Ennistymon Community School, Clare


I’m sure we’re taller in another dimension
people say we r small and they don’t want to mention
just 16 how was i soposed to know
when i see u when i have another life
it will be different
look at eachotehr knowing how we used to be not knowing who we are now
wanting to go back to then back to the simpler time
and i’ll say to u “it’s been a long time “
look in ur eyes seeing all the memories from before all the good and bad



Impeccability, faultlessness,
immaculacy are words
that cannot truly describe any material
existing in this imperfect world.
Everything and everyone has not a one,
but a lot of flaws,
the problem is that a flaw
isn’t always something bad.
A flaw in a person is a uniqueness,
inimitable feature that forms
an individual that stands out among others.
You will never be able to become perfect,
but you are already beautiful
just because you exist.


Grey Matter

Black & white results in gray,
it is so unnoticeable , it is soo gray.. But that’s still a colour after all.

Once I’ve been asked ” Who you are”
I struggled to answer, I have nothing on my mind.
You can’t say “I don’t know”, but you must give the answer

I said – “I’m gray”
– “Are you?” He responded
With all my honesty in my heart, Ipicking the most straight forward thing I could imagine – greymatter

Screaming Walls

I look around, not making a sound,
With the screaming walls behind me.
Terror rising within my soul,
pressure around my body.

I find myself searching,
Am i the problem? no surely not
I look in the mirror, smile back at myself
While in my stomach, I feel a knot

But that was me two years ago.
Oblivious to the damage that was done.
I’m better now, I tell myself.
While still those around me, want to run.




Life’s journey
a winding road
Through valleys low and mountains bold.
In every step
a tale to tell
Of highs and lows
where hearts dwell.

With each sunrise
a new chance
To dance with fate
to take a stance.
In every moment
beauty’s grace
Life’s simple joys
our saving grace.



Behind every tunnel of darkness, is a light.
Behind every test, a lesson.
Without adversity you cannot grow.
Without the strength, to go forward, you can’t move.
Find the reason and the means to grow, and move.
To a shining light in the darkness.



Dribbles that are so messy.
Overly affectionate after school.
Good at making me feel better.
Slobbery kisses for no reason.



I walk to the pitch feeling sharp
Ready for another match.
I cannot wait but am already taking the bait
Feeling the nerves hit me and the fear of it not going well.
But I power on and do my thing playing and fighting with all my heart.
For this is sport my love and my hate.


I come from a small quaint village to a rough school town
I come from farms and fields to vapes and drink
I come from hurling and football to social media
I come from quite polite children to loud boystrice boys
And that is my home to my school town.

The Difference

Thought I knew the difference
between heaven and hell
Between the dark and the light
Every day it gets a little harder to tell
And both of us can’t be right.

Halls of Learning

in the halls of learning, a test does cast its shade,
the junior cert a burden, on young shoulders laid.
endless nights of study, the pressure mounts so high pages blur to nothingness, our spirits they do sigh. a rite of passage, harsh and cold that many must endure
dreams of freedom stifled by memorizations lure
yet through this trial weall must tread a path of stress and fret for in the end, it’s just a step, one day we will forget.

What is

If they loved you , you’d know
If she can steal him , let him go
For if it was meant to be
You’d be the one he’d see

I was born

On an ennistymon street.
There the cool lad( townies)would walk all over us, if we didn’t smoke or drink, we were told to get out. And go talk to the freaks always outside the sweet shop. And when it was time to go, we would all scramble home. And if we were late, we would know about. Whether it was a slap or a clap across the ears and be put on hunger strike till the next morningggg.


From early morning

To late nights throughout all the seasons I head to the land and farm the farm
I head to the yard and start the tractor and she will run from day to day hour to hour my tractors will do all they are needed to

Wether the cows are bad or good I will take the good with the bad and farm from day to night


Passions Run Deep

Oh, Inagh and Kilnamona, the hurling passion runs deep,
In Clare, where the hurlers rise and the competition’s steep.
From the young lads on the field to the seasoned veterans,
They give it their all, leaving nothing to chance.

The sliotar flies through the air with speed and precision,
As the players battle on, fueled by their ambition.
With skillful strikes and lightning-fast reflexes,
They show their love for hurling, no need for guesses.

Inagh and Kilnamona, united in their quest,
To bring glory to their county, they give their very best.
The fans in the stands, cheering loud and strong,
Supporting their team, singing victory’s song.

So let’s raise a toast to the hurlers of Clare,
Their passion and dedication, beyond compare.
Inagh and Kilnamona, forever in our hearts,
For their love of hurling, a true work of art.


Council Worker

Council workers truly are something. There is a pothole in the road and so the old yellow truck comes.out comes 20 gorilla-ape men who left school at the age of 6. They block up the road and say it will take 3 days but instead it take three business years.one of them is eating a chicken roll another’s smoking a fag one of them fell asleep in the digger and stop sign man is on TikTok. Then there’s the superhero,the one in a million,digging like there’s no tomorrow. They always fix the road that were built last year and then go and build a concrete barn worth a million. The council.

This Town

Ennistymon, where the good times flow,
A town in Clare, where you gotta go.
From the cascading falls, with their mighty roar,
To the charming streets, you’ll want to explore.

Grab a coffee at a local café,
Chat with friends, let the worries sway.
The boutiques and shops, full of unique finds,
Ennistymon’s charm, it truly shines.

Stroll along the river, feel the gentle breeze,
Take in the beauty, put your mind at ease.
Whether day or night, there’s always a thrill,
Ennistymon’s magic, it’s hard to still.

So come on down, let the adventure begin,
Ennistymon’s waiting, with a welcoming grin.
With its vibrant spirit, it’ll steal your heart,
Ennistymon, a town that sets itself apart.



I’ve been asked to write a poem
And I just can’t get going
My insecurity is flowing
I want to go to Rome

The world is waiting to be traveled
I can now just afford a ticket
I’ll be gone like a cricket
My thoughts have been unraveled.


are pretty and very witty

you are my fav
you’re very brave

i love you so
more than you know


Spring is here, colours appearr
flowers are blooming
the sunshine is bright in the sky so blue
nature walks and i feel new



The stakes are high and shots are low, under the trees I have to go.
She’s in the crowd staring me down straining me to hit my shot.
The mighty shot I have to hit like the great himself Tiger woods.
For this is my sport my love and my hate.


The Field

Hailing from the village of inagh
Drinking from a teacup made in china
Hurlings our game
Passion by name
As we marry the field and win the cannon and bring it home like the great Brian Barry


Horse Riding

There is no better feeling
Then the wind breezing
There is no better feeling
Then up on the sadle
Watching the horses wadle
There is no better feeling
Then cantering along the beach
There is no better feeling
Then winning a show
And everyone being wowed
There is no better feeling
Then horseriding


Hill 16

From the fields of my parish to hill 16
I’m proud to say I’m on the team
In County Clare, where green fields stretch wide,
Our Gaelic football teams fill us with pride.
The clash of the boots, the thud of the ball,
The determination and spirit, we give it our all.



A beautiful jellyfish, gliding in sea
It’s the most beautiful thing I could see

It’s shiny crystal-clear body was shining light
In the dark body of ocean, it was a wonderful sight.


The Realm of Wrong

In the realm of wrongs, where darkness lies,
The battle for justice, beneath the skies.
Men and women, with courage true,
Stand against evil, whatever ensues.

Rights enshrined, in hearts and in law,
Defending the weak, without a flaw.
Through trials and struggles, they persist,
Fighting for freedom, they can’t resist.

In the face of injustice, they raise their voice,
For every person, they make the choice.
To uphold dignity, for all to see,
In the pursuit of fairness, they’ll always be.


Broken Record

From broken promises, always too early or late,
but nothing ever changes.
trying to forget, but always remembering despite my uttermost efforts.
always trying to see the best in it all,
but still it’s out of my control.
whatever happens, happens, is what they say,
but in reality, that’s never how it feels.



nature walks , a way to escape
nature walks ,a breeze on my face

watching the blue sky
and the birds fly by

all my worries disappear
and my head goes clear.



I listen to everything
I listen to the sweaty speakers ,choking out songs
I listen to the hills constellated with pretty flowers
I listen to the rebounding ball slapping against my shins
I listen to flip flops against the glass floors when holidays
I listen the howling moon bleeding through my open curtains
I listen to my colliding bangles worn by my wrists there fake metals sounding exclusive
I listen to everything



To the window to the wall .
To the radiator to the alligator.
To the mid life crisis to the Cuban missile crisis.
is it better to go somewhere or nowhere.
is it better to be someone or a no-one .
Why do you feel empty when your so full of hope.
When your lying why do I feel like crying.



It engulfs you,
As though it is a deep sea wave,
The rush of adrenaline you receive in the last few minutes.
The final nearly over and down by one.
Tensions are high, all at stake.
Was this year all a waste?
The whistle blows and now its done.
Teammates in despair, you haven’t won.


Small Town

In a small town
Everyone knows your buisness
Some talk,others whisper
Some stare, some look away
Gossip is the game.

Feelings get hurt
Feelings get spared
But with all this
I’m proud to say
I live in a small town

Who are you?

who is she?
who is he?
who really is anyone?
the only person who could know that,
is you yourself.
you are your own choices, your experiences and interests that make you you
not who someone else wants you to be.


My favourite thing
to do
when I go home
Is it sit on my phone
and eat one of my granny’s scones.


System Glitch Trauma Error Code

“Please let me leave front someone please take over.”
The first thing our host said when he found out about our system.
Scared and in denial he still begged to leave,
to let someone else take control of a body
he just learned wasnt all his.
New host same thing.
“Its not real im not real im just delusional”
the words i repeat again and again
because how am i a system?
Im not a system i cant remember trauma?
So why are you here?
Go away your not real.
Your not real.
Im not real, Im just delusional.
This is going to happen again.
It happens again and again and again.
-jasper, jace, max and 67 others.
(I promise we’re not delusional just traumatised)
((this is too personal sorry))


Shadow School

In a school where shadows loom,
A place that feels like endless gloom.
Where heavy books and tests abound,
And smiles are rarely to be found.

But let me tell you, my dear friend,
This sadness doesn’t have to be the end.
For in each day, a chance awaits,
To find joy amidst the school’s tough gates.

Seek out friendships, laughter, and fun,
Discover passions that make you run.
Embrace the challenges, learn and grow,
And soon you’ll see your spirits glow.

Remember, my friend, you’re not alone,
Together, we’ll face the unknown.
So let’s find ways to make it bright,
And turn this school into a shining light.

Living life

Life is a journey, full of twists and turns,
With moments of joy and lessons to learn.
Sometimes it’s tough, and we stumble along,
But it’s in those moments we grow strong.

Each day is a chance to start new,
To chase our dreams and make them come true.
We find love, we find laughter, we find pain,
But through it all, we learn to sustain.

Life is a gift, a precious treasure,
To be cherished and lived with pleasure.
Embrace the highs, embrace the lows,
For in each experience, our wisdom grows.

So let’s live life fully, with passion and hate,
Seeking adventures, and giving our best.
For in the end, it’s not about the struggle,
But the beauty and wonder of this precious life.



I have a puppy called pearll
Pearl oh pearl, so sweet and kind,
with fur so soft and eyes that twinkle and shine,
Your wagging tail, a joyful sign,
In my heart you will forever be mine


Sugar & Sweet

Girls with laughter bright and smiles so sweet,
Dancing freely, their joy a lovely beat.
In their eyes, a world of dreams unfold,
Stories untold, in their hearts, they hold.

With grace and strength, they face each day,
In their kindness, the world finds its way.
Girls, a treasure, in every way


Bawl Sesh

This school is draining while i look at side it’s raining
my head is spinning the lights are dimming
i hate this school i am no fool
why am i here i ask myself
i look aroud and the dull walls
remember all the times it has made me bawl

Teenage years

Full of life and fun,
Exploring our world, one by one.
Friendships formed, memories have been made,
In this wild journey, we never fade.



Sports are used to engage
People join for fun
Or for friends whatever the
Reason there’s always a
Team ready just for you.


Sun Kiss

Sunrise kiss on dewy land,
Plow and plant, dirt-stained hand.
Green shoots grow, the cycle’s charm,
Farming life, the earth’s own balm.

What it is!

it’s a a dog
it’s a frog
it’s a cat
it’s a rat


AI Poem

In County Clare, a team so strong,
Ruan Hurling Club, where legends belong.
With sticks in hand and sliotars flying,
They battle on the field, never shying.

Their passion for hurling, it’s clear to see,
As they chase victory with heart and glee.
From Ennistimon, they proudly hail,
Their skills and teamwork never fail.

On the pitch, they weave their magic spell,
With every strike, they cast a spell.
Ruan Hurling Club, a force to be reckoned,
Their dedication and talent, truly second to none.

So here’s to Ruan Hurling Club, may they soar high,
Bringing glory and pride to the Clare sky.
With every game, they leave their mark,
A team that shines bright, even in the dark.