Edmund Rice Secondary School, Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipperary

I’m Not Scared

I’m not scared of the people who tell me I should be
I just want to do what I love and never wonder what I could be
I just want to be the best for everyone
But then I find it hard to look at what I’ve become
All of this stuff man it affects my health
Breaks me down and I can’t even ask for help.


The Lonely Leaf

The lonely leaf
It fell from the long bow
The bow that was placed
At the top of the tree
As it was released
It shone with glee
It slowly hit the ground
It was so gentle
So gentle it didn’t make a sound
Now it blows on the floor of the town

Aaron O’Driscoll

Who I Am

This is who I am
A child who grew up with an accent that impressed women
But found a vehicle to humiliate a boy from a place
That isn’t really liked at this time
This is who I am
The boy who decided to change who he is
Because he was different or something more along the lines
Of the one time you went out and your clothes didn’t quite fit
This is who I am
A tween who doesn’t know who he is yet
And has a fever dream about writing, producing and singing with a team of three
This is who I am
A man who has realised he has spent 10 years of life trying to change who he is
Instead of using his integrity as a weapon to show to everyone else
That I am the best person I can be just by being myself
This is who I am

Blaine Gwilliam


Feeling trapped in this prison cell
Same four walls, feels like a prison cell
Everyday I come here in my shirt and tie
Sitting here bored, my brain is getting fried
I was told school was good for us, but now I’m thinking that they lied
They ignore the kids here battling depression
Then call us the problem when they find us on a session
They’re on the news and radio blaming us youth
While I’m here spitting facts, nothing but the truth



Car soccer on monitor
Dead people on R6 seige
Hurling and football
Against the wall
Down in the village
Drinkin with the boys
Swimmin in the river
Drink in my liver



Fingers getting caught and cut, can’t stand the affliction…. Of pain.
We gather at the track but it’s really just a field.
We want to go fast, no intention to yield.
You leave your car at home on the lift,
Going out instead in favour of the shift.
All the months spent working and fighting frustration,
Just for the odd day of joy and elation.
On the day of a race, a friend becomes a rival,
It feels so deep like a fight for survival.
You collect your prize, enjoying the recognition,
Looking forward to afterwards talking about fuel and ignition.
Trying so hard to explain it to your friends but they don’t want to know,
They think it’s all for show.
My closest friends are all so much older than me,
Nearly all are born before nineteen ninety.
You get behind the wheel and it’s just you and the car working in harmony.
It’s a chance to be free from social pressure and anxiety.

Larry O’Shea

This Talk

This talk was brilliant,
I enjoyed it a lot I laughed so much it feels like my stomach got shot.
Your life story sounds very hard ,
But you’re very positive and happy even though you should be scarred.
Thank you very much for this fantastic talk
My throat is so sore from laughing,
I sound like a duck.


Every Day

I wake up everyday, same time, so boring ,
Everyday same stuff teachers ignoring ,
Same classes every week this is hell,
All we do as students is listening waiting for the bell,
I wish school could be more crazy,
All TY is doing to us is making us lazy,
Id rather be at home playin Fortnite,
I hate this mental fight,
It keeps me up at night,
Basically blind no sight,
I’ll fly a kite.



Sitting in my chair
Head in the air
I Just don’t care
About school to be fair
Ye coming to the jump
See your nan coming and I hit her thump
She is so scared of me she runs like Forest Gump
I don’t want mumps or depression
I’ll fight your father 99 aggression

Oisín Crowley


Farms, barns and run down cars.
Outside of the boots and eating fruit.
Breakfast rolls and Tuesday night training in the wind and rain.
Doing the hard runs and pushing through the pain.
Green field miles long, in the pub singing songs.

Sean O’Meara

I Live

I live in a world of pointless
Same stuff everyday
Get up for school and make your way
We are given a load of books
That just sit on the table and give us looks
Teachers just stand and shout
No clue what about
This is my day
Just wish I could live it my way



Sometimes after a long day,
All the work’s done, all the teachers had their say,
You’re constantly been working,
You’re head’s started hurting,
Sometimes it’s the simple bits,
Like watching a movie or playing a Switch,
Playing a board game or running around,
These simple things can stop you from feeling down,
But if they don’t that doesn’t matter,
Everyone’s different and that makes life better.

Patrick O’ Brien

Liam Wells Classic Eleven

Winning games since 2007
Flying high on development squads
Until one broken bone put that to a stop

Missing trials and getting dropped
Long recovery working my way back up
Hard work and dedication
All worth it


Day on Day

Day on day I hate going to school
I’d rather stay at home cause it’s so cruel
Homework is stupid and overrated
Just like Donald Trump stupid and hated
Video games causing violence
No it’s just some depressed people looking for help
Cause they’re all stressed out


Ye Call Me

Ye they call me rabbit
This is a turtle race

Craig Drennan