Colaiste Na Mí, Johnstown, Navan, Co. Meath

Shine Bright

I look up at the night sky
What I love is darker the sky
The brighter the stars
So I accept my problems
As it makes me stronger in who I am
Which means you can become the brightest star
Despite your problems
Be yourself and shine bright

Jack Carey


A place no one feels like themselves in,
So much judgement, so much drama,
Walking through the halls trying not to care,
But it’s hard because words said hurt more then anything else,
I can’t believe this is our life,
So much pain we bring upon each other,
Not thinking about others feelings and how much hurt we bring to others,
The struggle to get through the day,
Girls trying to look good for boys,
Boys just making them feel like shit,
It’s a constant cycle and it never ends,
The drama never ends,
One day we look back on it and think what purpose did we have?
To make others feel bad about themselves,
Make them feel like they are nothing
But school is a place that allows this to happen,
Teachers don’t pay attention to the fact that someone’s hurting,
So much pain,
So much anger,
But it’s a struggle to get the words out,
To seek for help,
We hope that someone will realize but no one does,
A constant battle in our heads,
The struggle to fit in,
It’s a mess.


Supposed To

As a teenager, you’re supposed to fit into this society
But they only end up with is anxiety
This made up perfect world that we are all suppose to fit in to
We can’t do it all
We focus on the negative
but never enough on the positive
The people who do the best get glorified
But the people who need the help get declassified



Today life’s purpose seems to be that you’re born to be controlled by others,
Dress the way others dress so you aren’t judged
Buy this and that so aren’t seen as poor or “uncool”
Stop eating so you can be skinny and “pretty”
Suck it up when you are crying a river
Become a doctor or lawyer because that’s what your parents want
Shut up and smile when bad things happen
This is really what life has become and we’re doing nothing to stop it
No one should control your life except YOU


Game Day

Stepping out on the field
Wounds from the last game have healed

Tensions rise as if in a war zone
Shy girls hoping not to break a bone

Mentally preparing yourself for the game head
Replaying in your mind what your coach has said

Picturing in your head the way you want to play
Knowing that this game will make or break your day

This game will test our ability
But there is a lot of possibility

That we will all come together and work as a team
Because as a team we all have one dream

Stepping out knowing this will be one hell of a fight
No matter your size, your shape or your height

We go out and play as a team, together
No matter the time, the place or the weather

Referee has blown the whistle, the game has begun
Let’s hope that this match will be ‘the one’

The one that attracts an excited crowd
The one that makes all coaches, parents and especially ourselves, proud

Emma Kelly


I’m confused, not of my sexuality but of why my personality and my actions could
Possibly change who I want to love and be romantic with for the rest of my life
I don’t understand how being sensitive about other people makes me gay
I don’t understand how talking to girls makes me gay
I don’t understand how my hair makes me gay
I don’t understand how my fashion sense is gay
I don’t understand how my eyebrows make me gay
I don’t understand

Eoin Hegarty

Education System

We live in a world where our education system fails us,
We are told how successful we will be by the time we are 17,
“You need to be good at school to be successful at life”
They tell us “don’t stress”
But how can we not stress when we are told the decisions we make now!
Affect the rest of our life

In history, they teach us how people have failed before us,
But they don’t teach us how we learn from their mistakes,
In maths, we are told if we don’t understand, we aren’t working hard enough,

They don’t teach us the skills we need,
How to grow up,
What does to ‘grow up’ mean?
These emotions we feel through our teenage years,
Are we to believe that we will have these emotions with us all the time,
Will they hang above my head,
Will they see through me

Yet I’m still in school with this world ahead of me,
Told that if I don’t put the work in now I will fail,
I know how not to fail more than I know how to succeed,
This is what I know due to school
This is all I know



Life is hard
But we gotta be tough
You are smart
Surely you can make it to the top

Don’t listen to their voice
Don’t listen to what they say
Just block the noise
Do whatever you want and slay

Jiriel Delos Reyes


On a cold winter’s morning dull and blank outside,
I looked outside my window hoping for a bit of sunshine,
Light gives me motivation,
Dark tells me ‘stay in bed’,
My head tells me get up, get exploring!
My gut tells me stay in bed your life is boring,
Unsure on what to do I jump out of bed!
With an open mind and a happy head,
Do something great today instead.



Your eyes are like constellations in the dark,
Like a super nova,
A nuclear explosion.
In my head,
A nebula of thoughts in a deep expanse of nothing,
Every expanding,
Ever thinking,
Restlessness at night.
Tossing and turning instead of sleeping.
It’s 4:31 am,
These thoughts that I feel should I really be worrying?
I can’t stop myself from feeling.
I feel no empathy.
Do I deserve your sympathy?
Nothing just like space.


Growing Up

Growing up in this day and age,
I’d describe it as not so difficult,
Getting older in this place,
Being labelled as a young adult,
The way I am and act now,
Would shift in and out of the norm,
I don’t know if I have changed,
Or it’s been this way since I was born,
I never really feel sadness,
Mostly pure happiness,
I question if it’s real,
Either way I’m grateful for this,
I would fit into any group,
Any besides the popular,
I guess I could be labelled as,
The popular unpopular

Jamie Byrne

Croke Park

Since we’ve all been little girls
We’ve watched the Sunday
In the country’s most beautiful stadium
With Croke Park as it’s name

We’d wear out county’s colours
And go to see the match
Watch the referee do the throw up
With two teams wanting the first catch

We loved the desire and fight
That each player had on the ball
With determination and skill
The players had it all

Now we go training in lashing rain
Because we don’t care about the weather
We go and practice all our skills
To thrive and make ourselves better

Those players were our role models
They were all we wanted to see
So us as little girls knew
Croke park is where we want to be

Everyone puts all they have into match
We don’t care about the much or rain
Because we all know that we love the sport
And everyone has one aim

So ever since we’ve been little
We’ve had a ball in our hand
Hoping someday we’ll be in croker
But this time not in the stand

Aisling Kelly


Saturday morning my coach was roaring
Same old big red face screaming out “you big disgrace”
Saying this sayin that
Forget about us
Think it’s time you hit that gym and lose that fat
What age are you again?
Think before you speak
We aren’t transparent

Jamie Burke


2019 it taught my life is just a broken machine
Brought me up brought me down
But all the bad energy just came back around
I just couldn’t feel like I was being drowned
My life’s a battleground
I’d genuinely do anything to be back in that playground
It’s tough you know always being in the background
When all you want to be is crowned
That day at the burial ground was hard
Never had to say a final goodbye before
It was like i literally watched him walk out the door
And into the big golden gates of heaven
It’s true they really do take the best of us

Shaun O’Callaghan


A old town could be seen being lit be some shine of light.
The light lit the night where a building stood before the concrete road
The door opened where music leapt out and a bright light filled the dark sky
And a man could be seen at the very end of the hall dancing and singing
The building was ringing with music and as the music kept playing,
You could start to hear the man’s young fresh singing voice
Which then lead to a familiar drumming sound.


On the Pitch

On the pitch, you are a player
To the score you are just a number
Our skin is just one layer
Words said can make you cumber
Although they are just said in passing
They do get into your skin
Yes they may be sassing
But your skin is just too thin
People can be harsh
Sometimes they deserve to be in a marsh



This is a poem
Straight from the heart
About a man who has a brother,
That wears women’s scarves

And another young chap
Who does so much wrong
And the time he put his finger
Where it didn’t belong

Ben Greene

Jurgen’s Army

Back in the day 2007
When the rulers of the land
We’re Rafa and Fergies 11
Then came the Oil, full of money
Fans coming out of hiding to be ‘citizens’
Losing 8-1 to Middlesbrough it’s funny
They don’t have a leader after they parted Kompany
Now looking for one they’ll spend a ton of money
Jurgen’s army have their number
19/20 the campaign to remember

Morgan Rosarius

My bag of Randoms

Can I fly on a cow?
Can I drive a unicorn?
Can I switch my nose for a pigs snout?
I love jumping don’t you?
Ha! That car tyre is so cute!
OMG those noodles look adorable!
I wanna lick a rainbow!
I love giraffes,
I think that that rock is fabulous! I wanna adopt it!
Leaves are cool! They give you oxygen!
Omg oxygen is so adorable.
I wanna be a dinosaur when I grow up!
The moon looks like a white chocolate button.
I think doors are amazing!
Pan au chocolats are like the tastiest thing in the world. Not a theory, A FACT!

Basically what I’m saying is that you can think whatever you want



Football is ruined
VAR is shit
Id rather lick an armpit
Liverpool will win the league
Life is no longer peak
They are a bunch of cheats
They also don’t keep clean sheets
Their fans are delusional
The football we played was an illusion
But they’ll never win
2 in a row they belong in the bin



In school you’re taught some things that won’t help you in life later
It makes me want to get eaten by an alligator
Ignorance is everywhere
It makes me want to pull out all my hair

Laoise Dunne


In school we are through so many different things
Like how to get a good job and get high grades
But don’t teach you things that we really need to know
One day I wish that the school would just go.



Colaiste na mi is dead
When I go to school the teachers always hurt my head
The only good thing about the school is that I play school football
We always win, we lose sometimes

Godfred Sanka

What am I?

What am I?
Am I a banana?
Or am I a bus?
Am I some fried chicken?
Can we discuss?
Am I a car?
Can I drive far?
Or am I chessboard?
Do I worship a lord?
Am I a swan?
Or am I a blob fish?
Where do I belong?
Is my name John?
I can’t tell you how long this has gone on
Why am I here?
Am I smelly?
Do I have a big belly?
Where is my left welly?
I dropped my cheese
And hurt my knees
Why is this the world I live in?
Please help me understand
Or I’ll jump in a bin
Can I have a side of fries with my burger?
Oh that’s sad
Do I smell like a nose?
Or a beautiful rose?
Sorry, have you seen my toes?
How do I explain?
The terrible pain…
In my nose
Golly gosh that’s sore
Is this all a metaphor?
Sorry. I don’t know

Eoin Brennan


Sitting in school
Wanna go home and test my pack luck
Sitting at home doing nothing
Turn my head and I see something
There’s a whole world out there
And I’m hibernating in my room like a bear
But that don’t bother me
Cause I am not as wild as a hare
But that don’t bother me
Cause I am not working like a bee

Andrew McConnell