Grange Post Primary School, Co. Sligo.

Slow Motion

Everything feels like its moving in slow motion
I look around and all i see is commotion
When i finally snap back into reality
Every thought comes rushing back acting like brutality
As my mind over flows
With every thought I’ve ever known.
I know its all in my head
But my thoughts are stringing out like a loose thread

In The End

Love will torture you consume you in pain
Make you believe it will never fade away
Always wondering where it went wrong
And just like that its all gone
But in the end
Heartbreak will make you gain
And somehow you forget about the pain

Growing Up

When you were younger
Growing up sound so good
But now that it’s happening
It’s not what it’s like you thought it would.
The stress, the panic
The change in mood
I just want to go back
To when days were good.

To Fly

I was so excited
To learn how to fly
But then I was scared
I thought I would die

I overcame my fear
And took the big leap
But when I jumped
I didn’t land on my feet

I was soaring through the sky
On my own two wings
I was having so much fun
Doing all sorts of thing

I was so proud of myself
I wanted to start singing
But the dream wouldn’t last
I hit into a building


My mum horse rides
My cousins play pianos
My grandad was a sailor
My family are fisherman
I can’t play the violin like I’m expected to
And I can’t sail a boat like my grandad wanted
But they love me for me,
And I love them for loving me


The time has run out and the cloak sings its tune.
Pages flip and pens write down
Answers that I never knew,
Waiting for it to end it seems so long
As the teacher collects another page
That will determine where I belong.

Right Track

I live in a house near the sea,
My favorite things in life are Humanity, sunsets, and nature,
I have a big family which I am so grateful for,
My favorite things to do are be with my family
Irish dance and be active
I try to get there most out of life even though I’m only sixteen
So by giving to others and hoping to receive it back
I know i will always be on the right track.

House with a Mouse

Live in a house
With a mouse
The mouse is white
And can fly a kite
He wears a pinky tie
And love rye bread
He watches Father Ted on my tv

A Ham Man

I am a man
I drink from a can
Sometimes I like to eat ham
Online i like to spam
And i like toast with jam
I know a woman called pam
She owns a lamb
Last night I fell for an Indian scam


I am an alpha male
I am an omega male
I am a beta male
I am a sigma male
I am a gamma male
I am a delta male
I am a kappa’s male
I am man


I’m now gonna rhyme
like I’m lil mosey
I swear i ain’t nosey
All the time i rap bars no one even knows me
Nah i ain’t crap i just flow my bars
No cap i just ate a mars bar
Cant stop now this beat is so fire
The beat ain’t stopping me not even storm Bara

Simple Guy

I’m a simple guy
I love my steak fry
My bestie is Phil
I’ve an over due bill
And i feel like i can fly

Shed Head

I live in a shed
I don’t have a bed
I steal lots of lead
I kick kids in the head


I am a farmer
I have two goats
They like to scratch
On the posts