Crescent College Comprehensive SJ, Dooradoyle, Co. Limerick

Through Others


Through others, I laugh to no amount

Through others, I feel no fears I can’t surmount

Through others, I see my humor and wit

Versions of myself, I can’t keep count

The thing is, through others I submit.


Submitting to narratives I craft myself

Meaningless connections placed on the shelf

I pick a different version each day to share

The worst days come when I reach and find open-air

And can’t put on a new face to wear


Why can’t We?


Why can’t we be who we are?

Be who we want to be

But we can’t because

It doesn’t fit in to their society


How can we be ourselves?

If it possibly means endangering our health

Anxiety caused by the world looking in on us

When we’re too afraid of the judgement they’ll put on us


My Silent Room


I sit in my silent room

And stare at my peer’s names on zoom

My stomach twists and turns into knots

And I can feel my thoughts begin to rot

A tear runs down my blemished face

My life has really changed its pace

Grandparents sick, parents stressed

I should be happy, there’s no need to be less.

I have so many things that people would pray for,

I’m so ignorant, I need to be grateful.




I’m alone,

It’s the same routine everyday,

Wake up, work, repeat,

Am I missing out on the best years of my life,

I need my friends,

To see people my own age,

I’m struggling,

Nobody realises,

I paint a smile on my face,

‘I’m fine I promise’,

But I’m so sad inside,

There is so much going on inside my head,

I can’t even explain,

It’s hard,

I need school,

I need freedom,

But I continue to be strong,

I know I can get through this,

I always do,

I know someday, very soon,

I’ll no longer feel so alone,

Still sometimes it feels like it will never end.




Just because I’m alive doesn’t mean I’m living

My past Life just seems to fiction

Love is a drug used to fill an addiction

Like a sickness but no sign of a prescription

Love swallows you up oh so very unforgiving

Leaving you lonely only reminiscing

Looking back at the past just leaves me sickening

Cuts so deep, I can still feel the stinging


I Hate


I hate world hunger

I hate when animals go extinct because of hunters

I hate having to learn about all of these prime numbers

I hate when people say we will have to go under

And spend my life living in a bunker

When will I get out of this mess I wonder


Through the Door


If you’d walk through the door

I’d like to say by now I’d know what to say

Maybe I’d be honest and tell you

I stargaze at night just to get the feeling of you,

I started to feel that it was only you

Who could make me feel the way that you do.

Or maybe I would just fall to the floor.


The Heart that I Need


Today is the day.

I found the love of my life.

We were just talking away, but then it clicked in me.

I need you in my life.

Spent years on end. Just being friends.

I spent all this time, focusing on those who might. Be more obvious.

But all they did was blind me, to you.

But now, I can see.

That you’ve the heart I need.

The one that I wanna spent my life with.

You’re the one who holds my hand. When I need it.

I know it may be odd. Our chance may be gone.

But by god. I won’t stop trying.

Because you’re the heart that I need!


For you’re the only one. Who makes me smile.

For you’re the only one. Who leaves me happy.

For you’re the only one. Who I need.

I hope you understand. I hope that you understand.

That no matter what.

I need you.

For you’re the heart.

That I need.


The Most Gentle Beauty


Women are a gentle beauty inside and out

Their eyes that shine like stars and hold so much spirit

They say the eyes are the window to the soul

Every soul as beautiful and giving as the last

With a laugh that sounds like a bell and a smile that lights up every room

A heart that holds an ocean of secrets and a well of kindness

Mysterious and enchanting as the dark side of the moon

Warm and inviting

Every one of them with their own unique charms

Their skin as soft as a feather

Weather they wear a dress of silk or suit of clad

Women are truly the most gentle beauty


The Best Years of Our Lives


They say these are the best years of our lives are they?

I personally think this is the worst time to be a teenager

We are missing out on going on trips or simply just meeting Up with friends.

I just want to make memories to look back on when I’m old

And can barely walk, to say ya I lived my life fully

School is even worse I’m in 4th year and this is supposed to be a laid back year

I have homework and projects coming out of my ears

It’s all too much.




I look around and see the faces of people

Who say they care

Say there, there

Say they’re woke

Say they hear

Say they understand

They all take big stands

Sad that its performative

It’s never formative


What Society Asks For


True love was so admirable

But these days it’s all about,

Sex and what your body looks like

I want to be asked on a first date, not being asked

To kiss a stranger I don’t know

I want to be whisked off my feet not judged by the way I look

If I have a big butt or nice boobs

It feels like no one goes for personality anymore

You are forced to be in a relationship because

That is what society ask for




A movie with no plot

Bound to constant middles

Being correct today feels like a riddle

Treated less than what’s alluring

When will there be time for curing


These Days


These days I don’t know what to say,

What to do or if I should mess it all away.

No sport, no craic just boring old school to attend all day.

Whether to engage or to go my very own way,

Inspiration is vaguely at bay, I’m happy but I’m not,

The same second… Minute… Hour…

Each and every day