girl is scared, scared of her own.


He rolls into the house, face as red as rose,

Grabbing anything that would stop him from being so low




Everyone is beautiful, until your teeth aren’t straight

And your hips don’t curve “as they should”

Everyone is beautiful, until your body gains weight

And you don’t wear the clothes others would

Everyone is beautiful until the minor flaws decide they can’t be

But in my eyes

Everyone is beautiful, so why don’t they see


My Story


I don’t know what to do

But it’s gonna be from me and not from you

It’s my story for me to tell

So stay back and listen well

I’m live a good life but in school I don’t

I speak my own mind but others won’t

I’m the one that always speaks up

So my peers can sit back and live it up

I don’t like what I have to do

But it’s not for me it’s for you




In a world where we judge, where we can’t but hold a grudge,

In a place where we’re all hurt, but cover each other in dirt,

In a world where were ‘free’, but watch others continuously flee,

In a land where people die for money, yet people who have the coins find it funny,

In a universe where the men always stay on top,

Standing in the riot when a person’s been shot by a cop,

In a country where us people, we work all day,

In other parts of town they’re being beat for being gay,

In a village where we live, girls and boys and adults and kids,

Why is it that we have not once ever lived in bliss,

In a world that is so amazing and great,

Why do people have to harm others just to put food on their plate,





Girls can’t play

Boys do say

They’re not good

If only girls could?

Not given a chance but how do they know?

The skills girls have but cannot show.

Girls and boys, we are the same

Sport is for everyone




Love will make me hate you,

Never look your way again.

Love will make you hurt me,

But the thing is I don’t know when.

When you may hurt me, when you might go

How long before it happens, I need to know so.


The World


The world is changing

And everyone is blaming

The ones who don’t know

But we have to show

Show each other

Help one another

To figure out how

To help this world


The Lost One


It felt like a dream,

I was lost,

The pain was unforgiving.


The ones I loved were no longer reachable,

It felt like a string had just been cut,

Never even had a change to tangle.


Reality felt like a distance that could not be reached,

The memory of people apologies for my lost that they had not caused angered me,

Rage, guilt, sorrow consumed me, air no longer reachable, gasping


Air did not seem necessary,

Not anymore,

Not as my loved ones were no longer reachable.




Is supposed to be out fuel

Supposed to make you think

Just a kink

It’s whole system is defective

It’s not corrective

It plays to a narrative

Results only matter

It doesn’t make you the master

It makes you self-conscious

Effects you in your subconscious


I’ll See You Soon


We loved to walk,

Now we don’t even talk.

My family still asks for you,

Probably the same for you too.

Maybe I’ll see you soon?

Maybe by the time we are twenty two.

Still I will wait for you to say you’ll see me too




Wear gaudy colours or avoid display

Lay a million eggs or give birth to one

The fittest shall survive yet the unfit may live

Be like your ancestors or be different

We must repeat!


What Wonders


It lingers for a long time

Bits and bits go and go

It’s either silky or dry

Any colour dye

Similar or different

Short or long

There or not.

It’s a pretty thing we have.

What wonders does hair do for us.


A Box


Trying to fit into something that you’re not

You’re told to be this, be that, be happy

When in reality, things are really crappy

Follow your dreams they say

But in reality when it’s something they don’t approve of they look away

So we may as well just do what we please

Because if we don’t we may look back in disbelief

Open the box and live your life

Only then will you properly strive




I can’t write a poem good enough but I can try,

I’ll rhythm silly words in awkward time,

I’ll listen to others with a shock,

A lot of heartbreak and sadness that some could mock,

I don’t take it as serious as I should,

But you’d wonder what would happen if I could,

I like poems I think they’re cool,

But sometimes I’m scared I’ll look like a fool.


“Randomness in my Head”


Sat in a classroom full of dust

Everyone seems to have everything sussed

Seem to be in my own bubble here

Where I can only listen out my ear

To everyone loud and buzzing and chirpy

And all I want is an ice cold mcflurry

Stuck behind a piece of fabric

Wondering how much longer we’ll have it

Can’t wait til the rona is gone for good

A big party we’ll have

He shouts “we should!”

Into my head and typed on a device

Surely this isn’t life, right?

But all I can do is smile and nod

And hope that someday i’ll meet u with god

So you’ve not missed much

Just the long for your touch


God Knows


Well here we are the world is screwed,

And everyone and anyone is stuck in tucked,

And who knows when it will end only God,

And some people are only worried about their summer bod,

Some people are worried about hay,

And some just want to go out and play,

But one things for sure is that we are nearing the end of the book,

But we don’t know what the last chapter will look.




When Covid came

China got the blame

We stayed at home

All alone

Online school

Isn’t very cool

I went for walks

While enjoying some talks

We’d love to be free

We can all agree




P-portrays the panic I felt when she up the aisle, being taken from me.

A is the anger I felt beneath my skin tingling clawing it’s way out.

I is the for iciness the chill of the day, where I felt lonelier that the day itself

N is for never knowing love to get in the way of the hate itself.




I walked along a yellow road

Through a lovely woods

On a sunny day

The day got warm

I thought love would cross fate

When you walk between the

Trees and among the animals

I don’t think what would happen

When i’m gone




My favourite colour

Different shades

Looking so rich

Any is fine

I’m not picky

A red dress

Camouflaged in blood

Oh what a beautiful thing

The flow of the dress swaying from each side

As the world dances in still moves

The whole crowd is left stunned and silent

Covered in the rich colour


Oh so peaceful


The World


The world is burning.

But still turning.

People crying.

Things dying.

Love and hate.

Are we too late?

No more forests.

No more oceans.

All this chaos around the bend.

But will it ever truly end?


A Girl


There’s a girl in my class

Who thinks she’s class

She annoys me a lot

And talks like a bot

She keeps cheesing me

But it’s actually a breeze to me




Those toes are so

Utterly doused in butter

Buttery toes they

Stuttered in awe of all the

Butter to strangers

They look like a nutter

The toes blows on the

Crow’s nose


My Friend


I have a strange friend named Ross

He thinks he can sing but he’s pretty dross

He’s only ever on the doss

But sometimes when I feel sad

He makes me feel less bad

He calls himself Ross the boss




I was playing football

Against the wall

With my friend Paul

So I slide tackled him

And broke his shin

And now he’s in the bin




There was a guy called Ned

Who loved the colour red

When he got fed he would go to bed

And wake up in a shed

And met a footballer called Fred