Dominican College, Taylor’s Hill, Galway.

Art by Pat Byrne:

Invisible Wings

Weightless under the heavy strain
Of stagnant pools of nothing
Like a fire without light,
Licking and swirling uselessly

A car without wheels,
Lying dormant and wasting away
Under twinkling lights
Flaming spheres of heat,

Distant and hopeless
Perpetual and piffling under the pitter patter
Of infinitesimal droplets of an endless horizon
Swirling, inky blackness, icy blue, scorching red

And that heat, that blazing, flaring, red-hot heat,
It’s ablaze with confounded desperation
Lock-jawed and dreary eyed, petrified and frigid
Arctic wastelands of a transmogrified tundra,

Which before, had many pretty colours
Alive with fireworks and scintillating
Under fiery and blinding aptitude
Now frozen, water rigid,

Particles thronged and suffocating
Smothered with dead and forgotten dreams
If, in some magical way, I could be invincible
Cape-wearing, mask-donned, impossibly strong

Equipped with invisible wings
Flame-throwing, laser-eyed, telepathic, telekinetic
Immortal, able to travel at the speed of light,
To achieve the improbable
An incredible being,

Unique and special and spectacular in every way
A protagonist in a harmonious world
Where there is an inert existence of good or bad
Where innocent people live good lives
Conflicted people redeem themselves
Then, would I consider significance

Existence in the face of depletion
Then, would there be an observable limit
An illuminating line
No line exists, not one that I can see
No explicable guidance, no intrinsic amiableness

Just constructs, brainchildren of our inquisitiveness and intelligence
Just things, just people, just a desideratum for survival
Of continuity for the sake of continuity
To live more for the sake of living

To spend time for the sake of more time
And to utter breathlessly, to those who will listen
“I matter,”
Simply for the sake of mattering.


Hands rest uselessly
An iron clad imprisonment
And that fire, which lights all the corners of your mind
Do you feel it burning you?
The pain of it, searing through your brain
Eating away at your thoughts which, already unkempt,

Have been rotting away to nothing,
In a tireless haze of rumination
Do you enjoy it
Is that why you are so determined
To let it burn to a sizzling crisp
What will propel you?
When will you realise the importance of it

The Box

Indefatigable and relentless, inside this metal box.
Where the walls hold no refuge,
No cover, only restrict continuation.
And whilst this is visibly persistent in its palpability,
Insatiable in its repetition and haunting in its disdainfulness,

The box is strong. This box, it degrades,
It thins out, only to re-evolve, and to stick.
It’s so sticky in the box.
And instead, there’s no darkness. There’s no nothing.
It’s something, and it’s squirming.
It’s upset, it’s anger. It’s uncut disgust.

It’s as if everything outside the box was a tool to break out.
Something to crack at the weak points,
A reminder that there is light, there is nothing.
But then the walls adapt, and seemingly,
So does that something, that incredible behemoth,
that thing that twists and stabs and scrapes at the walls.
But it doesn’t leave. It’s simply there.

A reminder. A constant itch.
There to remind you,
That there are consequences for everything.
That you care. That you have a glorious tool,
One that can prevent other walls and break other metal boxes.
It won’t end. That something will always be something,

Always indefatigable and relentless.
Always scratching.
And in that scraping will it carve a ever present thought.
Don’t do it again. Make up for it.
That wasn’t right.


Yesterday is the past
You got your day
You didn’t do what you did,
Today is mystery you have your day
To impress in yourself that yesterday

But Tomorrow you don’t know
What will happen
Just do you and enjoy life
Because you don’t know
What will happened next.

Nothing Is Enough

Don’t talk, just shout,
Don’t stay in, go out,
Feeling lonely in a crowd,
Don’t smile, just pout,
You will never be chuffed,
Because nothing will ever be enough.

Love Poem

Love is true and so are you
Love can be hard and hurtful
But love can be truthful
You can be awful
And I can too
For my love for you
I hope you enjoyed reading this poem
And will read another soon


The standard for men to date is on the floor,
It pains me to say i contribute to it.
He treats me semi-decently,
He listens, he cares, he cares about my rights,
What a nice decent guy.
I’ve finally found a good one.

He messes up and then it happens time and time again.
Each nice guy one after the other.
And again and again and again,
I give them chances,
Let myself be treated like nothing,
Made to feel like I’m nothing at all.
I’m so angry but mainly at myself
For i know ill never stop letting them.

When Worlds Collide, What Will You Decide

The sky is blue
Or is it just you?
The ground is grey
Or maybe, it just feels that way?
You said you went straight,
But did you ever wait,
Was it for love?
Was it for hate?
Will we ever be at the right gate?


A listener,
A watcher,
A waiter
Having company is comforting
All secrets are secure
All feelings are heard
You are my safety
You are my security
You are my friend


School, the unfair system,
It strips us of our freedom
Treated like children
Expected to be adults
Intelligence based on results
Treated like a number
Expected to be the same
They wonder what’s wrong with us
But its them we blame


Walking home
Glancing over my shoulder
It doesn’t change
Even as I get older.

Men are bad
They make me sad
I cry myself to sleep
It’s just that deep
Sometimes they are nice
But you pay the price


One foot out the door
I wish it was inside
Nothing I can do
But I don’t want to hide
Do they even want me around?
Or are they just taking pity
I wish we had common ground
Do I belong in this city?

The Cat and The Moose

There was a moose
Who was on the loose
He met a horse
Who was on the race course,
This horse was chased by a dog,
Who came from the bog,

That was the home of a cat,
That used to chase a rat,
The owner of this cat was lean
And loved his green beans,
His wife was nice
But she despised rice,


All my friends are older and bolder,
I don’t know how to speak about my feelings
So i just give people the cold shoulder,
My dad went to rehab two years ago
And came out stronger,
Hasn’t drank since,

My mother had a lot on her shoulders,
Paying the bills and minding the kids,
Even though most people don’t know,
You can tell I’m a strong person,
Very stubborn,
Because of how my heart was torn,
That’s my story and it’s who i am,
If you don’t like it then cry to your nan

I Don’t Get It

I don’t get it when people don’t understand me straight away
I don’t get it how they can’t read my mind
I don’t get it how we all don’t think the same
I don’t get it how some people can be so cruel
I don’t get it how some people can be so unfair
I don’t get it how some people can ruin your day
Act like they could never be blamed
I don’t get it when people act more high and mighty
Then other people who are the same
I just don’t get it

This Year

The whole week it’s raining
They threw us outside
Which led us to cry.
Sometimes school can be fun
When we’re chillaxing in the sun
However right now its depressing
And we are all stressing.
Although we are in TY
This school year has never been more dry


Animals are the best,
They get rid of your stress,
When your sad they are there,
When your happy they don’t care.


You keep the bread all to yourself and you get mold from it
You give a good girl a rose and you get gold from it
Have a child with a rat and you’ll get a mouse from it
You give a woman a brick and you’ll get a house from it
The first time splitting up always the hardest thing
Loves a film and I’m just flicking through the parts I’m in.

What If

What if we could walk on our own?
What if we could be alone?
Walking down the road, afraid of what could happen to us
I wish my dad could carry us and take us home.
We take the bus earlier, we go in groups,
Yet somehow,
They always find a way.

Love Is Red

Love is red and sometimes feels dead
As things can be said that hurt our head
Instead we turn to lead and grieve
Our dead red of love, slay

One Eyed Dog

My one eyed dog is loved
Oh why oh why cant he love me back
Until i have a heart attack


Poem oh poem
How much i love poem
Makes me weep and struggle
Until i digest my herbs