Dungarvan C.B.S., Mitchell St, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford


When children are young told they can do no wrong
Children are told they can have anything they want
Parents tell them they are the best at everything
Now these children have grown up
They think they will get the world.
These children are expected to grow up and run a country
But with leadership comes failure
These children don’t know what failure feels like
These children don’t know that to make something
They must make the most of nothing
Failure is inevitable
You cannot shield your child forever


Only You

From insults to mind games
Sure it was only slagging
Digs to shoulders
We were only having a laugh
Secondary school was tough
But primary was tougher
Everybody thinks their own children
Can do no harm
Oh the days
Walking through the halls surrounded
But always alone
Underlying comments
Hidden meanings
Never included
Each day hoping it would be different
New Year’s new dreams
Always crushed on the first day
Those were the days
But there was one
One who didn’t judge
One who decided I might be worth something
Defended me when attacked
She always had my back.

Kai Anderson


From being popular and cool
Too lonely and a fool
From being out till late to sitting in all day
Going from a hero to a zero
I can stand here proudly
And say that was my past
I stand here now
Not caring about what the world has to say about me
I am the person I am for good reason
I love myself for who I am
And not what people want me to be
So I will never change for anyone
I will only change for the benefit of my life

Sean Mullarkey

The Circle

Ding, ding, ding
The sun rose and the sky was high
Birds chirping in the sky, nobody is around
Morning dew on the grass, oh its nicer inside
March through the streets, frost all around
The gates in the distance
Oh why, oh why, oh why
Walk in and see sad faces all around
Walking to the torture chamber
People all around
The devil is cunning
Sadness in my sight
I sit and sit and sit
Yet to no avail
Defeated souls crying
Why can’t I just leave
Boom boom boom
The bells all around
The time has finally arrived
Now I leave this place alone
Never to come back
Ding, ding, ding

The sun rose and the sky was high…


All Out

Still and silent… watching, waiting,
One goes, who can follow,
Here and now, the torture begins,

Around the final corner onto the narrow street… the pain,
The graveyard gate in sight that screams relief… the pain,
Colour fades from the world and all becomes dark… the pain,
It edges ever nearer but stays completely still… the burn,

That’s it!
The world comes back to life and the feeling of accomplishment
Is the only thing that saves you from collapse.

Kyle Walsh


One thing I really love is cycling
I do many sports but I enjoy cycling the most
The reason I prefer cycling to the other sports
Is because of the freedom and enjoyment I get out of it
Just the feeling of accomplishment when you climb
A mountain the view you get from the top
Makes you feel on top of the world above everyone else
And then the adrenalin when you go speeding down
Back to the rest of the world hitting the apex on every corner on the way down
And repeating again on a different day on a different mountain
It just is something to do when I need to free my mind
And be away from everyone else
It is a way of giving me peace and my own time
That everyone needs every once in a while

Taidgh Murray

“Was I Ready to Fight?”

The only thing I thought about that day
They say you have 60,000 thoughts a day
But that’s the only one I remember
They announced my name and I walked out
With the lingering fear of being knocked out
I was afraid of weighing in too light
When asked if I would get humiliated
I said “I might”
I got TKO’d in the first round
Just grateful I did not hit the ground
But I don’t regret one step I took
One word I said, or one punch I threw
I lost, but that was something I already knew

Adam Whelan

Those Were the Days

Oh those were the days
We used to hang out
Through all the bumps and winding roads
We stuck together
But those days were numbered
It all faded away
Now we dont even talk
We went our own way
The hole after you went
Can never be repaired

Kuba Kozluk

The Field

The field where legends are born
And passionate fans come to mourn
Where boys turn into men
And coaches tell players next year we can try again
When we hear the crowd roar
And the pure ecstasy as you get the score
In an instant when time stands still
One can truly say that GAA is a thrill

Shane Kirwin

To be Honest

To be honest school is lame,
All anybody wants is all the fame,
The Olympics are the game,
To be clear all games are the same,
Everybody wants to be a king with a reign,
Not everybody is the same


The True You

Being you is what makes you special,
Despite what people do to you,
They kick and push and mess you up,
But being you is what makes you nice,
They call and call you the stuff you despise,
But by being yourself you are putting
Something special and beautiful into the world
That wasn’t there before. The True you!



My name is Con
Soccer is my passion
Passing the ball
I cause some arguments
Shooting the ball
I hit the target
I may not score
but I’m like a brick
Im slick with my fashion
Call me and I’ll show you some passion



I got friends, who are fake friends,
Friends who are snake friends,
Friends that I left ‘cus they’re friends and I ain’t friends,
Friends who are great friends,
Friends who are stay friends,
Friends who are friends cuz we’re friends of the same friends

Jamie Lenane


When you play CSGO, you just say “Rush B” and go
When you meet Petrenko, you ask him for Moloko
Sometimes these games annoy me
Which puts me off



From being small and quiet
When I walked into to school
To having a good bit of craic with the lads everyday
I came into school. A big change
From being called small and a stupid smelly farmer
To being fairly smart and not as small
And respected as a farmer
And being happy everyday I walked around

Alo Gough

The Red Flag

As the wet grounds of France
The mark stumbled
As hundred-fiftieth-fives fall
As I advance death follows
As I hear the screams of both sides German and all
The Red flag rises


The Country

Out in the country is the best
But it is lonely
The lovely skies and beautiful views of mountains and fields
Sometimes have to make up for people and friends



I hate school
I wake up at half 7 every morning
To come to school
That ruins my creativity
And judges us by a letter on a piece of paper

Callum Carroll

Wake Up!

Feel the pressure in your chest
And you’re trying to figure out which step is next
You see no purpose
You’re running on the road
And you just feel worthless
Your tryna catch a train to get away
But you just cant reach it.
You’re lost…
You’re trying to buy ticket to her heart
But you can’t afford it.
Now you’re running again
Tryna reverse the memory
Step after step
Removing each thought
But you can’t


Waking Up

Waking up in the morning,
Feeling dead inside,
Not wanting to go to school,
Didn’t want to go outside,
The effort of getting up,
The effort of a shower,
The effort of school
And to do it all over again the next day,
Every day is an effort.

Adam O’Riordan

The Fight

The fear of height it’s like a light,
When your sight becomes slight,
Everything feels tight,
And you might just get it right,
When you get into a fight,
And will take place at night,
And they find you at a site,
Spite you being finite.

Tony Flynn Kirwan

My Life

My name is Gabor I’m a student in Dungarvan CBS
Currently I am doing well in school
I am enjoying life and doing well for myself
I have a part time job in a bar called the Anchor
I work weekends and when I get paid
I send some money home to my grandparents to help them
I enjoy playing video games and I play games like CSGO
And other first person shooters


The Wet Grounds of France

The sounds of the engines.
Knocking, rattling.
The German push.
Breathing and preying.
As the Red Star stands firmly.
In rage and cry.
The hundred-fifty-fives.
Crash down like Lenin’s Rage.
The kaiser knowing his loss.
The guns will rust. Grass will grow.



David is my name,
Girls is the game.
Hurling is my passion,
Adidas is the fashion.
I’m as fast as Sonic,
Some people say my head is chronic.
Going to the gym lift some weights,
Some girls they love the hate.
Girls don’t like me,
They don’t know me.

David Flynn


It can’t be done if a Dunne can’t do it,
Words coming out the mouth,
Some say I spew it,
Buick like the car I’m a luxury,
But things are not all fun and games,
Some tell lies and some say names,
Keep the head up kid, that’s the phrase,
But sometimes it feels that you are stuck in a maze,
Can’t get out, have no awareness
Everyone saying it happens to everyone in all fairness.

Eoin Dunne


My name is David Condon
Crows and a jambon
Hurling is my favourite game
Scoring is the aim
I like football just the same

David Condon


My first name is James,
I play lots of games,
My second name is power,
I wrote this poem in an hour,
I like hurling and football
It’s very exciting and when I’m 1 goal down
It’s very frightening
And i might take a swing
At your mother thing
If you’re not careful
You won’t be grateful



Anyone coming on Fortnite,
Games looking fierce tight,
On pro clubs I be scoring goals,
Fat champs I be ruining peoples souls
People be texting me
I really like Crystal Palace
And really hope they lift that Premier League chalice