Crescent Comprehensive College, Limerick


What it is

Stuffy collars and oversized jumpers
Nights wasted revising numbers
Anxiety like pins, dread like drowning
The pressure of my peers with their senseless howling
I have to do good, I have to study all night
Or else my future shall be stripped of light
But now I feel nothing but apathy
As none of this will help me live life happily.


Results Day

You learn pointless things
How get to nowhere
The long way round
You can cheat tests anyway
there is no point in learning
Cos you are not learning
Just remembering
the value of x
The value of failure
The value of things
That nobody needs.


Revise Remember

The stress I go through
every night ,
Trying to revise and remember
Revise and remember
Revise and remember
everything I’ve learned,
Just spew it out
onto a page
the day of the exam
and get it back
On the day
Who you are
Degraded by a grade
the result of who you are
Compared to your friends.
home to your parents disappointed love
you could have done better
Should’ve done better



In. Out. In. Out. Inhale
the fleeting oxygen
the sleeping, seething allergen
the falling floating gravity
that hangs around in ecstasy
and breathe it in perpetuum
and rust the aluminum
with water heavy breath
the condensation life blood.
Exhale exhale exhale.


Goddamn Exams

Goddamn Exams.
For what, do I need to cram?
All this information
That flows frustration.

To draw the emotion,
From just one location.
The world would not be enough
To hold all the rough, tough & real stuff.
That attacks the mind
Of our subprime time.

To be dead by daylight,
Is now a greenlight,
For those at midnight,
That had to cram,

For their goddamn exam.


Questions not Answer

Why we don’t like school
Bro that’s not even a question
The system is not cool
Makes me feel like a fool

I’m trynna study hard
But the words just won’t go into my head
Please just leave me go home to bed
So I can get this all in my head

They people up high
They make us feel low
Give us a break
From this toxic place
And let me have some space

Junior cert, leaving cert,
None of it defines your worth.



Dreams of crows in endless rows
Squawking pros and broken rainbows
Carrion Lords with awful tones
Regurgitating quotes of terrible tomes
Hope for them is gone you see
Culled within the corvid sea
I write this now, with my hands like lumber
Dreading Carrion Lords haunting my slumber.

Education and Exams

An opportunity for you to test your limits,
to push yourself to the best you can be.
But there is a shadow
A dark side that hangs over you
Like an axe.
When we get a question wrong,
A blade that cuts when we don’t know the answer,
In the bright lights of disappointment
We feel caught in the headlights of panic, beaten by the invisible fist of doubt,
Stretched to breaking point by the wires of stress
Fear summers in what our parents might say
We may lay awake in bed at night, overthinking the upcoming exam,
We become the darkness
Lost in swirling thoughts
Questions without answers
Did I forget to study something?
Maybe I didn’t study enough?
Maybe my mind will go blank and my head will be like a sheet of plain paper when the test is put before me!
The exam is over.
confidence pushes us onwards
when we are granted our results.
a sense of achievement.
anxiety drains from the dark corners our minds.
There is the good and bad to everything
Including exams
The way you approach them is up to you.
Look to the light


Do you know the fears of an outcast?:

Do you know?
Do you know what it feels like,
When the teacher says pair up but you don’t even glance,
Because you know that they wouldn’t take a chance,
To be your partner under any circumstance.

Do you know?
Do you know what it feels like,
To have that forever fear of being the outcast,
When you see photos of them having a blast.

But your not there,
Your elsewhere.

Do you know?
You do not.
The fears of being an outcast.


I always try to best version of myself
This brings a lot of unneeded pressure
I’m happy with where I am but I still have the need to improve
I always put myself on a measure
Even if I get the highest marks
I still don’t feel like I’ve reached my full potential
I still don’t feel my light bulb’s got a spark
But everyday I still want to better myself.
A Machine
Information shovelled into us
for us to regurgitate
to fail or pass
defecate and flush
confined and boxed
and wiped away
Something small that goes bad,
hard work rewarded with humiliation
punishment rewarded with punishment
Daylight comes in a version of you
Lighting up my days in a violet hue
The night sends me fear
But I knew you were always near
Watching me, holding me
Loving me, wanting me.

Dystopia in Blue

It’s a funny thing to think
That some guy one thousand miles away
Is making headlines
And I don’t really care

I just go on with my day unfased,
Like a deer are headlights
Because I’m staring a dystopia down the barrel,
And again,
I don’t really care.



Actions speak louder than words
narrowed down to
the eyes speak louder than words

eyes say judgement
eyes say love
eyes say hate and lust

but sometimes eyes say nothing at all
when you stare blankly at either two pools of ocean blue
or dark oakwood brown and feel or see nothing at all.

and that is when it hurts.

Small Fur

A small brown ball of fur,
Bright eyes like the sun,
Hyper all day long,
Only 2 years old,
A trip to the shop,
Left the gate open,
Arrived back home,
Gone but not forgotten.

Mind done matter

when heart don’t match,
I want a good girl like Pokémon
Easy to see but hard to catch,
I’m so real that it’s hard to cap,
I been low so it’s hard to brag,
I’ve been hurt so it’s hard to love
Mum needs it so it’s hard to have.

Love Hate

I hate it when
You’re not around
And the fact that
U didn’t call
I hate the way
I don’t hate u
Not even close
Not even a little bit
Not at all.

Silent Bark

2 years long
2 years gone
A broken heart with no spark
I miss our park trips in the dark
And I miss the sound of your doggies bark
I tried to move on
Till I realised I can’t
As ur the one my heart depends on.


How can I lose?

if I’m already chose ?
Like if she feeling hot t
hen I make that froze
and I get that bright
every time that I pose ,
damn the party
not lit so I’d rather go


I thought I was a violent kid
loved mess fighting with my dad
love to play fight with friends
and wrestle and always was a competitive kid
Since I joined MMA when I was 4
it has always been a sweet spot
with me as it feels like it can cure anything
you’re upset
hit a bag
if your angry
hit a bag
if your happy
hit a bag
MMA always clears my head
from stress anxiety a
feels like dancing
there is a rhythm
body just flows like a stream of water
Being competitive though also comes with stress
as I always want to be the best
I’m always scared to not come first
and letting people down
but due to my parents and my just experience there will
Never be good times without bad
The feeling I get from winning will never be unmatched
but win or lose I will always show respect
as it’s always a lesson
So I just think MMA is sport of lessons,
Adapting, and being strong mentality
shows the best of yourself
gives a lot of skills
like patience
timing and speed and more
I know this is not a poem
it’s a dance.

I’m beside a window

At the dusk of dawn
With Gerry and Paul
They had rifles and arms
With spirt of a republic
Free from a racket and
Free to be at it
We’ll get praise and shame
For our action but most of all
We are our own
We are Irish

JC results

It’s funny to think it ended like this
We came up with this idea after a drug and alcohol talk from the gardai.
As soon as it finished we were like let’s drink.
And we came up with an idea to drink together
because of the anti alcohol talk, which is ironic
but I don’t know if it was a good idea
in case I become an alcoholic.

The Road

I took the wok to Poland,
Thirst trap on tiktok like Moreland.
In Metalwork on the solder,
Nights getting longer Nights getting colder.
Haircut yesterday 17 quid down,
Some fella got butchered he left with a frown.
Poor guy has to wait weeks for a new one,
He’s going to school not having no fun.

A Galloping Thrill

The reins feel stiff and tight in my hands,
The pound of my heart beats loud in my chest,
As we race through the field,
I build up on stress,
Though the feeling that thrills me,
Stays through to my heart,
The pounding of hooves against the ground,
They feel as though they will never settle,
But that feeling of freedom,
I never want it to end.


The World Cup is on

It starts at the crack of dawn
Argentina got shocked
There confidence is rocked
Same thing happened Germany
Japanese fans sing in harmony
Brazil will bring it home
England fans will feel alone


She sat there alone
Looking around
“What did I do”
As her parents
start to row.

I hate this kip

I wanted to skip
But the worst thing is
I won’t use the leaving
The whole school system
is misconceiving
What’s the meaning
Everyone’s screaming
And all these teachers are deceiving.

Did my exam

Felt not good
Hurt my palm
Pulled up my hood
Went home
Felt alone
Found some support
Now I’m class at sport.


I Want to go home
This place is a prison
I’m starving
There’s like 10 more minutes
till lunch

gangster granny

is the best
she is better than the rest
making the blueberry pies
working for the british spies
her grandson ben is a blast
reminds gangster granny of her past
the best granny in all of london
never been locked in the dungeon
the queens favourite granny of all
gangster granny always answers the call
so if in fear, remember this all
because gangster granny is the best granny of all

I love my dog

Hes very fluffy and after it rains he becomes very scruffy
His name is rocky his walk is cocky
He is a labourdoodle a fluffy looking noodle
He acts so tough but on the inside he is not rough


I can’t Poem, but.

I can’t poem, I can’t rhyme
I can’t words, I can’t write
I can’t dance, I can’t sport
I can art, I can sing
I can walk, can kinda run
I can talk, I can hug
I can listen, I can loyal
It’s not
What you can’t do, it is what
You can do!




Feedback Loop

Going to school every day
It’s pure boring
Every single day is the exact same
Get up go to a building
for 8 hours listen to these people
tell me what to do and wear
But wait for the weekend
you have 2 days off
they say it’s all worth it
It just feels like a never ending cycle
until the summer holidays
And the worst thing
I don’t have a choice on
if I can do this or not

The Beat

When I hear the beat
I tap my feet
I start to play
it’s goes away
The pitch is high
I begin to fly
Before I know it
I’ve reached the end

But for me the beat never ends.

Melodious Escape

Headphones on it all disappears
The noise the shouts
the barks the jeers
Listening to music is my life
The lyrics, the beat,
the rhythm, the rhyme
All my troubles leave as soon
as I let the melody creep in

Fool Blink Wha?

I dont like poems because they arent good
but ik try i should,
but i would if i could,
if i was good at writing poems in school
i probably wouldnt be seen as cool
but more so as a fool
who dived head first into a pool,
i would look like a fool on your first blink
but in the end mature dont you think?



I’ve analysed your pee…
Urine, for a surprise.
I’ve gotten your results,
And I prescribe you to die…s.
“How could you” i hear,
“Give me back my bladder”
I just do my job,
And you get sadder.


We laugh

and we fight
And then
we make up
Even when
I know I’m right
Or else time
will be up


I hit threes, I blow by defenders like a breeze
They tremble when they see my threes.
I’m the best on the team, better then dennis
Dennis would be better off playing tennis
Because he’s bad
He calls me dad
Because I’m better faster stronger
I am better.

It is the greatest
for life,
You get out of it
you put

Say My Name

My name is sean hurley
Look at me and you head will be swirly
I go to a school in crescent
Everyone looks like a pheasent
I live in castletroy
Cause im a rich boi
If you call me a clown
I will make you frown
Thats the end of my poem
Now gway u ya gome.


When they see these threes,
They fall to their knees,
They know they are doomed,
And that I can’t be fooled,
I break their ankles,
And run to the rim,
When I shoot the ball,
You already know that we are gonna win,
That is me,
The underdog.

Man Poem

I look wham
I am the man
I am from South Sudan
I cook food out of a pan
I shoot like I’m steph
My form is the best
Passing better then the rest.


I sit here bored
in this classroom,
letting my mind roam,
Wondering what today
has to come,
Will there be good news
or not,

I hate this kip

I wanted to skip
But the worst thing is
I won’t use the leaving
The whole school system
is misconceiving
What’s the meaning
Everyone’s screaming
And all these teachers are deceiving

Andrew Tate

The greatest of them all
The king of this generation
The saviour of us all

Some dislike him
Others think he is the king
But in my opinion
He was the greatest in the ring

Don’t wait

till tomorrow
Or wait till the next day
Do it or today
If tomorrow doesn’t come ,

youll regret the next day.

I’m Bosch

He felt the cold breeze from an open window
His shoes tapped against the floor
As a dark face appeared and said
“Do you know what I am?”

I’m Bosch


I like bosh
I smell bosh
I eat bosh
I drink bosh
I live bosh
I see bosh
I like bosh
No , I love bosh
I am bosh
And that is bosh