Dunmore Community School Dunmore, Co. Galway

Need of God

I have need of God
Although it is useless
To tread in the dust
To excavate the soil
To embrace the air
To caress the light
To gaze fully at the blue
Or lose it in the valley
To stop to take the hope from an orchard
Even to throw a kiss to space
That screams of love to things untouched
I have need of God
Until I can feel myself accompanied by all mankind

Alejandro Barriocanal

A Choice

I was 14 when I took my first drink
A choice I needed to rethink
Not a care in this twisted world
Oh, those were rough times
Down under the arches
No one to be seen
I took a deep breath
Oh, how this world is mean
Older now looking back on my youth
Thinking of the decisions
That led me to the truth
Oh, how times have changed
Happy out
But remainder’s here and there
This path that I took helped me with his death
Oh, how much I miss my papi

Aoibhe Burke


Awkward is one way I would describe it
I come to play a sport, not to talk
They don’t want to listen to me anyway.
They whisper about me when I catch the ball
But I know it’s not about my skill
I’ve learned to ignore gossip by now

Holly Redington


Today I was tasked to write a poem,
We were asked to roam,
Our minds so we can show’em,
The grow’en lonesome focus stoic poets endure,
And for sure the cure to sadness,
Is ironically derived from madness,
And gladness as you relieve,
The pressure from Steve.

Aryn Kenny


But the most amazing things in life are not just things
They are people and places memories dreams and hope
It can flitter away in just a second
So while your here take a minute to appreciate what you have
Because a lot of people don’t get this second
As the don’t have anything

Sean Halliday

La Vida

La vida es para aprender
No para perder
Aprovecha el tiempo
Como si este fuera tu ultimo momento



Everyone has a special talent or skill,
Be that music, art or sport,
I think for me it went downhill,
I don’t mean to sell myself short.
I feel as though I don’t belong,
But even still I try to play along,
Pretend as though I know
What I am doing in life as well.

Saoirse Birmingham


From the age of six
I was sick of cliques
I went on a bend
When I had no friend
With my parents separated
Always felt underrated
When the teachers were nosy
Life wasn’t rosy
I knew there was something wrong

Andrea Higgins Delaney

Night Out

It was on a night out
I finally had no doubt
That this would be the day
Where bad choices would stay
In my memory forever
I was only 14
Just out from a tween
With no care in the world

Shauna Hughes


This is where rumours are spread,
Not one insult being left unsaid,
Relationships are broke,
Because of some stupid bloke.
Here is where education is bull,
Which is what lead me to write this mouthful,
But all in all we have the crack,
Till someone is made feel like crap.
People are bullied by the ones who think they’re great,
Only because they think they’re not straight.
They think we’re dramatic but it’s just cruel.
This happens in a place called school.



To be Brave is to cry
But still to fight on

Sam Glynn


When you are lonely,
You have your Sony,
To talk to your friends along your way,
And to pray.
When you are lonely look on the bright side,
And surf on the tide,
Your best is yet to come,
So play your drum.

Orla Costello

Quiero Ganarme

Quiere ganarme en este evento
Pero yo me lo saco del camino
Todo el mundo quiere a chuty pq es
El q hace doble tempo como Argentino



I love to play sport,
Even if I’m in great discomfort,
I love to run around,
Jump up and down,
And this makes me to,
Never have a frown,
Even if it’s mean me running
Out of bounds

Sean Keadin

Grow Up

When I grow up!
When I grow up I would love to be a model,
Even though I might wobble.
When I grow up want to get a job as a beautician,
But I also might want to go fish in.
When I grow up I want to have a family,
We could all be very gamily.
When I grow up I just want to live a great life,
And want to be a great wife.

Nadine Walsh


I have done a bit of silage
I drove through the village
I have done a lot of millage
I went bailing through the night
I ran out of diesel

Dylan Brady

My Name

Hi my name is tib
I like to eat ribs
I like to raise big bids
Like to have money to treat my honey
I got big dollars
So I can get the scholars